Small town pirate-chapter 3

Small town pirate-chapter 3

A Chapter by UntoldStory

"lurking,he's lurking about."

I saw light, but it wasn't from the sun. Th air was cool and I heard the fast chirps from the crickets. Slowly, I sat up. I was in the sleeping quarters of the boat. Someone had left the lamp on but the guys weren't here. I twisted myself so I was facing the floor and my chest welled up with emotions. Shrooms... I threw the blanket back angrily. It was all in my head, everything that happened was my imagination, and the worst was I don't remember doing them. It just happened, it always dose.  I laid there on the bed for the minuet, waves rocking the boat as I lay in thought. This is my life, I'll always be the pirate girl. I can't do anything about it. I just need to live life like I have been. No more thinking Carly. "No more thinking..." I repeated and got up, if Danny and his friends weren't back for dinner I'd find something myself.
The town was busy with people walking up and down the boardwalk. I moved among them silently, trying to blend in. A got a few mean glances from the locals. A few pointed me out to the tourist. I shrugged it off. What ever they were saying was true. Now, the tricky part would be nabbing some food before anyone noticed. I looked around quickly, the sea food place was the least crowded. Now all I needed was for the manager to turn his back...
The voice made me spin around so fast that I almost lost my step. It was the blond haired boy. 
"Oh hey." I smiled, but it was hard because I just lost my chance for getting the food. Oh well...
"I never got to introduce myself," The boy continued and laughed, "Alex, the brow haired kid? He thinks he needs to be the center of attention. I'm Cam." 
"Carly." I smiled back at him. Grargla. I bit my lip as my stomach growled, loudly.
"Hey wanna grab something to eat?" Cam pointed to a small cafe. 
"Um, I forgot my money at home..." I tried to look honest, but it was hard. I didn't want to lie to him.  
"Come one! Alex is somewhere with his parents, and I don't know this town very well. Please? Don't worry about the money. I'm on vacation, I can spend it on whatever I want." He's blue eyes shinned in the light from the street lights.
I started to think about it then stopped myself. Just do, don't think.
"Sure, why not?" I grinned and walked next to him. 
"So," Cam began as we sat down with our food, "What's it like living hear year round?"
I took a sip of pop, "Pretty cool, I love the water. I live on a boat with my brother and h-and" I shrugged and smiled. Ok, maybe think a little bit before you talk. 
"So, your like a pirate?" He laughed and I tried not to cringe.
"Uh, yah I guess you could say that." I smiled halfheartedly then tried to change the subject, "So were do you live?"
"Nevada, its all sand no water." His eyes shone. 
"Hmm, sounds to...dry." I made a face and he laughed. 
"I had fun tonight." 
Me and Cam were walking along the docks. I liked the way the moon shone on his blond and brown hair, it glowed. The glow made me think of peaceful things, nice things. I stopped. I couldn't let him see the boat with my brother and his friends. By now they all had to be high, and with out my "dad" there Cam might start questing me. I didn't want that. Silently I groaned. This was my life, I couldn't escape it. 
"Me to, but you didn't get to see any of the coves or beaches. Thats the best part!" I jumped down and walked in the ankle high water, to my surprise Cam followed. 
"Then we can meet up again? During the day?" His eyed held an excitement I had once seen in my own eyes, years ago. 
"Sure!" I grinned, "Um, I'll see ya around then?" 
He nodded, "See ya around then." 
Wadding back to the boat my heart sank even more. He was going to find out about me, someone was bound to tell him sooner or later, I hoped it would be never.
It was sunny out, calm. I looked around and saw I was sitting on a rock. Brilliant waves crashed around me, there colors were a wide range of blue. I felt safe, I felt happy. I felt a warm presence near me, and when I turned I saw the golden outline of someone. For the first time I felt calm, unworried. But there was a nagging at the back of my mind. 
"Lurking, he's lurking about." 
I shivered. 



© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

Two chapters in a day? Yup!
...This also means I didn't get my room cleaned.
Oh well! :)

Please review!

The chapters will get longer when I have more time! Promise!! ;)

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Good, you put a good bit of relief in here, but I'm still left wondering... Oh, well, guess I gotta read more. But other than a few grammatical errors, nice writing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Well ello there! :3 Hello, I'm Ashley and I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking things with a stick. Well...... I like poking things with a stick at least! I AM A PIRATE!!! ARGH!.. more..