Redeemed by Another - Part 14

Redeemed by Another - Part 14

A Chapter by MBarnes




Part 14



Bennett walked into his good friend's meager room and waited for Arch Deacon Jonathan to notice him. "Please, come in and shut the door. You have something important you must speak to me about?"

"I know the identity of the father of Elvira child. How can I put this?” Bennett said as he paced the room. “The father is my brother, Trent."

"Please, take a seat. It looks like we have a lot to talk about." he motioned the chair nearest to him. "Why are you speaking against your brother that he did have a love affair with Lady Elvira?"

"The reason why is because he told me he did."

Shocked the arch deacon was barely able to voice his next question. "When he tell you?"

"Last spring when I was home on leave, Trent bragged to me that he had tricked a peasant girl into believing that he loved her. He said he was enjoying the results. I put this in nicer words than he did."

He asked another question still not completely convinced. "Was there any time he actually told you who the girl was that he was seeing?

"Yes, there was a time about a month after I had brought Lady Elvira to the convent. Trent and I came here to visit with our brother, Cece. While we were here Trent saw Elvira. He was surprised she was here, and that she should have to farther away to hide her shame. It was clear to me that he knew her situation. Which I doubt she would have told him if he was not involved with her."

The arch deacon then sat there shaking his head. "I do believe you. Never in the past have you given me any reason to doubt you. I will have to pray about this matter. Thank you for coming forward with this information. You may leave now." Bennett rose from his set and left the friar, who was concentrating on what he was writing.


It was well past midnight when Bennett arrived back home from his visit with the arch deacon. He quietly walked through the halls and reached his room. He had been in bed awhile when heard the door open. "Who's there?"

"Your father." said the usually firm but gentle voice.

"What is wrong?" Bennett said as he quickly stood.

"Why did you go talk to the arch deacon?"

"I told him what I knew about Trent and Elvira's relationship and that Trent was the baby's father."

He replied shocked, "What did you tell him?"

"I told him all I knew on the matter."

"Why did you speak against your brother?" I never thought you were one who could act in jealously."

"I am not jealous of Trent. I speak against him only because I know that it was the right action to take. I only told the arch deacon the truth."

"Do you not see what this is doing to our family name?"

"Yes, father, but we are not the only ones this is affecting. Is it right for Trent to get away and leave others with the consequences? He left Lady Elvira to face the consequences alone. He is the one you should be having this conversation. I have done nothing wrong here. I did what was right because it was the right thing to do."

"Yes, you speak the truth. We are just going to have to live through this one. Do not tell your brother, but there have been times when I wished you were the first born."

"Father, do not say such things. That past cannot be changed and that is something you had no control over."

"You are the noble one."

"Thank you, father, but I am not as noble as you make me out to be."

"I am still looking forward to the day went I see you settled down with a wife. It made me sad the day when you refused the offer from Earl William."

"I know you were, but I want to wait until I am no longer in the service of the king."

"I understand, son. What do you think will become of Lady Elvira?"

"The future is always uncertain, father. If she is permitted to stay, she will probably live continue to live with her brother."

"Yes, so true. It is sad that this have to happen to such a delightful young lady. Before she disappeared, I was hoping she was the one you would settle down with."

"Really, father, you knew about her before all this started?"

"Of course, I did. I make it my business to know all the lords' families in the kingdom. You do not remember her? You met her about ten years ago. She was only eight."

"I met her?"

"Yes, her father, Lord Garrett, invited us to a hunt. She was the little girl who was so sweet to you. It was right before you became a knight and was sent to fight in the war."

"I do remember now." The whole time we were there I called her "My Iris" because that was her favorite flower. She was the one that was covered with mud when we were introduced. She had light brown curly hair and an infectious smile. I can hardly believe that I had forgotten about her. She is so different now."

"I really believe what she says. She is a lot like you, so noble and honest; too bad it turned out so badly for her"

"Yes, it is..." Bennett said as he started out the window at the moon.

"You love her, don't you?" His father said as he took hold of his arm. Earl Devon let out a laugh as red started to creep out his son’s face. Bennett looked at him and did not reply. "Maybe it can end well for Elvira."


Bennett stood in the middle of the enclosed garden admiring the roses, lilies, irises and many other flowers that the monks used to decorate the monastery. " do not remember you name...sorry." stated little Elvira as she took hold of Bennett's hand.

"My name is Lord Bennett."  He said as he looked at her and smiled.

"Lord Bennett, yes, I will try to remember. Bennett, Bennett, Bennett...look at all the flowers. They are so beautiful. Is it not true?" She said returning a smile.

"Yes, they are beautiful. Do you know what flower I believe is the most beautiful of them all?" He said whispering to her.

"No, I don’t know. Please, do tell." Elvira whispered as she tugged on his arm eagerly.

"You are, My Iris, of course."  Bennett said as he placed his free hand on her head.

"Really?" she replied with a melody of giggles.

"Yes," Bennett heard the voice of his uncle nearby, "we better be going back to the others. I think they are waiting for us." He said as he gently tried to guide Elvira towards the voices.

"Wait, I have to show you something;" As she spoke this she quickly turned and pulled Bennett in the opposite direction. This almost threw him off his feet, "here."

"Yes, your favorite flowers, the blue irises."  He said as he tried to become once again composed.

"They seem so much more graceful then the other flowers. When I see them I think of them as the most beautiful of women in the city dressed in blue going up the steps to mass."

"Yes, I can see what you mean."

Then she turned to him and with a tone of seriousness stated, "You will be a knight soon. Will you protect the irises; you know the people of the king."

"Yes, I will anyways protect my king and his people."

"Will you promise to protect me?"

"Yes, of course, I will always protect you, my Iris"

"Do you promise?"

"Yes, I promise."


Bennett woke; staring into the darkness. He stood up, and stared out of the window. "I will always protect you. I promised." 

© 2011 MBarnes

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