Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by LynLee

"But mom! I want to see the Prince!" I saw a little girl arguing with her mother. I was in Pantestious. "But MOMMY!!! I WANT TO SEE THE PRINCE!!!!" She probably didn't know he was sitting next to me. "Hey, I got coffee."

"That little girl wants to see you. She's giving her mother a horrible fit."

"Oh, well I guess it wouldn't be that bad." He walked over to the little girl and whispered something into her ear. She smiled a big smile and nodded her head. He stood up and took her hand. He turned to face me and nodded his head. Your probably wondering why I'm telling you this so here is the reason why.



     I was walking in the woods like every other day. I had lost my shoes and broke my sword in half. I was sweating blood and couldn't believe I had almost given up fighting the dragon. My feet were blistered and bleeding. I had to take off my helmet, even though it was basiclly melted away. I took it off and heard a huge gasp come from the tree I was standing next to. "You..Yo....Your Princess Calanian. You fought that dragon and saved the forrest!"

"Yes dear tree nymph. I defeated the dragon and saved the forrest. This forrest is like my second home. I had to save it."

"But..But... Your the Princess! Why would you risk yourself?! If you were to die the king would be in immortal depression!"
"I did it because I knew I could defeat it." I walked away from the tree nymph. My feet blistering and swelling. I felt my legs starting to numb from the poison. I fell in the tracks of the nymph following behind me. "Um, Princess?"

I woke to the same nymph padding my head with a wet cloth. "Don't move you may hurt yourself. The healing hasn't fully healed you yet." I was wondering what she was talking about. "I was a chosen ones daughter and inherited the powers of healing and thought-reading. My father taught me to use them only for good and thought this would be great."

"Great? What do you want in return? Tell me nymph!" She stood up now. Her face was red with rage. "I am not only a nymph! I am daughter of Nami, a chosen one from your ancestors! My name is Jamine! Princess of this forrest! Not nymph."

I was so suprised how she just stood up to me. No one has done that before. "I'm so sorry Janine. I had no idea. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything."

"I know you didn't, but I am not just a nymph." I smiled and layed back down. My eyelids grew heavy. The last thing I saw was Janine putting her hand over my head.


I woke up in the forrest again. the nymph came out of her tree and came down with my helmet. Except it wasn't my helmet. It was made of tree bark. It was thin, but looked polished and brand new. "I fixed your helmet."

"Um? My helmet?" I looked at her with a pained expression. My mother sneaked into the war we had against Mikus. My fathers evil brother. She had almost defeated him on her own, but he had caught her off guard and struck her on the back. My father finished him off and took care of her himself. When he found out she was a woman, he was happy not mad and proposed. She had given me that helmet, the helmet that revealed her face that my father fell in love with. "I know your mother gave it to you. I just didn't think it would last longer. I put woodland magic in it. As long as the forrest is okay, then this helmet will always protect you. I even put some parts of your mother's helmet in it."

"Thank you Janine." Off in the distance I heard trumpets and horns blowing off the "SEARCH" signal. "I have to get going! Father must be worried sick! Thank you so much Janine. If there is anything, anything at all you need just let me know! I owe you my life!" I ran off leaving Janine by herself. I turned around to see her molding back into her tree.

        "Open the gates!" I yelled at the gatesmith that was welding on the new gates. He immediatly heard my voice and opened the gates. I felt his eyes watching me walk to the kingdom of my father. I have gotten crude things said behind my back. No one has ever dared say them to my face. Most of the things were,"She should not be a princess. She is a mere boy. She shouldn't be made queen any day and her father should have never married that wench." Some of them were nice,"Princess Calanian is so brave. She is what every princess should be like!" And some of them were just plain rude. I ran into the throne room where my father was sobbing into the shoulder of our favorite maid, Selcilia. "There, there King Ruther. Your daughter is fine. Just fine!" She saw me walking into the room, but my father didn't. She nodded her head and I knew what to do. Secilia was like an older sister to me. We planned many pranks together and this was one we planned before I had left for the forrest. I hid behind a column that my father could not see. "Father, father. Please do not fear. I am the spirit of Calanian. Please do not cry."

