Redeemed by Another - Part 16

Redeemed by Another - Part 16

A Chapter by MBarnes




Part 16



Bennett opened the door slightly and said, “Excuse me, Lady Elvira."

Elvira and Mabel turned to see Bennett standing at the door. The sisters stood up. Elvira replied surprised. "Earl Bennett, what pleasure do we receive by this visit?"

"If it is alright with you, I would like to speak with you if you will?"


"…Aye, of course she is will. I will watch Garren for awhile. Do not worry about him." Mabel interrupted as she leaned in and swopped the baby into her arms and quickly left to room.

"Um...well...what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I am not sure now to say..."

"…I am a truly sorry I have dragged you into this mess. Now everyone suspects you are the father when you have not done an….”

“….let them think that I am.”

“What do you mean?” Elvira was trying hard not to let her anger get the best of her, and she looked down to the floor with her arms crossed.

“I mean…” Bennett walked closer to her and gently lifted her face with one hand and took hold of her hand with the other.

“…You should not be here with me like this” Elvira pulled herself away from his grasp and moved to look out the nearby window.

“Why not?” He replied as he reached her.

“It could hurt your reputation, and your standing with King Marc. I understand he has just offered you land and his youngest daughter, Princess Mary.”

“My family and my own reputation already are tarnished. I doubt much could do to salvage it.” He said as he pulled her over to him.

Tears started to flow down Elvira’s face as she spoke. “What are you talking about? I am sure it can.” She said as pounded on his shoulder.

“Calm down. I never thought you to be one for violence.” He said taking a hold of her shoulders.

“Sorry, I just…you make me…so…so mad when you talk about all of this like it is nothing.” She calmed down for a bit. “Did I hurt you?”

“Nay,” He then let her lose and looked into her eyes. “The question I should be asking is; did you hurt yourself?”

“Um…Aye…a little. You shoulder is like a rock.” Elvira said as she rubbed her hand.

“Now, please, let me ask you a more important question.” Bennett walked away from her and paced the floor for a moment before continuing. “Do you remember the story of Ruth in the Old Testament?”

“Aye, of course I do.”

“Do you remember how Boaz was Ruth kinsman redeemed? How she made sure she had collected plenty of grain in his fields. How he married her despite her being a Moabite woman."

“Aye, But how does that have to do with what you want to ask me?”

“I am trying to ask you if I can redeem you.”

“I do not think I understand.” She turned her back to him and stared out the window.

“I think you do.” Bennett pulled Elvira closed to him, “I am trying to ask you to be my wife.” He slowly kneeled before her. “Will you mar…”

“Please, stop,” Elvira push pass Bennett and ran out the door.


Behind her Elvira could hear Bennett coming after her. Why will you not give up on me? I am not good enough for you. You cannot possibly love me.

“Please, stop, Elvira.” Bennett took a hold of her hand just before she reached the stairs leading to the first floor.

“Leave me alone.” Elvira turned and pulled free of his grasp. “Why can you not see it?”

“What am I suppose to see?” The look in Bennett’s eyes was too much for Elvira and she turned away from him. “Why will you not listen to what I have to say?”

“I am not good enough.”

“Good enough for what?”

“I am not good enough nor do I deserve to marry you.” She grasped the banister and stared out into a mid-June sunset.

“Look at me, Elvira.” She turn slightly just enough to see his face. “Do you think we are deserving of God’s grace. We certainly are not good enough to receive it. Remember; it is a gift.” She turned to him shocked. “He forgave us; just as I have forgiven you.”

“Please, stop, I do not understand…”

“….It does not have to…” Bennett grasped Elvira’s hand, and pulled her towards him.

“…Why didn’t you marry the princess? You would gain prominence. Something a second son usually never sees.”

“I do not care about achieving such fame. Besides I would not be happy married to someone I do not love. Especially sense I am in love with someone else.” Elvira pulled away and started to walk down the stairs slowly. “Please, tell me that you return my love.” She stopped. “Elvira?”

“You are only saying this because you feel sorry for me. I do not need you pity. You feel responsible somehow for what your brother, Trent, did to me. You are forgetting I went to him willingly.” Her voice betrayed the fact that tears had formed. “You are too nice. This is a harsh world. It will be the end of you someday.”

“Then let it. I do not want to be like the rest of this unforgiving world. I am not just saying this.” Bennett closed the distant between them and set his hands on Elvira shoulders. “I truly do love you. Love has come upon me like an army storming a camp at dawn.” Gently Bennett turned her toward him. He slowly wiped away some of her tears. “Despite how well guarded my heart was; it was overtaken.”


“Yes, I was overtaken by a beautiful blue iris by the name of Elvira. She is ‘like most beautiful of women in the city dressed in blue going up the steps to mass.’"

Elvira gasped, “Blue Iris? dress in blue? You could not be the same boy at spring. The one who…”

“…promised to protect the little blue iris,” Bennett whispered as he pulled Elvira closer to him, “My Iris” he gently cupped her chin with his hand lifting her face to his till his lips met hers.

She pushed away and looked into his eyes, “because you promised?”

“I promised.” He reclaimed her lips once again in a deeper kiss.

© 2011 MBarnes

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