Chapter seven

Chapter seven

A Chapter by LynLee

Secilia was in front of us. She was running with no shoes. "Secilia it's this way!" Janine was running as fast as she could. We only had a day and so left. Janine stopped in front of a cave. "Um, Janine. Shouldn't we go in?"

"We aren't allowed in there." I looked at her like she was insane.

"You can only go in."

"What?! I........"

"Just go!" Secilia was loosing her patience and pushed me forward. Apollo walked up to me. "Look, I know we got off the wrong foot, but I......" He stopped and couldn't get what he wanted to say out. "Just promise to come out in all." I was a little dissappointed, but I promised. "Whew."  I took a deep breath and walked in. It definatly wasn't a normal cave. When I stepped in I felt a force pushing down, but in. I was starting to loose air. I felt as if I was going to blow up. I fell to the ground of a cold cave. I looked up and saw lanterns. Tons and tons of them. They all had a flame as big as my hand, but some were as small as my eye. The cave seemed to go as far as well, forever. It never ended! I saw a man blow out a candle and then I heard a scream. It was a shrieking scream and followed by crying. Then it vanished. "Ah. I love that sound." I looked at him, but he didn't seem to notice me. "Oh, yes. I noticed  you."

"Oh so you are Janine's father. Just who are you though?" He turned around and saw his face. It was nothing compared to Janine's beautiful face. It was scarred and had burns on it. "I am father time!" I stared at him in wonder. I hadn't ever heard of him in such a long time.

"Well I thought he only, like changed time?" I tried to pull a smile, but I couldn't in front of him. There just wasn't anything to smile about. "I also determine when people die." He looked at me and put a smile on his face. I had to look away. "I thought the fates control that." He looked at me and had a disgusted look on his face.

"Yes they do. And did you not know they are my sisters. Hmm. Well they measure out the life and everything and cut the string, but I am what gets rid of there soul." I starred at him in confusion. "You will soon catch on. so why have you come to me today?"

"Wait, you didn't know I was coming?"

"Well of course not! If I did I would have been sitting on my throne and made the wind stronger." He started laughing a meniclly laugh.

"But, Janine said you wanted to talk to me."

"Of cour....." Just then another scream went into the cave. It was terrible. "Did a candle just blow out?"

"No that came from outside." Then I ended up on the ground outside the cave. I jumped straight up and pulled out my sword. "What happened?!" Janine came out and had a scar on her face. Secilia came oout with chains around her wrists. "Janine? What are you doing?"

"Please don't look at me like that." She looked like she was going to start crying.

"Whe, where's Apollo?" This time she got on the ground with tears. I walked over to Secilia and tried to reach for her chains, but Janine pulled roots out of the ground and wrapped them around her wrists. "Janine! What are you doing?!"

"She's evil! Her and Connor! I read her thoughts, it's only a trap. The message I thought was from my father was from them. Please you must believe me!" I didn't know if I could. I believed both of them, but how could I choose. "Just look at her necklace." I looked at her necklace, but saw nothing. "Look closer." I sunk in nose to the necklace. I saw an image. It was Connor, but he wasn't hurt. He was fine. Dining at a table, with wine and a chicken on the table. He was laughing and talking to the voice I had heard in my first vision. Secilia started laughing. Throwing her head back and laughing. "So you know my little secret, eh? You know I can't let you run back home and tell everyone. Ah it's a shame. You were like a little sister to me, to bad I have to kill you now." She lunged at me breaking the vines. Janine fell to the ground. The vines had been connected to her nad now that they were broken, so was she. She had gotten a dagger out of her pocket. It was a huge dagger though. It was made of celestial bronze, but mine was stronger. I lunged at her, but she managed to move away before I hit her. SH ebacked up onto a rock and jumped straight down on me, but an arrow shot her. A man with golden clothes came out over the edge of the cliff. He was on a winged horse, a pegusas. His arrows were on fire and immediatly cought Secilia on fire. He jumped off the horse and came down to her. I walked over to see his face, but he kept turning away. Secilia manged to get up. I lunged at her, but she was still quick. The man went over to Janine and I knew it was Apollo, only I didn't know who he was anymore. He acted different, stronger and more accurate shots. Secilia leaned at me and cut me on my arm. It wasn't deep, but burned. It must have been poisoned. I lunged at her with my left hand, but missed. My left hand was my bad hand and I knew I couldn't beat her without my right. I tried lunging again, but missed and almost hit the pegusas. "NEIGHHHH."

