Chapter four

Chapter four

A Chapter by LynLee

We had only been walking about a day and we were so exhausted. The woods were beaming hot, as if the sun were right beside us. "Can we please rest. We'll find him. Don't worry."

"No I won't stop until we do find him." Secilia had been running and walking this entire time and never stopped. She was so determined to find him. I was wearing down and couldn't go any further. "Please. I can't go any further."

"Ugh, we've only been traveling for a day." We could hear faint trumpets in the distance. My father just found out we were missing. "Please we just need to rest and get something to drink."

"I know where a fresh water creek is." A voice said behind us. "Hello Secilia and Calanian."

I turned around and saw Janine coming out of the tree. "Janine!" I yelled and ran over to her. I threw my arms around her. "Hi Calanian!" I turned around and faced Secilia. She was giving me a look that wasn't good. She looked like she was going to grab my sword and cut through her. I pulled it back just in case. "Secilia be nice." She only stormed out the spot we were in. "I turned to Janine and shook my head thten I raced after Secilia. "Secilia what's wrong?!"

"She fought on your uncle's side!" I had just remembered that was true, but she's changed. Janine was walking behind me. "Janine, I'm so sorry. I'm sure she didn't mean it."

"It'd okay. I understand why she's saying these things." I understood too. It sounded like what the people said at the village about me. I stopped Secilia and told her it was okay.

"Um, Calanian. I was kind of wondering if I could come?" I stared at her and wondered how she heard my plan. "I overheard you talking at the garden, yo yourself. I can help you. If he is in the woods then I can really help. I have the powers of nature."

"I.. I don't know. I mean Secilia is a little...... upset. She,..... um kind-of, um.... doesn't like you."

"Oh, I understand." I was wondering how much she really could help and thought,

"Okay, Okay. You can come..... No. You need to come."

"What about Secilia?"

"I'll talk to her." I turned around and left Janine by herself. I told Secilia how Janine can help, but she didn't believe me. "She is not that girl anymore! She's changed!"

"No! I can tell you she hasn't changed!" We just stared at eachother madly.

"We need to get moving." She started walking away.

"She's coming." She turned around, but I reached for my sword and she backed off. She only looked at me and walked away. "Come on Janine."

"Yay! I get to go?!"

"Yes you het to go, just kind-of stay away from Secilia. She's still a alittle upset." She nodded her head and had a look on her face that made her look like she was thinking hard. We walked out into the woods and Secilia didn't look back once. "So... I thought nymphs couldn't go so far from there tree?" I thought she was going to go off on a yelling range.

"Yes, but I can because I am the daughter of Nemie. A chosen one."

"Right, but can you go out of the forrest.?"
"Sadly no. I mean I can, just if I'm out for long I get exhausted and eventually die. So I stay in the forrest."

"Oh, right." We walked farther and came to a clearing.

"Okay we'll camp here for the night."

"I agree." Janine said.

"I don't! We must keep going!" We both just stared at her and she finally collapsed on one of the patches of grass. We put a blanket over her and set up our bed. I heard faint voices in the forrest, but Janine said they were just the animals. I heard leaves rustling and thought they were only animals, but then an arrow shot at the tree I was laying my head on.

© 2010 LynLee

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ya there was a lot of dialogue but thats alright. sometimes thats what we need in some of our chapters. its gives a break for being descriptive and stuff. nicely done! =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

There seemed to be a lot of dialogue, but there's nothing wrong with that just personal preference. Otherwise it was pretty good.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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