Chapter three

Chapter three

A Chapter by LynLee

"No! You will not leave this palace!" I had told Secilia what my plan was. I knew it was full proof, but still would have surprises. " I will only tell your father about it!" She started storming out of the room, but I stopped her mid tracks. I took her hand and led her ooutside and into the forrest. "What are you doing!"

"You can't tell my father!"

"But I must!" I stopped when I thought we were far enough for her not to find her way back by herself. "You can't tell my father! It will only make me want to find the killer more!" She stared at me with sweat rolling down her face. She had her lips pouted out and her arms crossed. "No I wo..." The trumpets started playing again and we could hear that it was a warning signal. We rushed out of the forrest and into the throne room. "Father what is going on?"

"Oh my dear, and Secilia." Secilia looked around the room. All the soldiers were there, but one. "Where is Jason?"

"My dear Secilia. I'm afraid he went missing last night."

"What that isn't possible. He was perfectly fine!"

"My dear, I feel your sorrow. We will begin search tomorrow, but he may have just been another victom of one of my brother's servants."
"No! That cannot be! It isn't possible!!" Secilia was in tears now and fell to the ground. I held her in my arms and tried to sooth her sorrow. My father kissed our heads and walked out the room with the soldiers following him. We were left alone. "I want you to start tonight."



I packed everything I needed. Compass, mirror, sword, shield, daggers, clothes, helmet. I met Secilia at the edge of the forrest. "Secilia I promise I'll find him."

"You bet you are, and you are because I'm coming with you." She folded her arms and I knew she wouldn't take non for an answer. Unless you pulled out your sword then you had no chance of winning a fight with Secilia. "Okay, but it will be dangerous." She pulled on a chain that was hidden beneath her shirt. It had a glowing heart made of crystals. It was glowing the brightest red. If you looked at it for to long, you may just go blind. "He gave me this necklace. His father made it for his mother, but she died before he could give it to her, so his father said, ' Give this to the woman you sha'll want to be with forever. With this heart it will tell her when your in trouble.' He gave this to me as a proposal yesterday." She started to get tears in her eyes. She clearly didn't want to talk about it, but we had to. "What does red mean?" I had to gulp back my own tear because it was a heart breaking story. "It means...... Blood." She stared at the heart and then at me. I stared at the heart and put my hand on it. I got a flash in my head. It was horrible. I could see Jason sitting on the floor. He had chains on his ankles and his wrists. He was dripping in blood. His shirt was ripped and his sword was in half. "Please! Please! I just want to go home! Why do you want me!" He was pleading to someone or something infront of him.

"You are his mistaken child, do you not know. When they find that out they will come after you. That will lure them into my trap." He had a deep voice, but made me feel like I was being tore from limb to limb.

"What are you talking about. My father was a soldier and died fighting."

"You will find out." He looked on the floor across from him and I saw the same heart Secilia had. Only this one was Blue. It was another blinding color. I had to close my eyes, but before I did, "Secilia help." I opened my eyes and fell to the ground. Secilia rushed beside me and she nodded. Tears were pouring down her face. We got up and started on our dangerous journey to save Secilia's fiance'. Only I could think of what the mistaken child was.

© 2010 LynLee

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wow another excellent piece! it was creative and just nicely written. i really loved it! cant wait to read more =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

omg lyndsey really "Secilia" ???

(but still good)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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