Chapter two

Chapter two

A Chapter by LynLee

"Hello Calanian." Secilia was moaning and groaning something I couldn't understand. "La, de da de da."

"Oh you must have had a good time last night." She smiled at me and I just realized this was the first time she's smiled that big since her mom died. "So what did you do?"

"Well he's sooo funny! I mean...." She went on forever and ever. We got interupted when her bell went off. "Well I guess I should start cleaning again." I said good-bye and walked out of the throne room. I walked into the garden. Except this one was deep in the forrest. My mom found it while she was fighting and was disguised as a boy. It was one of the biggest places in the forrest. It was surrounded by a ton of trees and had a lot of sunshine just glistening through the trees. It had a roses and lilies and other plants I don't even know of, but were beautiful. My mother's ashes are spread over this garden and is where I come to remember her. "It's a beautiful garden." I drew out my sword and turned around.

"Please Princess Calanian! Don't kill me!" I was holding my sword up to Janine's throat.

"I'm sorry Janine. I didn't know it was you."

"Oh that's okay. I know your this was your mother's garden. I helped her tend some of the flowers." I looked at her in curiousity. My mother had never talked about her and I've never seen her here. "Oh, my mother never,... talked about you."

"Oh that's okay. I don't really like to be talked about." She looked as if she were about to cry. "I know what your brother did. You shouldn't judge yourself against him. Your nothing like him."

"I know! Just everyone always says that I'm going to turn into him! Even the deer tell me that!"

"You talk to deer?" I was smiling and trying not to laugh. She looked at me with the same red face she had when I called her, "A nymph."

"I am Princess of this forrest! Of course I talk to deer! I talk to all animals!" 

"You don't have to yell!" I shouted into her ear, making her laugh too.

"I know. I just do when I'm mad." We walked through the woods. She showed me where all the animals were, where all the streams were, and where all the different were. We came to the line between the forrest and the palace. "I never knew the forrest was that beautiful."

"It's much more beautiful when the stars are out." She gazed at the sky, now in sunset. Then molded back into the tree. I walked across the court yard and walked into the kitchen. "Hello sunshine."

"Hello Secilia."

"Where have you been? You missed out on my famous eggs!"
"I'm sorry. I've been in the forrest. Janine showed me around."

"Oh, next time you see her tell her I said hi!" She walked out the kitchen leaving me with the rest of the the dinner. I walked out the kitchen with my plate in my hand. "Where do you think your going?" It was Kelk. I hated this woman and I was sure she hated me. "Hello Kelk."

"You know very well your father does not like you taking your food to your room"

"Yes well It's my room." I turned to face her, but she was gone. Probab;y off telling my father. She was at least only 43, but acted like a child. She always told on everyone. I just kept walking, knowing my father would tell her off. I walked into my room and set the food on my desk. I turned to my window and watched the sun go down. I always loved watching the sun set, but always wanted to do that outside. I wasn't allowed to go outside after sunset. There were so many dangers when the world went black. My mother had died when someone had attacked her when she was watching the sunset. No one has ever found out about it and my father has grown desperate to find the killer.


That night I was getting in bed when I heard a scream come from the kitchen. I grabbed my dagger and ran downstairs. I saw Secilia on the ground picking up silverwear. "What happened?" She turned to face me and said," Oh Calanian, put that thing away. You know I don't like sharp objects." I put the daggerf and helped her put the rest of the silverwear up. "What happened? Why did you scream?"

"Oh I only saw a rat scuttle across my foot. That's all." I nodded my head and said good- night and hurried up to my father's courters.

"Good- night father." I kissed him on the cheek when he started talking. "No, no! You musn't! She is my wife! Don't kill her!" I sat down next to him and tried to wake him up. "No, no! You fiend! You traitor! How could you! We trusted you." I was about to stasrt crying because I knew what he was talking about. He knew who my mother's killer was. I walked back into my room. I sat up all night and wondered who he was talking about. I wondered why he had searched all these years for the killer, when he knew who it was all along. I grabbed my journal and started writing. I only had these clues to help me and tomorrow I knew what I had to do.

© 2010 LynLee

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wow this was awesome! i really liked this! it was so creative and detailed! so well written! nicely done =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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