A Chapter by The Fallen

Not All Angels Are Guardians

My father's words of wisdom rattled around my mind. I use to think something was watching over me, more importantly a guardian angel but now that was not the case. I was being hunted by the creatures I thought would protect me. I was uncertain if guardian angels even existed.

I brushed my blonde bangs out of my eyes and sighed softly. My black backpack sat beside me, my mother had packed food and other necessities within it, now it was up to me. Did I want to go? Of course I did, if I remained in my house for any longer they may harm my mom. She didn't deserve being hurt. I had to go, and sooner rather than later.

I got up from the warmth of my bed, and grabbed my rifle from the dresser, shoving it in my jean pocket I slung my backpack over my shoulder. I opened the door to my bedroom and headed down the wooden steps which creaked occasionally when my weight was put on it. The clattering of dishes echoed the hallway.

“Mom?” I said, I stepped onto the floor. The house became silent within an instant. “M-Mom?” I whispered. The sound of footsteps started to come towards me, I bit my lip and stared at a photo of my dad and I, which was taken ten years ago. I noticed a reflection within the glass, a pair of wings. They found out where I live. I turned around and ran up the steps, when something grabbed my ankle and yanked me back down. I was flipped over onto my back, a sharp pain snaked it's way through my spine. I yelped, opening my eyes to meet the fallen angel's navy blue eyes. The eyes reminded me of the ones from my dream, the dream of my death. On his jaw bone I noticed a deep purple feather tattoo. I kicked my leg up, hitting him in the chest. He stumbled backward, and I scrambled up the stairway, my heart was pounding. I took the risk of looking back, but he was gone. My eyes widened, where had he gone? There was no way he was giving up this easily, especially since he was not a rookie.

The tattoo on his jaw was one of five, legends. Higher than the superiors, but a legend would never run from a fight. They had a goal, and they would always achieve it. I ran a hand through my blonde hair, and pressed my back up against the cool wooden walls. Why would a legend leave the safety of the central district? I asked myself. It makes no sense at all..Something is wrong..I picked myself up off the ground and numbly walked towards my room. I grabbed my emerald green cloak and placed it across my shoulders, tying it loosely so it remained in it's place. I looked around, and knew I couldn't go downstairs. I was afraid of what I might see, I was afraid of the unknown.

I swiftly grabbed my black journal, cramming it in my bag I made my way over to my window. I took one last look around my room before I threw a rope out of the window. I held onto the rope and slowly climbed down, carefully. I landed on the ground, and released the rope. I pulled my hood over my head and pressed my back up against the log house. Slowly making my way to the side of the house, I peered around the corner. Nothing was there, I proceeded towards the woods. My thoughts began to sway, what if my mom was alive? And I could have saved her if I would have just gone to check on her. I looked back at the house, my green eyes analyzing every inch of it. Was it safe? I bit my lip, I was going to take the biggest risk of my life right about now. I dashed back towards the house, yanking the back door open.

“Mom!” I hollered. I creeped around the corner, looking around to make sure the legend had disappeared. I stepped into the kitchen, spots of red flecked the white tiles. Mom..I whispered in my head. Without thinking, I ran forward and looked around the dining room. “Mom!!!” I screamed, my voice cracked as I tried to hold back the tears.

A white paper laid on the ground, fingerprints stained in blood created a frame-like border around the script. I picked it up and read slowly, making sure not to skip any details;

Dear, Aurora.

I knew they were going to come soon, and when they did, they were going to either take you or me. Most likely, it was going to be me. If they couldn't make you come with them, they are going to take me as hostage and won't free me until you turn yourself in. Now, this doesn't mean I want you to do that. You are capable of many things, and I want you to go to the North district. Create a big group of different people with many skills. Then and only then may you come to the central district, You will have a chance at freeing me and possibly your father if you do this. If you refuse to trust others, you may never see me again.

Aurora, open your heart to those who are willing to help you. It's the only way you will ever get anywhere in the world. Just because you are something different doesn't mean you can do everything alone. Remember that conversation we had, when your father was around. Even he admitted he wouldn't be where he was without the help of others, even myself. He needed all of us to created a safe sanctuary to have a child. If you allow yourself to trust others, you may discover something amazing.

In the second drawer of my dresser you will find a black box, it was something your father was going to give you when you turned eighteen, but he wasn't around long enough to give it to you. But now you are about to embark on a journey, not even I could take on. The gift your father has left for you, is something that will help you find your difference.

Please be safe,

Love, Your mother.

I stared at the letter for a several minutes. Those several minutes felt like an eternity to me. When I finally decided to lower the letter from my gaze, I glared at the blood splattered wall. What had they done to my mom!

When my legs came back to their senses, I padded towards my mothers bedroom. The letter still in my left hand, and my brain continued to scream a million questions at me. I pushed the maple door open, and immediately ran over to the wooden dresser. I wasted no time, pulling open the second drawer and yanking things out. My eyes fell on a tiny black box with my name on it. I sighed, hoping there wasn't another letter within it, but I also hoped there was a letter. A letter that could explain everything to me, a letter from my very on father.

I picked up the box, and slowly opened it. Within it laid a raindrop shaped bronze pendant, and in the centre of it was a blue stone with faint brown lines in it. Dangling from the end of the drop was a few blue coloured beads on a brown rope. I carefully placed it around my neck, attaching the clasp together. I traced out the raindrop and sighed softly, now what?

“Well..Time to leave I guess.” I said to myself. I turned around and exited the room. The sound of footsteps echoed the hallway again. I peered around the archway that connected the hall to the dining room, and there stood the same Fallen angel that attacked me before. I knew he wasn't gone. I told myself.

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The Fallen

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The action really is going well, I loved it. Can't wait for the third chapter, need to know about what is the original motive? Why do they need immortals? What is the plan?? Who other are there apart from the likes of legend?

Posted 10 Years Ago

Soooo sorry I haven't been reading your stuff lately! I've been so tired and busy... Well... I'm sick again today so I'm home from school and now I can get caught up with all your books! :D I iz so excited :3

I loved this chapter! The suspense and the action was awesomeness and WHAT THE HECK HAVE THEY DONE TO HER MOM!!?!?!?!?! >.<

And that legend better leave soon before I kill him. .-.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Felicity's Eve

11 Years Ago

I'll just get Calina and her chainsaw. >:3
The Fallen

11 Years Ago

Felicity's Eve

11 Years Ago

This was amazing! Her hesitation was so realistic and taking the risk to go back and check on her mom. The letter from her mom and the blood was so mysterious and it really draws the reader in! And the fallen at the end!!! XD Loved it! But it's hard to see that fallens as bad since I love Ash so much! >.

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

Thankss!! :D
And Haha Just like Ash, not all Fallen angels are bad ;D Just remember that
Bella Luna

11 Years Ago

Oh good! The non bad ones are my favorite XD

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