The Laws of Science and God

The Laws of Science and God

A Chapter by Ethan Paz

In this short article you will learn that the laws of science and God controls this world. Read further into this article and you will see how this is so.


The Laws of Science and God

            Every Christian asks God why He runs the world the way He does. A three year-old girl scabs her knee while jumping rope. A teen frantically rushes to the hospital because he sliced his finger off with a knife. Finally, an ice climber loses all his fingers because of frostbite. Drastic situations surround every human being on the earth and everyone wants to know the question why. Since everyone will live with pain, the questioning of God’s justice stands still. Although pain threatens humans to doubt God, God remains right in His actions.

            God does not directly cause all mishaps to occur. God’s sovereignty remains the same for as He directly causes some mishaps to occur, He also indirectly causes some mishaps to occur. Every person stands bound by the indirect causes God uses to govern this world. Those who obey the indirect causes live normal lives. However, those who disobey the indirect causes receive a dire price. The indirect cause spoken about is called the laws of science.

            A force (s) of some kind must bind man so God created the laws of science. The laws of science remain many�" the laws of Thermodynamics, Newton’s law of gravitation, Newton’s three laws of motion, Mendel’s laws, and more. If these laws are not followed, dangerous circumstances will occur. Newton’s first law of motion states, “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” If a man disbelieves this law while driving into a parked semi-truck, the results will not look pretty. The laws of science cannot be violated except when God-chooses to do so. Joshua chapter ten illustrates this by God keeping the sun and moon from moving. The laws of science, one can say, keeps man in his place.

            The laws of science continue to be constant in this world. When a kid jumps, a person expects him or her to fall down safely. Nevertheless, is God to be blamed when the child that jumps rope falls down and hurts her or himself? On the other hand, is God to be blamed when a car hits a child? These mishaps and much more, are they God’s fault?

            The laws of science, not God, cause some mishaps to man. Though God reigns superior in this world, He remains in control though the laws of science affect men. The laws of science are laws set by God to make the world run, as it should. Man is required to be aware of the laws of science so he or she will not destroy her or himself. A new question now arises; since the laws of science affect humanity, where is God when disaster strikes? This question will be answered once we see the laws of science in effect.

            God reigns superior in this world although the laws of science rules how this world goes. But whose fault is it when a car hits a child? We know it is not God’s fault because Jesus said in John 3:16, “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” When a person trips while running up the stairs, he or she does not blame the laws of science for the mishap. He or she rather blames himself or herself for the accident. I said that the laws of science control this world, but how are the laws of science in control when a person is to be blamed instead? The laws of science control this world because it effects how everything functions in this world. Saying this, we can now come to the question we have been all waiting for: where is God when disaster strikes?

            Since the laws of science controls this world, men themselves remain responsible for the actions they commit. Therefore, men must know the consequences that follow every preceding action for their own good. If men do not know the consequences for every action, he should expect an unfortunate even to follow. When disaster strikes, however, God is there. God speaks in Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Disaster may occur, but the disaster goes only as far as God wants it to. I say this for God can spare a man from a disaster that is the man’s fault. In summary, we will never know why God does in what He does.

            We may not understand why God does in what He does, but we do know that God is always by our side. Though one may undergo painful circumstances, he or she does not have to wonder why the circumstance happened. “We walk by faith not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). The laws of science may control how this world goes but “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). In the end, we have peace for we know that our God is in control of all things.


© 2011 Ethan Paz

Author's Note

Ethan Paz
An additional article will be provided once I have done more research. The additional article will be about pain.

