I'm Drowning in the Darkest Emotion

I'm Drowning in the Darkest Emotion

A Chapter by DaydreamingAngel~

Another one based of The Megas, Bubbleman is going to avenge himself...


Redemption and revenge were on Bubble Man’s mind. He was sick and tired of his robot brothers making fun of his power, teasing how he shot bubbles. It wasn’t Bubble Man’s fault, it was how he had been built, and this was the weapon Dr. Wily destined him to have. Bubble felt like it was his heart was drowning as he swam fluently in his ocean, his emotions were like a rock, crushing his heart downwards, plummeting his heart to his death, or in this case; an emotional meltdown.

Bubble was going to prove them all wrong by taking down Mega Man, he promised them and had more importantly promised himself. They laughed at him, they didn’t believe him; some even thought he was trying to pull a prank on them. Bubble was sick of being treated as an outcast just because of his powers, his rage grew day by day, overwhelming him and this lust for self revenge multiplied along with this.

Bubble was going to swim like he had never swam before, faster than a bullet, spinning and tactically confusing Mega Man and fighting with all his might, shooting as many bubbles as possible.

“They’ll see. They’ll all learn; I can take out Mega Man! Who’s laughing now?” he asked himself with a laugh before adding a darkly voiced “I am.”

© 2012 DaydreamingAngel~

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Added on November 17, 2012
Last Updated on November 17, 2012
Tags: Bubble Man, avenge, redemption, deep, dark



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