Small town pirate-chapter 4

Small town pirate-chapter 4

A Chapter by UntoldStory

"So what dose this have to do with anything?"

My heart beat faster as I looked around me, nothing else was on my mind except for what lay in front of me, the money. Danny and everyone had left, to where? I didn't know. Again, it was just me, just me to fend for. I looked around once more, the waiters were busy, no one was near the table.!
I grabbed the money and darted off, didn't look back. My chest throbbed. Slowly now, I turned around. No one had noticed. Acting like nothing had gone down, I walked off and into a gas station. 

Inside it was cold, a welcoming from the heat outside. Slowly I walked down the rows of shelving, looking for a good bag of chips, candy bar, and a pop. It didn't take long before I did and I walked towards the front counter, something I wasn't used to. Normally, I would have nabbed the snacks and booked it. But in the back of my mind, this was stealing. Dirty money. Oh well, I needed to eat. One way or another. I've done worse. 

"Carly!" Cam was at the counter alone, Alex must have ran off somewhere again. 
"Hey!" I pushed the money into the clerks hands and turned to him, his blue eyes were soft. 
"What have you been doing these past two days?" He asked.
"Nothing much, helping my, um, brother." I breathed slowly, lying to him was hard. 
"You up for hanging on the beach?" 
I felt my checks lightly blush, I almost forgot my promise to show him my favorite thing in the world, the lake. Home.
"Sure!" We walked out of the gas station and down to the beach, both eating. The beach was filled with people, but my favorite spot, a small cave, would be empty. No one knew about it. No one but me, me and Cam. My friend. 
"So, were are we going?" Cam asked once we made it past the flock of noisy kids and the adults who were with them. 
"We have to climb down here, and swim a little, that ok?" I looked at his clothes, they looked expensive. Would he get them wet? Probably not. I on the other hand had no problem getting my shorts and tank top wet, the lake smell made me feel good anyways. 
He shrugged and took of his shoes and socks, then, slowly, his shirt. 
"Why not?" He threw the clothes aside, grinning. I felt my face grow hot. His sift blue eyes laughed as he did. "Well, are you coming in pirate girl?" He smiled. 
I ran to catch up to him and dove in, "Yah, hurry up slow poke!" I giggled.
He swiftly moved into the lake and we both floated for a minuet. 
"Ok, see that cave? That's our target." I splashed him and swam off. To my surprise, Cam was a really good swimmer for someone who lived in the dessert. His stoke matched mine almost perfectly, I was just a tad bit ahead. 
The rocks were wet and cool in the cave's entrance, inside was cool too. The sun was setting over the shops. 
"This is really cool!" Cam smiled and leaned his head back, his hair now kind of stuck up from the dried lake water. I couldn't help but look at him, really look at him. His ab's, tanned skin, blonde brown hair, the way it covered his eyes... I had seen many guys like him and yet, I felt something.Something about him. It was almost, a light...happy feeling, but something more was to it. He looked over.
I shrugged and smiled. For once, I didn't have any words. Nothing. A breeze blew threw the cave, I shivered. It was getting colder now. 
Cam chuckled, "Here, we'll both freeze to death," He put one arm around my back and leaned against me. He was so warm it was comforting. I felt like I didn't need to be anyone but the old me around him. Not the criminal druggie. I knew what was coming, I couldn't stop, I wanted to. 
"Carly? Are you....crying? Did I do something? Say something?" His eyes were wide, scared. 
I breathed in, I needed to tell him. It wasn't right. 
"Cam I..."
"What?" He took his arm away, I felt like crying more. " don't, have you?"
Boyfriend? "What? No! I-I-I'm." 
He faced me fully now, I tried to look away. "You're what?" He titled his head sideways.
"Remember that Pirate girl all the locals talk about?"
He shook his head, "Yah, someone told me. So what dose this have to do with anything?"
I breathed in again, my whole body felt tight. 
"I'm her." 


© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

-Will fix the paragraphs and all that stuff later-

Oh dear, Carly's secret is out...

I did not put a dream in here because how could she have one in the middle of a conversation? Still the next chapter will clear a few things up, but I like to keep people on their toes! :D

Anyways I do want to make my chapters longer but I have a lot to do these days, so when I have more time I will :)

Please tell me what you liked, disliked, anything!

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Good! I'm getting into this now. You expressed the girl's emotions fairly well. The only thing I would suggest is using her actions and letting them tell the story of her emotions, instead of just telling us. Actions speak louder than words.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Well ello there! :3 Hello, I'm Ashley and I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking things with a stick. Well...... I like poking things with a stick at least! I AM A PIRATE!!! ARGH!.. more..