"Sorry." Secilia lunged at me, but jumped out of the way and did hit the pegusas. He went bezerk. He started kicking and screaming. His wings were turning to fire, as well as his feet and eyes. "Oh no." Apollo stared at the horse and walked over to it. The pegusas kicked him nad he went flying over the edge. "Apollo!" I ran over and caught his hand on time. "Just let me go. If I fall you'll only come with me."

"Well maybe I want to." The cliff edges were sharp and cutting into my stomach. "No I won't let go." I could hear Secilia screaming and then the pegusas flew over us. "Call the pegasus. Maybe he'll help you."

"He's still on fire. I can't ride a pegusas if it's on fire!" I started loosing his grip and was able to hold him with my right hand. I screamed. The pain was to much, but I couldn't let go. I heard Janine yell something, but I wasn't able to understand it. "Oh, so the little princess wants to save her true love. How thoughtful."

"What do you  want Secilia!" I was loosing my grip more and more by the second.

"Oh, you should know. I want world power. Me and Connor and your uncle. When I was little and found out that you were the princess and not me, I had gotten mad at my mother. Before you even talked to me I killed her."

"Why would you kill your mom?!"

"Because she lied to me! She said I was the princess! That I woould be queen, but no it was all a lie. So when she slept I cut her. I then ran away and your uncle took me in. He promised to make me a princess, to make me queen of the world. I couldn't say no to that, now could I." I was able to turn my head. Apollo was trying to hold on to some little edges, but I couldn't let go. "And now, little princess when I kill you your father will take me in. I'll tell him I tried to save you. I tried with all the power in me to. So that I'll be the princess and then we will launge an attack. So now I have to say good-bye, dear sister." She pointed her knife to my back, but she never did. She flew over the cliff and yelled, "I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I turned my head and saw Janine standing behind me with the pegasus. She whispered something into the horses ear and he swooped down and picked up Apollo. She helped me up and layed me down on the earth floor. Apollo came over and sat beside me. "Why didn't you just let go? You could have killed her yourself. Why?"

"Even if I did let go I couldn't have killed Secilia. She truly was like a sister to me. I couldn't have killed her, I just couldn't."

"Look, I know that she was like a sister to you, but she was going to kill you. You should have just finished her off." I was started to get a little mad. He hadn't even thanked me for saving his life. "Look, your alive because of me. Janine saved you too! You should thank us."

He looked down at his feet and turned towards me. "Thank you. Okay happy?"

"What's wrong with you!" I got up and sat on a log, "Do you not want to live?!" I was yelling and I turned towards him, but immediatly turned away. "Yes of course I want to live, it's just......"

"It's just what?" He walked over to me sat beside me and pulled me into his arms. He kissed me. "That's the reason." He got up and walked away towards a tree. I felt so much better. Fully healed and stood up. "Apol......Apollo God of medicine and healing, archery. Your truly Apollo." I thought I was going insane by myself, but I believed it. "How could you tell?"
"When you kissed me, I, I felt healed. Like I hadn't even been touched. You did that."

"Then it is true." He looked up and stared at me. He had a big golden smile on his face and walked over to me and hugged me in the air. "What? What's true?" I had a big smile on my face to and I didn't want to let go of him. He was so warm. "A great oracle told me that in a battle. You will be in. The true loves kiss will soon let in. I guess that when it healed you it showed that's true! True loves kiss!" I was astonished. I was excited. I had been in love with him since he saved me, and now I knew he loved me. "So what happens?"



The wedding was amazing. Zeus himself let my family come to Olympus for it. Janine was, of course, my maid of honor, and made immortal. I too was made immortal after drinking the sacred drink of the Gods. We had a beautiful gold wedding. The pavilion itself was solid gold, and Apollo made sure we had it when the sun was at it's highest. We decided to go honeymoon on earth and I promised my father I would visit him and send him Iris messages. We left on his chariot and for some crazy reason, he let me drive. Picture yourself on a flaming chariot flown by on-fire pegasi. Then your just picturing it when it landed.


We went to the ice-cream shop because we needed something cold. Very cold, just like ice-cream. We met that little girl and bought her some. When he came back he said, "That little girl's father is a king and the prince she was talking about was her brother." I smiled and started laughing. "Oops." We both laughed and almost all our ice-cream melted. We got up and started to go around the world. That was where we saw an island, although it wasn't an island. It was a huge piece of land. And we decided to stay there. It was a strange place and hadn't been discovered yet, we thought because there weren't any buildings. We stayed there and had our own little private island. A few hundred years later some other people tried to invade and we decided to leave. We have lived on Olympus ever since.

© 2010 LynLee

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wow... I am finally caught up and now i cant wait to see what happens. this was an excellent chapter! very creative and fun! =) well done

Posted 13 Years Ago

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