"Oh my! Oh my! First my wife and now you! The fates shall pay for this!"
"BOO!!" I jumped out the column and scared both him and Secilia. "My daughter! My daughter! Please tell me it is truly you?!"

"Yes father it is me." He ran over and hugged me so hard I could hear my ribs crack. "Father I... can.....breath!"

"Oh, yes, yes of course. I'm sorry! I thought you were dead! Guards call off the search! IMMEDIATLY!!!!"

"Of course, King." The guards ran out the room with one losing his helmet. Trainee I thought. "Huh." Secilia groaned and smiled and stared at him while he ran out. She leaned on the throne and slipped onto the floor. "Secilia are you, uh okay?"

"Of course! I was just..."

"In love." She looked at me like she was going to hit me. I only laughed and faced my father."Father I met a nym..." I stopped remembering what Janine had remembered what she said about being called a nymph," I met Janine. Princess of the forrest. Daughter of Nami. She healed me and fixed my helmet. She is to be welcomed here whenever she likes. She saved my life Father." My father grunted and nelt his head the way he does when thinking.

"I suppose she is welcomed, but she shall not bother me whenever she visits! Ever! You know I do not like her one bit."

"Father you don't like her brother."

"Family is familly and she may become her brother."

"I only saw how stubborn she is and she was nothing like her brother. I swear it on my  mother's grave." My father looked at me with a look that worried me. He didn't like me saying anything about my 'mother's grave'. "I guess it is true that she is nothing like her brother. I suppose I can change my thoughts." I smiled at him adn kissed him on the head. Just then the soldiers walked in and stopped at seeing me. They all nelt on their knee when they saw me. All except for the trainee. His helmet covered his face, much to big for him. He looked up and around. He didn't know what was going on. Behind me I heard Secilia laugh to herself. The soldier that was kneeling next to him hit him behind the knee, that sent him on the floor kneeling. "Rise soldiers. You need not to kneel before me. You are like brothers to me." They got to there feet and the trainee wasz hopping on one foot. I walked over to him with Secilia in my arm. "Soldier tell me your name."

"I'm sorry, but I'm no soldier." Secilia smiled to herself. She had once thought she was a princess because she grew up in the palace. Only because her mother was another maid that had worked here. She knew what it felt like. "You are in training to be a soldier, are you not?"

"Well yes I am, bu..."

"This means you are a soldier." He smiled when I said that. "Now I would like to introduce you to Secilia. She is like a big sister to me and is very fond of you," She nudged me in the gut, but I held that in, "I hope you take a liking to her as much she does to you." That time she nudged hard into my gut and I had to clutch my stomach. I ran up to my room and looked out my window. I watched them walk down to the garden. Another maid brought them a picnic, probably from my father, mostly because it had a purple bow on top. My father's signature thing. I walked over to my bathroom and slipped into my robe. I walked into my room and unlocked a little chest I kept on my dresser. Don't tell anyone, but I keep a journal in there. I sometimes call it a diary, but rarely. I wrote down my latest adventure and let down my hair. I locked it back up adn went into a hot, warm, bubbly bath.

© 2010 LynLee

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You spelled "and" wrong twice. You end it at a natural break. There's excellent character development in this chapter.

Posted 13 Years Ago

your last sentence::
I locked it back up (adn) went into a hot, warm, bubbly bath.

(adn) shouldbe and not adn

Posted 13 Years Ago

Never give on a story, the moment a story dies in your heart it dies for the rest of the world, believe it will be good and it will. Beliefs and ideas are the greatest tool of a author, they will shape the world created by your imagination.

Posted 13 Years Ago

wow this was awesome! i really got hooked! you did a very nice job. there were a few grammar mistakes but you will be able to fix them easily! Nicely done! =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

I love your story. Don't give up on it. I thought your whole chapter was great. But why do you want to give up? It is a really good story. By the way, you may be glad to know something exciting. You are a FINALIST IN THE WELCOME CONTEST!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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