A Poem by Zoe Richardson

"To sleep, perchance to dream..."


Twilight gathers

Deep purple shadows

Edged with a flush of stars

I am wandering fields

Of dusk and silver leaves

Sinking into silence


Longings half forgotten

Rush my veins

Pinpoints of memories

That soften and become comfort

My soul is seeking threads

Of innocence wrapped in a pirate’s smile


The subtle shift of beams

Becomes brilliance as branches part

Folding back the forest

To bring me you


Frostfire kisses that ignite

Waver like heat lightning

Striking points of ignition

That turn me to curls of paper


I am alight in your smile

Your whispered commands

You are my hell

And you are my promised land


Revolution becomes rescue

Rebellion a place to call home

Awash with the rustle

And hum of familiar sounds


I rise and fall on the billows of night


-Zoe Richardson 

© 2021 Zoe Richardson

Author's Note

Zoe Richardson
You are 12 colors of fantastic!

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'You are my hell
And you are my promised land'

This person sets your dreams on fire. They appear to take you on an emotional roller coaster.

I had a relationship like that once, it didn't last. So well penned Zoe. A pleasure reading you. Thank you.

I also looked up chimera.


Posted 1 Week Ago

.. Sinking into silence ... better than a feather bed.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Zoe Richardson

1 Week Ago

Or maybe both? A chimera is a creature of dreams and fancy. Sleep and silence go hand in hand. Thank.. read more
Cherrie Palmer

1 Week Ago

Yes a feather bed is amazing. Like sleeping in a thermal cloud. My grandpa Malone had a couple. A.. read more
This haunting piece sent me to my dictionary. It defines "chimera" as 1) a monster from Greek mythology; 2)a foolish fancy. I rather think definition two prevails here, as the speaker ponders a past (apparently) relationship. The memories are mostly good, but one verse characterizes the other person as both hell and promised land. I take that to mean that sparks of many colors flew in this affair. Somehow the last lines remind me of the end of "The Great Gatsby." Well done.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Zoe Richardson

1 Week Ago

Wow! That is high praise indeed, and I thank you for it. It's actually a dream I had about a past lo.. read more
Deserving 1000000.... and more!!! I rarely come into something that really HITS me and STRIKES me inside with originality and genuine! EVERY BIT is sheer powerful brilliance! what passions You've soared, lived and painted my friend! wow! superior!! solemn!!! really outstanding, absolutely breathtaking, hauntingly outstanding!

Posted 1 Week Ago

Zoe Richardson

1 Week Ago

Oh my goodness! I am so humbled at your praise. Believe me, I just tossed this off in a few minutes .. read more

1 Week Ago

Sometimes my friend our finest pieces hunt us in the strangest times and places :> it was my pleasur.. read more
I just had an alliterative orgasm:
"The subtle shift of beams
Becomes brilliance as branches part"

I'm going NUTS wanting to write a poem like this soon!

Every word, every line, every nuance . . . PERFECTION!
I've never used that word before with anyone!
Nobody is perfect!

And that title word. I could puke becuz I never thought to use it. Ever.

Have a grand Thanksgiving . . . I need more coffee & pot (((HUGS)))

Posted 1 Week Ago

Zoe Richardson

1 Week Ago

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Your words absolutely blew me away. I didn't spend an inordinat.. read more
Hi Zoe, you dream in the most amazing colours, your words painting such sensual presentations on the canvas of the mind. Oh, to stand in the heart of your dreams. Your thoughts are ever singing so strong in their vision. This write is an honour and a pleasure to read. Have a wonderful Monday. Hugs always....Mike.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Zoe Richardson

1 Week Ago

I am so very, very glad you liked it! Your enthusiasm overwhelms me, because this isn't one I labore.. read more
shadrach hah

1 Week Ago

Hi Zoe, You are always welcome, I love the power of the content in each of your writes. I shall be b.. read more

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Added on November 22, 2021
Last Updated on November 22, 2021
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Zoe Richardson
Zoe Richardson

Cordova, AL

Alabama native. Poet and storyteller and all around word nerd. I practice random acts of insanity because the world needs some shaking up. more..


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