Small town pirate-chapter 5

Small town pirate-chapter 5

A Chapter by UntoldStory

"Are you sure thats him?"

Cam's blue eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?" 
Scooting  back like something had stung me I whispered, "I mean I'm her." 
He stood up. Now his body didn't look soft and caring. He moved with an angry stride, it was like he had become a rock with sharp jagged edges, and even sharper eyes. 
"And this never came up because?"
My stomach dropped and I pulled on my hair nervously. "Because..." I searched for the right words, but none came. I sighed heavily, my hands curled against the rocky cold cave floor, I tried to grip it. It felt like I was sinking into the ground.
Cam snorted and turn away angrily.
"I just....wanted to fit in..." I tried to keep from trembling. 
"Fit in?" He faced me again, harsh cold blue eyes fully powered. 
Now I could feel anger rising in my, it swelled up. Hot and powerful. Burning me inside. 
"Yes! You have no idea!" I raised my voice and the burring raged on, stinging me along the way. 
"Oh I don't? Well If you didn't lie I would know would I?" He spat. 
"You want to know? The truth?" My first were so tight it hurt, but I refused to back down, to look weak. 
Cam stormed out, and into the icy cold water. I followed him with fierce angry strokes. 

The boat was dark and quite. Danny and all of them were still gone. I would've been happy about that if things didn't go bad with me and Cam. From the look on his face, I was secretly scared. 
"Go look around for yourself, have fun." I glared and jumped on the boat. 
Cam swiftly walked around, I sat up on the boat, legs hung over watching the small waves. Each one was perfect. The water hit my toes and stung them with its coldness. 
I bit my lip trying not to cry. The door leading the the sleeping quarters opened.
"You done?" I tried to sound as cold as him, but it didn't come out cold. It came out soft and nervous. 
Cam blinked. "Yes." He kept a cool face. Then he swung my messenger bag from his hand, it was opened. The bag swung slowly, each time it swung the bitter cold feeling inside my grew. Then without saying anything, Cam dumped the bag across the deck. A rush of stuff spilled out into the dark night. The bag contained a black CZ 9mm hand gun, a kitchen knife, a variety of razors, bag of weed, meth, a few bank cards that didn't belong to me, and a screwdriver. He stood up slowly, his eyes never leaving me. I dug my nails into my arm. 
"Care to explain?" He said bitterly. 
"No." I turned away but his hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me right back around.
"I think you should." His fingers were cold. I shook mt head. 
"It looks like what it is. I looked up at him, searching his face.
"If everything is what it looks like, then a few hours ago. You were a great person, carefree, funny, amazing...." His voice faded slowly, "My first real crush..."
My eyes widened, and it felt like the icy cold branches had smacked me in the stomach. Now Cam turned away, I thought I saw tears and my eyes watered again. 
With one graceful leap, his landed on the ground and ran off into the direction of the town. My mind screamed for me to go after him, but I physically couldn't. It would make it worse. After letting the boat rock me I stood up and kicked the bag and items harshly, my rage ran down my body, out of my foot, and onto the deck. 
Morning. I looked up, the sun was shinning bright, birds chirped happily, the sky was a peaceful blue, and the waves were calm. I felt none of these things. The dark spot had stayed overnight, I wanted it gone. As I got in the shower I wished I could wash away my problems, wish they could go down the drain like the soap. I smiled for the first time. Imagine, a problem washer shower. The day seemed brighter for only a few seconds. A few happy seconds of my life. 

I didn't know why, but my feet were carrying me into town, were Cam would be. Along on the way I thought of excuses I could use. "I wanted to go for a swim." Or, "I was hungry." Then shook my head, not believable. The beach was crowded with people for a jet skiing contest, and my stomach was to tight to eat. Still, I had a right to go into town. But first, I needed to take a detour. 

The house was naturally the farthest away from the boat docks. Still this didn't stop me. I just hopped no one would be home, or I'd get caught. I couldn't get caught. It would be over, I would be over. I looked up, the house was beautiful. Big. The driveway was long and circled around a fountain, opposite the fountain was a massive white and light blew vacation home. Flowers lined the stairs leading to the massive oak door. Now or never. 
Carefully, mouse like, I took quick silent steps across the great lawn, hoping no alarms would go off. It seemed like forever until I got onto the giant steps.  
Slowly, I placed a black messenger back on the steps. 

Tears welled up again, tears of hope. Hope that changing could be the best road for me, that I didn't screw up ever again. The breeze blew around me, it was warm, a comfort. I placed a note on the bag and slowly got ready to leave. Every step felt heavier with guilt of not telling Cam about it all before, about not seeing I was a good person deep down. The breeze died down slowly as I got to the road. 
I sighed, voices started running threw my head. 
My heart jumped, I felt sick and happy at the same time. My world spun around. Cam! I turned around. Slowly, the figure came into view. My heart rose. 
"I wanted to tell you, I wanted to. I thought you would never find out, that I could keep it a secret and run away from it, forget it. But I couldn't, I so, so sorry I-"
Cam stopped my rambling. I took a few breaths from talking so fast. 
"I should have tried to understand." He said calmly. 
"No, you were right top be angry, it wasn't right. None of it was." I shook my head. 
Cam smiled slightly. "Ok, we both have reasons to be angry and sorry." He rubbed the back of his neck, "Want to go get something to eat? I think we both have some things to talk about." My eyes looked at him, but his smile didn't fade. Still, I saw a trouble in his eyes. 
I twirled the straw in my hand and glanced up every few seconds. Cam put his hand on mine, I blushed. "Relax, you're not on trial Carly." 
I put down the straw and looked at him. He continued, "Carly, when I looked around that looked to me like more then just you're dad and brother live there." 
I sighed and leaned back. "You're right. More people live on the boat...but... not my dad." 
He nodded slowly. 
"See, when I was younger my dad was.... he was a alcoholic, couldn't take care of em and Danny, my brother. When my brother turned sixteen he and some friends stole a boat up in a town a few hours away from my hometown. ?The next day he grabbed me when my dad was out and we lived off of the boat."
"So that's why you love the water so much, its home to you."
I smiled and nodded, "Yah. Things were good for awhile, we found this place and found a abandoned boat dock area. Then our stash of money got smaller. One of my brothers friends, Sam, suggest that they sell drugs. At first the other guys didn't like the idea. But money was super tight, they couldn't get jobs, we would be found by our dad or the social services..."
Cam's eyes seemed to darken with worry. My heart pounded.
"So they got some and sold it. Things were rough, but ok, until...." I looked around quickly, when I was positive no one was around I continued, "Danny and his friends heard so much from the people that bought off of them and they wanted to try it, feel it. After about three months, I did to. That was my first mistake. After that things got worse and worse, we had to sell and steal live." I shook my head. "It was the worst thing I ever did." I finished. 
Cam leaned in towards the table, our heads almost touched. "Wow..." He breathed. 
"I'm going to change." I added confidently. 

