Chapter six

Chapter six

A Chapter by LynLee

We came to a clearing and decided to rest. My face was still on fire and Janine went down to a stream to get some water. Apollo sat beside me and told me of some of his adventures. They weren't all that exciting though. "So that's how I got out of his hand." He smiled like he was so proud. "Oh wow. That's amazing." I tried to sound as sarcastic as I could, but he didn't catch on. I finally caved in and layed down. "Oh your tired. I guess I'll let you rest." He walked away and I thought I had hurt his feelings, but my face hurt so much it hurt to talk. I managed to grab a stick and started writing words in the dirt. "Apollo........" I tried to get his attention by throwing rocks at him and finally got his attention. "Can you please check on Janine. She's been gone for a while." He nodded his head and walked down to the creek.

"Don't worry. I will have them there in a a while. Secilia is still worried and Calanian is slowing us down." She was talking into the stream water. She was talking to someone with a deep voice. Like knives scraping at you. "You will have them here by tomorrow, or else your life will be in my hands!"

"Yes, I will. Do not worry." She swiped her hand in the water and the voice dissappeared.

"Hows it coming with the water?" She jumped up straight into the air.

"Oh, you scared me. It's coming good." She put the cloth into the water and started twisting it. "Okay, because Calanian's face is a little swollen."

"Oh, tell her sorry to keep her waiting. I was uh, talking to some animals." She turned around and smiled at him. Then turned back to the water. "Tell her I'll be there in a minute. Thank you." He nodded and ran to where Calanian was. He told her everything he heard. "Perhaps she was talking to a fish." She wrote.

"I don't think fish have deep, scratchy voices." Calanian sat up and had a face that made her look like she was thinking hard. She suddenly opened her eyes and jumped to her feet. She began writing," She must be some spy! But why!" Please make sure she hasn't poisoned the cloth. The man might  have told her to just get rid of me!"

"Yes, I will go down to the stream and get a cloth for you. Just don't take Janine's. When she gives it to you just throw it on the ground and say something like, your hands are swelling." She nodded her head and layed back down. He leaned over nad kissed her on the head. She looked at him puzzled, but he walked away. He hid behind a tree and let Janine past him. He looked to make sure she wasn't looking and went down to the stream. "Here you go. One nice, cold, wet cloth." She smiled and handed it to me. I layed out my hand, but let it slip through her fingers. "What did you do that for, silly?" SHe started writing,"My hand is swelling." She looked at her hand and tried to get fake tears in her eyes, but couldn't. "Your hand isn't swelling silly. Now I'll just go wash it off and put some medicine on it." She gave her a little smile, but could here her cuss going down to the stream. She saw Apollo come back with a clean wash cloth. "Here ya go."

"Thanks." she wrote. She dabbed it onto her head and could feel the pain go away. Secilia came over and handed me a flower. Only when she handed it to me, I realized it was dead. She moaned and groaned until she sat down on my legs. I was able to get a scream out. "Oh sorry." She sat up and sat down next to my legs. I was able to move my mouth and got some words out. "Oww."

"Yeah, oww." She sighed and looked at the heart. It was blinking on and off. I was wondering what would happen to him if we got there on time. I mean what would happen if he killed him in case we tried to get him out. I decided not to wait any longer and got up. "Whoa. What's up?"

"Janine. Were leaving now. We have to get Connor back." She looked at me with a worried look. "You need to rest. Your.............."

"We have to go now." I looked at her with an expression we all knew. An expression that sent the message of not to argue. "Okay well I know the way to......"

"No we are going this way. I heard you talking into the stream. I was there. Now tell me who were you talking to!!!!" She flinched back and fell to her knees.

"Please! I sware I did nothing bad! My father only wanted to talk to you. It is about the forrest. There have been fires and fights here! He had to talk to the king!" I stared at her and wondered if I should believe her. I sighed looking down. "Okay, but we will do it quickly! Secilia's fionce' is in danger!"

"Yes, yes! I know, we will hurry. It is only a few hours from here." I looked at Secilia. She was looking at the heart and I had to ask, "About how long does he have?" She was filling her eyes with tears and I thought I may just leave the subject alone, but I couldn't. "Please! Secilia we must know!" She wiped the tears away, but they kept coming.

"Two days."

© 2010 LynLee

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oh another wonderful piece. this book is really coming along! its very adventurous. i really love this! well done =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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