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Thanks to the Army. I touched every continent. I study most religions. I believe can't blame God. Man was given free will to do great things. Many excuse for world problems. Greed is number one. Religion had caused war. But I believe the powerful nations left the middle east alone to solve their problems. World would be better. Oil keep the rich nations involve in things that should not matter o them. A lot of people don't realize. War is big business. Last year USA alone pay war contractors 400 billion dollars. God is watching. I believe we have broke his heart. A very good Blog.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I wasn't quite sure where to begin when reviewing this- so I consulted my soon to be physicist wife, (once she graduates from Uni in around 6 months) and we took the liberty of checking out your profile before commenting on this.
I'm afraid you probably won't much appreciate a lot of what I/we have to say, but I promise to be as constructive as possible.
First off- I read the title of the work and felt compelled to read it. The existence of God is something that I strongly believe should be either proven or disproven through the combined efforts of science, philosophy and theology... for the betterment of humanity. Believing it may be a challenge to my existentialist perception of reality I began to read eagerly, but was quickly left intellectually deflated. No offence to you as a person, but the writing- for what it claims to be, falls way short of the mark… on all counts.
I imagine you were aiming for a definitive essay that fully encapsulates the connections and relationship between science and the creator, but I found it difficult enough to get beyond the poor use of language to ever ascertain your true intentions. Perhaps, I thought at some point along the way- this is an atheist playing devil's advocate in the guise of a follower of Christian hedonism, I mean; what better way to convince people there isn't a God?
To the writing though:
Short succinct sentences, such as those you use at the beginning are best used to highlight drama in extremis- not the mind-numbingly mundane, (a girl grazes her knee while skipping?- honestly?- a teen has accidently chopped his finger off- oh dear!, ha ha… then to the grotesquery’s of an ice climber losing his fingers to frost bite? ha ha ha... this is a class wind up!- what... he's serious?). This was like watching one of those corny American docu-drama’s and I couldn’t help, but think you had something like ‘police camera action’ in your mind as you wrote this part. My wife and I found this quite amusing and it helped the illegal intoxicants get well and truly into our system, (spending lifetimes in the pursuit of pleasure is an unholy disgrace is it not? Kant would laugh at Piper’s abject despair until the latter resorted to apoplectic self-flagellation.)
The pre-determined state of God’s creation is then conceptualised with such futile banality that it inevitably leads to us wanting to know the question why?
I was sort of hoping for the answer to the question, ‘why?,... but never mind.
Then to the nonsensical sentence, ‘Since everyone will live with pain, the questioning of God’s justice stands still.’
Forgive me, but could you please tell me exactly what this means? It isn’t ambiguous as much as purely ludicrous. How does the questioning of justice stand still with pain? Isn’t it the pain that makes people question God? Oh yes- you say so, (sort of), in the next line!
‘Although pain threatens humans to doubt God, God remains right in His actions,’ is the next absolutist statement that entirely contradicts the one before. Used alone these statements are evangelical assertions based entirely in conjecture that have no actual substance whatsoever, but together they are patently absurd.
Spence: ‘But how is it so Ethan?’
Ethan: ‘Because GOD says so Spence! None of it makes any sense, but it’s GOD’S will’
And we’re only to the second paragraph…
What can be said about the rest? Well… plenty as it happens, but again- you won’t like it.
In my humble opinion God causes nothing at all to ‘occur’, as I don’t believe ‘He’ exists, (beyond the realms of fearful superstition anyhow). Apparently he made his presence known at regular intervals prior to the birth of Christ- weirdly enough in a time when the existence of fairies and demons and dragons and sea monsters and, etc, etc, was readily accepted as fact- but has not done so in over 2000 years. That seems as strange a coincidence as the existentialist view of random strands of fortunate life that grow and perish within a vast chaotic cosmos… unless of course it is all a test of our faith, which- well…. Let’s just say I’d prefer not to be mentally engaged with such dark age/flat earth rhetoric.
In general what I took from this piece is that God created science to run the world he created, and sometimes God makes bad things happen, (though for reasons we mustn’t/cannot question or understand), whereas other times the bad things are a result of the science He created- for which He cannot be blamed, because it’s our fault for not following the laws of physics he created to keep us under his control. Is that about right?
My wife pointed out that the laws of science cannot be followed in the literal sense you seem to be suggesting. Things like gravity are irrefutable facts that we could not exist without and not observing them is not the fundamental cause of every ‘mishap’ the human species encounters. The physical laws of the universe can, however, be observed and quantified- unlike the essence of the creator you claim is as infallible as he is real. On that latter aspect we most certainly agree.
It also raises the question; why has religion suppressed science for centuries and is only recently beginning to try and assimilate the belief in God to the science that systematically shatters myth and legend, (such as the world being at the centre of the universe- Copernicus' ideas were suppressed for 200 years after his death- despite him being devout catholic, so why the sudden notion that God actually created science? More and more coincidences- a bit like the acceptance of homosexuality and permitting female clergy in times of social equality!)
I suppose I should let up a bit now- I assume you get my point, but to be honest the worst thing of all is the tone of the piece. It is reminiscent of some fascist mantra written by a crazy Jihadist determined to visit divine retribution upon none-believers. I find this type of thing exceptionally worrying and it concerns me that someone so young and so otherwise bright has been indoctrinated to such an extent that they actually believe this!
Your only references throughout are arbitrary passages from the Bible that you link to poorly thought out anecdotes and scenarios to support your world view. Any conspiracy theorist would be proud of this style- you have completed twisted everything and anything out of truth to make it all seem as real as possible, but it's really just a badly thought out idea that i imagine is preached to the converted throughout the evangelical world- (that is still only 6000 years old I heard).
Ordinarily I would simply overlook this for the purpose of diplomacy, but I feel I would be doing you and the world a disservice if I did not respond with immediate candour. I have taken into account your age- I’m twice your age and have a child only four years your junior- and considered your right to adhere to your faith- which I do not object to in the slightest, by the way, before reviewing this. But the subject matter of this essay is compelling and as you are promoting this as undeniable truth, I have no choice, but to challenge what I believe to be 'the ignorance of the determinist'.
It's the way of true democracy and free speech after all... 'You can say what you like, but don't expect others to be quiet about it' and that goes for me too.
My personal opinion is that the belief in a creator is misguided and ignorant at best and malicious and coercive in the worst case and this has shown me nothing to convince me otherwise- indeed it almost supports my beliefs unaided by the endless wars and atrocities committed in the name of God/Allah- whoever.
Although much of this angered me to action I truly mean you no ill will and I have nothing except respect for people of all faith, backgrounds and beliefs- this was just too much for me to read without reacting.
As a fellow writer I would advise you to research this science/God connection thoroughly before advocating such tenets as fact. I wrote a piece called ‘Does God Exist’ about a year ago that may offer you some interesting leads to greater self-directed learning on the swubject. It’s essentially an essay that isn’t yet completed and is bereft of references also, but there are certain names and terms that may point you in some interesting directions. I don’t expect a review of it- although you’re welcome to tear it apart- it’s just the best I can offer in hoping you reconsider what I find a disturbingly servile and determinist stance on the truth of existence.
Take care, spence (and shelagh)

Posted 9 Years Ago

good job very interesting

Posted 9 Years Ago

Say Ethan this is a fantastic article about why things happen. Yet you neglected to state that the law of science is what God put in place to take care of the whole Universe.... not just this one planet! Also you might want to check on who was given dominion over the earth, and I can't remember where it states but it says " Satan is the ruler of this system of things" and sometimes he is responsible for the bad things that happen to people, his evil spirit or presence is not a force to mess around with. Although he can't kill a soul he can cause things to happen in which we can die from, that is why some of these paranormal investigators find that these are a real entity and some are downright evil!
I look forward to your next article on pain- there are so many kinds of pain too!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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