Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by lakki

He leaned closer, so I noticed that his eyes were not actually grey, but that depended on the light exposure. 

Lol, that reminded me of the Twilight Movie! 

He soon retrieved as if he was struck by something in her. She started to smell her hair, wondering whether something was stuck between her teeth, or maybe it was her breath!! She started to blame herself and succumb within her self-criticism when she was awaken by her friend Mia. Finally, she made it after an hour of waiting. Mia had a long brownish hair. Zen always loved her body structure. She was not that skinny, but a well formed one. She had the look Zen wanted to be, but couldn't show. 

'I'm sorry for being late!' she said. 

'It's okey. Like always!' Zen said with a smirk. 

'Eh...Did you notice that hottie over there!' she said while looking up towards him. 


'Did you know that he just broke up with his girlfriend? Maybe I can fulfill that emotional vaccum for him.', she finished it with an idiotic laugh. 

Zen always wondered why girls are in constant pursuit of explaining themselves. She doesn't consider herself an exception. There is that feeling of being wanted. She wondered whether playing it cool, and ignorant may bury that away. 

'So let gooo,' she uttered it with an occidental accent. 

They have checked several shops, from which Mia has picked out some outfits for herself. Zen ended up picking nothing, for when entering every shop she would immerse herself in thinking that the shop keeper won't like her. She deepens herself in thoughts that she creates so many world inside her mind that others won't bother to look over. 

You are stuck on how to carry on with the story, aren't you?

Kind of! I don't know how to make the story goes on! I always have you inside to tell me that I can't go along with the story. You making scenarios on how this story would go wrong. 

Quit it!

And go back to moaning on not getting those beautiful thoughts for people to read?

That keeps me alive for a while, lol. You want to focus on the love story between that waiter and Zen. Do it! Raise the tension between the two! 

You may be right on that! Let's see how it will end up. At least, it will make me happy writing it, right? 

After what took three hours between shopping, and filling stomach, Zen got back home to be received by her angry mom. 

'What took you so long?' her mom started interrogating. 

'Mom! I don't just fly right through to the place. Transportation!!'

'Why didn't you answer your phone, then!'

'It was on a silent mode!'

'Why would you have a phone, and leave it silent!!'

'I didn't notice okey! I'm sorry for that!'

Zen got the habit of being interrogated by her mom each time she went by herself. She came to the conclusion that this is the perk of being the youngest, for you get the extra protectiveness. 

While washing the dishes, Zen went back to that weird meeting in coffee shop. She was always attracted to guys with appearent veins in their hands. Well, and that guy wasn't an exception. He gave an impression of having a wild soul. She wondered what layed behind that beautiful cloak of his. 

After she finished doing her parts of the home shores, she layed on her bed, and checked if there are any messages. Deep inside she hope for only one message, from one person. 

That's the thing about love online! 

To her surprise, she found zero messages. However, she noticed that Angel's posts have been lately commented by the same girl. She stalked her, and found out that she is in the same high school as him. She felt a bit of jealousy, for how dare she likes his posts, while Zen always reconsider before pushing that button.  

She slept while holding several scenarios inside her mind, in which Angel was the protagonist. 

I feel really bad for her. She never felt love before. Make her fall for that waiter, please!!

© 2018 lakki

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Added on August 3, 2018
Last Updated on August 3, 2018