Chapter 1 - Everything is fine?

Chapter 1 - Everything is fine?

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GD and Minzy is a couple going strong...

”Hubby~!” yelled William, mainly known by GD, while he ran towards his bellowed girlfriend. He was usually a happy, outgoing and clumsy person, and when he ran through the hallway of the JYJ building, towards his love, he fell and landed face first on the floor. Everyone around laughed at the sweet young man who was now sitting against the wall rubbing his nose.
“Ouch” he simply said, when his girlfriend Angela, who always got called Minzy instead because it sounds cuter, walked over to him with small jumps in between the steps.
“Honey? Are you all right?” she asked with a calm voice, looking GD straight in his eyes.
“Well now that you are here I am~” he said making her blush a little. She hit him sloppily with a loose fist, implying that he was making her embarrassed. He didn’t care though. He liked how he could make his girlfriend blush, only from a couple of words. GD and Minzy had been dating for three years now, and they didn’t seem to be losing their feelings for each other. They always smiled when they were together, and nothing could bring them apart, when they were chatting and making fun of each other. Their group of close friends would always be around them. GD’s Friends: Terry, Travis, Damian and Sam, and Minzyz friends: Bonamy, who goes by Bom, Cala and Dana. They all have been sticking together like a family ever since they got to know each other.

They  walked over to the hurting GD, laughing and enjoying the memory of an epic fall. It was typical of GD to fall in a way like that, but it never failed to make them laugh.
“Why is it that you always fail to run and stop like normal people?” asked a laughing Damian.
“Probably because he’s not normal” said Cala, fixing her hair even though it was already perfect.
“Hey i’m normal!” yelled GD out of frustration, while Minzy took care of him padding his head. though she said: “Hunny. No your not.” with a cute grin on her face, actually agreeing with the others and not her boyfriend. GD was not really surprised. She usually teased him like that. There was something in her voice though, not sounding like she was all that happy. He brushed it of though.  But he got back at her teasing statement, with a surprise kiss. He swooped in and pecked her lips in a fast motion, but slow enough for Minzy to register and get surprised.
“Yah! don’t do that in front of everybody!” she yelled. GD was just laughing along with the other guys.
“I wouldn’t mind being kissed by a boyfriend.” whispered Bom to herself, but Sam heard her and looked at her with a hidden grin. She got shocked that he heard her, but smiled a bit, in her heard, about that it was him that heard it. Dana puffed Bom, winked to her and gave her a “i-know-that-you’re-in-to-him” kind of smile. Bom simply blushed.

“Hey guys!” exclaimed Terry, interrupting everything going on. “Me and my roomy, Travis, is holding a party next Friday.” he said smiling at Travis.
“Yea, and you can bring whoever you want, so call all your friends, but only the pretty ones.” said Travis. Terry looked a bit surprise at Travis, when he made that request. But no one saw his expression.

The day before the party Minzy talked to Damian. She told him that she would like to meet him at the party and talk about a problem she had. Damian was a bit concerned for her. Not knowing what to expect he agreed and they concluded that Minzy should just go get him when she felt like it. Minzy walked home, tearing up on the way, hoping not to bump into someone on the way. but unfortunately her forehead met with her boyfriend GD’s, and as the clumsy person he was, he backed up into a lighting pole.
“Oh Minzy!” he said happily, rubbing his head. “Wanna hang...” he stopped when he saw her teary eyes. “Hey what’s wrong?” he asked concerned.
“I, uhm, I got something in my eyes” Minzy said, trying to convince him that she was not at all sad. luckily, or stupidly, he believed in her, giving her a smile. Minzy blinked a couple of times making the tears stop.
“I think it’s out now” she said smiling back at GD. Inside was something that told him that something about Minzy was not right anymore. but it was deep inside him, so he didn’t give it any deeper thoughts to it.

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