Once Cam paid we left and walked along the deserted part of the beach. Our steps were slow and in sync. 
"I have to say something." Cam said breaking our silence. I looked over at him carefully. 
"You know how me and Alex are on vacation?" He asked slowly.
Uh oh....I knew this one. "Y-yah." I couldn't possible bear to think of him leaving. 
"Well, he's leaving in two days..." 
My cheeks burned, I felt sick. I didn't want it to happen, no it couldn't! No! His words played in my head. Two days...leaving. Alex's is leaving in two days. Wait!
My mouth fell open, I looked at him and his eyes sparkled. 
"Wait...Alex Is leaving? That means, means...." I looked at him, everything around me faded away. Except our spot on the beach. 
"It means hes leaving. I still have the whole summer ahead of me. My aunt lives a few towns away, when summer comes to an end..." Cam smiled. 
"You're staying?" I looked hopeful at him. 
He nodded. I smiled, the biggest smile ever. Before I could stop myself I hugged him, a real hug. Arms wrapped tight, light feeling, everything a real hug should be. Cam pulled away slowly and I looked into his eyes, he looked into mine. 
Again my heart leaped, his lips touched mine. 

"So..." Cam looked at me, he was blushing now. I smiled at him.
"Cam..." Whispering I hugged him again. For the first time I felt I was doing the right thing. Life didn't seem so scary anymore. I knew that with Cam, I could change. And stay changed.

Cam's pocket vibrated and sound came from it, I jumped a little at it. Then grumbled, we had been laying on the beach looking at the stars, but now he had moved to answer it. Cam chuckled and put an arm around me.
"Yah?" He spoke into the cell phone. He nodded a few times, and hung up, "It was Alex."
"Oh, you have to go?" I frowned, I never wanted the night to end.
He laughed, "Nah, Alex wants to go eat dinner, come on." He stood up and held out his hand to me. My heart picked up. 
"Come on, its ok." He reassured.  

Alex did a double take when he saw us, hand in hand, walking to him. Cam laughed and I blushed. 
"Cam...Carly?" Alex looked at Cam, "Anything I was left out on?"
Cam shrugged, "Ha, guess so dude." 
Alex shrugged, "It had to happen sooner or later." He teased then smiled, "But really, I'm glad." He smiled at his friend. 
"Well, where do we want to go to eat?" Cam asked. 
"Lets see..." I looked thoughtful, "A pizza shop is just down the street, or we can go get some hot dogs and roast them down at the sand pits." 
"Can we? Dude, lets do that!" Alex tried to make a puppy face, I laughed. 


(Cam's point of view)

Alex had gone home about thirty minuets ago, said he was tired. But I knew he wanted to leave us alone for a little bit, Alex was like that, though he would never admit it. I looked down at Carly,she was asleep. I smiled to myself, could of stayed forever like this. Watching the stars, her breathing... slow and steady. Suddenly, her body did a little jump kind of thing and her eyes opened. 
"Carly?? Did I wake you up??' I looked down at her, shakily, she got up. 
"Its him..." She whispered. 
"What?" I looked at her, confused now.
"My's like....I feel it, him. Here." She leaned into me and shivered.
"Carly, you sure it wasn't a bad dream?" I moved to sit behind her so I could wrapped my arms around her. "It's ok Carly, it's just us." I said as I put my head on her shoulder.
"No...I have this...feeling..." She sighed, "Er...maybe you're right. But still..." She shook her head and looked at the sidewalk that was a few feet away. "Cam...that's his car. I know that car. It's him." Her body tensed. I looked over, a old beat up white cargo van was siting in the parking lot across the street, its lights were off but looking up I realized the glow from the fire was big enough to light up a good portion of the beach. 
"Are you sure?" I leaned my head towards her, serious now. 
"Yes, I've never seen that car in town. It looks just like his van."
"Come on," I said not sure why I was whispering, "Lets walk behind those rocks." 
As soon as we moved the car lights turned on, the engine made a horrible sound. My heart dropped to my toes, who ever was in that car was starting to head straight towards the beach. Really fast.


© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

Phew! A full day of writing class and writing club plus helping out my friend with a paper...and I still managed to write this! XD!

I thought about it during chemistry and math are too boring... and I have a lot of ideas for this! ;)

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Amazing, I loved how you described every little thing in it. You actually sound like the character in the story, every thing moves fluidly.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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