Off The Cretan Track chapter 4

Off The Cretan Track chapter 4

A Chapter by Repgreece

Sal is dressed to kill and Nick is on tender hooks!

Sal drove back to her apartment and got straight into the shower, mentally sorting through the clothes in her wardrobe for an outfit that she could wear that evening. An hour later she had showered, dried and styled her hair and applied her makeup. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror with a towel wrapped around her and added a little extra lip gloss, standing back to view the finished results.

"Sally Fitzroy-Smith, almost ready to hit the town with Nick no less, my long lost friend from England. Looking...not bad. Apart from annoying freckles on face but mustn't dwell on those. Long lost friend said they looked cute anyway so who am I to argue? Should really eat something before I go out but too excited to eat at the mo so will maybe order some food in the bar later. Just have to get dressed and then it's beer and Sambucca time! Yippee! Feeling great and who knows, tonight might be the night I meet my Mr Mind Shattering man!"

She strolled into her bedroom and searched in her wardrobe for the outfit that she had decided to wear. It was a black figure hugging dress which clung to and accentuated the curves of her breasts and hips. The hem stopped well above the knee and the material dipped daringly down her back, showing an expanse of tanned skin. She finished the outfit off by slipping on a pair of the highest black stiletto shoes she could manage to walk in and a pair of long, dangling, shimmery ear rings.

Now if she didn't manage to catch the attention of Mind Shattering man looking like that then there had to be no hope for her!

She grabbed her bag, keys and phone, leaving her apartment humming love songs to herself.


"Hello stranger," Ruth said with a smile as Nick entered the bar, reaching across the gap to kiss him on the cheek. "When did you get back?"

"This afternoon, bumped into Sal at the airport and she gave me a lift back here," he replied, sitting on a bar stool and glancing around the bar. "Where is everybody? Was hoping to catch up with people."

"Adam and Fay have gone for a meal in Elounda but they said they'd pop in afterwards. I'm not sure where Bill is and most of the other reps are working this evening so it may be a bit quiet in here tonight."

"Well, we'll just have to make our own fun and go down town later if it gets too quiet," he smiled.

"Sounds like a plan. Beer Nick?" Ruth asked.

"How did you guess?" he grinned, watching her pull out a bottle from the fridge.

"Must be psychic!" she laughed, handing him the beer. "So did you have a good winter?"

"It was alright, but I'm glad to be back here," he admitted.

"How was your dad?" Ruth asked tentatively.

"Hmm, he's not too good. He was the main reason I stayed back there for so long but I couldn't stay any longer Ruth, I needed to get away," he said with a tinge of guilt.

Ruth put a sympathetic hand over his. "There's only so much you can do love, and it can't be easy for you, all things considered."

He shrugged, hiding his inner feelings and taking a swig of his beer.

"Here they are," Ruth said, turning to see Fay and Adam entering the bar.

"Hey," Adam said with surprise, "where did you come from? You never mentioned you'd be back so soon."

Nick's face lit up at the sight of Adam and Fay. "Hi you two. Actually it was a spur of the moment decision. How you doing anyway?"

"We're fine," Fay smiled, putting an arm around his neck and kissing him on alternate cheeks.

He put his hand on her back and grinned. "Hey, I should go away and come back more often. It's great; I get all the girls kissing me!"

"Err, hands off, she's mine," Adam joked.

Nick took his hand away from her and held it up in the air. "Look, no hands now. I wouldn't dare risk your wrath by touching her for more than three seconds," he laughed.

"Wise man," Adam grinned, tapping him on the shoulder. "Good to see you again mate."

"Yeah, good to be back," Nick smiled.

"Put a beer behind the bar for Nick will you Ruth and i'll have one too. What would you like sweetheart?" he said, turning to Fay.

"Glass of wine please," she smiled.

"A wine for Fay and one for yourself," Adam said to Ruth.

"Cheers Adam," Ruth replied, pouring the wine and pulling out another beer for Adam.

"Yeah thanks. Business doing well?" Nick asked Adam.

"Can't complain."

"I see you've promoted Sal to airport supervisor and you seem to have a fair few reps now," Nick pointed out.

"Yes, and she whips them into order too. She's not bad at all at the job," he admitted.

"Yeah and she's looking great," Nick added.

Ruth grinned. "Tempted Nick?"

He gave an embarrassed laugh and changed the subject. "So where did you eat then?"

"In a fish restaurant by the sea in Elounda, it was lovely food," Fay answered.

"Ah, I'll have to check it out then."

"Here's Sal now," Ruth said as Sal strode through the door, swinging the bag in her hand.

Adam and Fay turned when she approached them and Nick's eyes widened as they ran over the figure hugging dress she was wearing. Ruth watched Nick's reaction and leant across the bar to whisper to him.

"You should put your eyes back in their sockets now Nick before Sal notices," she warned.

He frowned at Ruth and drank his beer to deflect her attention.

"Evening everyone, how are we all tonight?" Sal asked, sitting next to Nick.

Everyone confirmed that they were fine and Adam asked Ruth to pour another wine for Sal. She leant forward, reaching for the glass at which point Nick noticed the low cut back of her dress. His eyes hovered on the smooth skin of her back and the expanse of leg that was revealed when she wriggled on her stool and crossed her legs.

Bloody hell this was getting worse! Keep your eyes off her! God but what he wouldn't give to strip her out of that damn dress right now and show her what mind shattering sex was all about!

"You look dressed to kill tonight Sal, trying to impress anyone in particular?" Ruth asked.

Nick's eyes swung to Ruth with alarm as he willed her not to give anything away.

Sal laughed. "Nah, but I'm hoping to meet a gorgeous single guy tonight so I thought I'd look the part."

"Well you certainly do. Hey, you're single aren't you Nick? You'd better watch him Sal, he'll be after you," Ruth said, making Nick's heart pound with nervousness.

Sal turned to look at him and he was sure that she would know how he felt about her by the look on his face.

"I thought you and Jen were still together," she frowned.

"We are," he came back quickly.

Ruth looked surprised. "Oh sorry, I thought that you'd split up."

"We did for a bit but we're back together now," he replied, finishing his beer.

Sal watched him with a frown.

Why didn't he tell her that? And why did she get the feeling that he'd been in contact with everybody else but her?

"Anyone for a Sambucca?" he asked suddenly, feeling awkward with the way the conversation was heading.

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i wonder if Nick is hiding something...LOL, she doesn't even know that Nick is the guy for her! i think it's so cute! ^^ can't wait for more!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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