The elemental ceremony

The elemental ceremony

A Chapter by Hailey Pippitt

Page 11

I wished the jealousy I was feeling would vanish like fog on a winter day dissipating forever. I know it’s not healthy longing for something that could never be.
I had to learn to accept that. I finally see him standing on the other side of the podium up against a wall, his eyes still held that same look from before when I came to stand next president Walker, was it me he was scared for ? I had been so busy thinking about it I hadn’t noticed when Walker called Tika’s name to have stand next to her.

“I need you to look deep inside and think about everything you know about yourself. President Walker said in calm a yet cool tone. “I need you to question that in order to put everything into perspective.” The President words made Tika look unsure of her herself, and she took a few steps to the side putting some distance between her and Walker.

The president seemed to notice because she took a few steps closer to Tika. “Don’t worry you can trust me.” She tried her best to sound reassuring but Tika didn’t seem convinced, eventually she took a deep breath and nodded. Walker grins pulls out what looked like ordinary looking stick out her pocket. Upon closer inspection, I could see it has water symbols fire symbols and earth symbols decorated all over it. I couldn’t help but speak up again as I looked at it.

“How’s that supposed to determine anything?” I asked before I could stop myself once again. Walker gave me a curt look and turned back to Tika. I continued to speak as long as she didn't acknowledge me. “You realize you're deciding our future, with a stick right?” “Doesn't that seem a little I don't know stupid?”

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Added on June 6, 2019
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Hailey Pippitt
Hailey Pippitt

Cottage Grove , OR

I’m 18 almost 19 and have spastic Cerebral palsy. I love to write and share my writing with people. I also love to read and I volunteer at a nursing home and library where I do reviews on books .. more..