Off The Cretan Track chapter 32

Off The Cretan Track chapter 32

A Chapter by Repgreece

Waking up


Nick felt so warm, floating between sleep and reality. His semi-conscious mind knew he was in bed but the rest of him was happy to float in that wonderful morning in-between place where everything felt good. He tingled inside with unspent energy as he did every morning, however, this morning felt different for some reason that his that sleepy body couldn’t work out. He was content though not to over analyze the difference by opening his drowsy eyes, because, although he was still only half conscious of it, his body was becoming incredibly sensitive to everything around it, and the warm sensations  spreading through his limbs were beginning to excite him.

A woman was whispering to him, she was next to him in bed, but it wasn’t the woman he usually woke up to who jumped out of bed as soon as she woke up, leaving him alone and frustrated. This woman seemed to be taking pleasure out of his physical presence in the bed. He liked that. He also liked the way she was sidling up to him and pressing herself up against his body.

He felt the smoothness of one female leg move up and down his. Hmm, he liked legs too....and he liked hands, small soft hands on his chest, feeling and stroking his bare skin. This couldn’t be real; it had to be a dream. It did feel very real though. Then he heard a small soft moan close to his ear. It was the heart stoppingly exciting sound of female arousal, and his body immediately flooded with adrenaline and heat in response. Now he was at the next level of consciousness, where his mind began to focus on one specific woman who he wanted to be doing the moaning. This had become a regular early morning occurrence for Nick: when he was most unprepared, the focus of his secret obsession would pop into his head and before he knew it, he had more testosterone running through his body than he knew what to do with. There she was again, in just one of his imaginary versions of them both getting heated, naked and horny for the first time together. But then something happened that didn’t normally happen: the moaning, he thought he'd imagined, but the words, 'don't stop', were unmistakably real. Nick's eyes flew open.

Sal! It all came flooding back: the previous day, the beach party, the 'pretend' kiss that had been much more, the tears they had shared, and of course, Sal's nightie. Woah, he glanced down and realized that the nightie in question had ridden itself up her body as she'd slept and was now barely covering anything! He shouldn’t look. Like hell he shouldn’t! This was early morning; different rules applied. He was helpless against his body's demands in the morning. It wasn’t his fault. He allowed his eyes free rein.

Damn it, she was hot!

A pair of snug, lacy black briefs that clung so well to her pert, rounded behind, and a nightie that was just holding in her full breasts. The rest of her was open to his gaze: bare expanses of smooth, tanned, 'Sal' skin... her legs, her thighs, her hips, her stomach, her back.

His eyes widened, finding it hard to take it all in. Was this really happening to him? Was she really lying there like that?

Then she moaned again and pressed herself suddenly up against him, arching her back and sighing with pleasure. Oh lord, his whole body began to throb at the sudden realization that it hadn’t been a dream, and the sound of female arousal had been Sal! She clearly was dreaming however, and it was obviously an erotic dream too!

He watched her for further evidence that it was. She was so restless, turning her head back and forth on the pillow and squirming against the mattress. Then suddenly, he had an awful thought: maybe she was having a nightmare. She kind of seemed distressed. Maybe she was in the claws of terror while he was lying there eyeing her up! Poor thing, he should wake her. He reached out to touch her shoulder lightly but she didn’t wake. She shivered, and moaned again at his touch. His hand was in limbo, unsure of what to do next, but it wasn’t long before instinct took over and he gently ran his fingers from her shoulder down the length of her arm. It was an experimental move, a test to see if she really was having a nightmare, or if she was enjoying the sensation. Oh yes, she was enjoying it; she was practically purring. No, this was no nightmare. What on earth was she dreaming about, he wondered? He'd just love to know what an erotic 'Sal' dream was like. Wow, it was bound to be extremely X rated! Hell, now Nick's imagination was running riot, as was his heart rate.

After stroking her arm, his hand was hovering by hers, which was lying on her thigh. Okay, he did care about Sal; he wasn’t going to push this too far, but... he was somehow mesmerized by her and the whole situation he had found himself in. Gently, he let his fingers trail over the smooth skin on the inside of her leg. God, she felt so soft. As his touch moved down her leg he heard her sharp intake of breath, followed by a shuddery exhalation. The more skin he touched, the more flushed her body became, and the more thrilled excitement he felt. He was doing that to her; he was arousing her. He wanted to do so much more though. He wanted to replace his fingers with his lips and kiss every part of her until she was nothing but a quivering wreck!

Then, just as he reached new heights of arousal, she shouted something out and opened her eyes suddenly. He was forced to drop his hand. Damn! Well, he wasn't sorry for anything. He had been extremely restrained, all things considered.

"Am I awake?" she asked.

He chuckled. "I hope so Sal, because I think you were having a naughty dream and after all, it is morning, and I am a guy, and if you don’t stop rubbing yourself against me and moaning like that, I’m going to have to take drastic action!" he replied.

She put a hand over her mouth. "Oh God, what did I do?"

He grinned. "You were horny," he stated, not very helpfully.

Oh no! Her dream had been so erotic; heaven knows what she'd been doing in her sleep! She searched frantically for the sheet, spotting it at the bottom of the bed, grabbing it and holding it up against her.

"I didn't mean to," she said, guiltily, biting her lip. "I do get a bit..." she struggled to find the word "...raunchy in the morning sometimes."

His grin widened and then he laughed. "So this is a regular thing then. And I thought it was just guys who got 'raunchy' in the morning."

She tutted. "Well that just shows how much you know Nicholas. Why would it be just guys anyhow?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Actually, I dunno. Maybe it's just that you are the only woman to admit it," he chuckled.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she concluded. “That is of course, unless I was trying it on with you,” she chuckled.

He grinned at the thought of it, “Next time, I’ll let you know. I’ll wake you up and tell you to stop just when you've got me in your hand.”

"Nick!" she replied in shock.

"Sorry Sal," he repented, "but I get randy in the morning too. I guess I've just got sex on the brain."

She looked slightly panicked, as though she didn’t know what to do about it.

"Anyway," he said, trying to change the subject. Maybe he'd pushed his luck enough that morning. "It's a beautiful day Sal," he gestured to the window and the streams of sunlight flooding through. "I suggest we go get some food and then hit the beach; we can check out the caves then too."

Sal began to smile. She'd forgotten for a moment where they were. They had Matala to explore; how exciting.

"Sounds good to me," she said, jumping up, but pausing before she moved off the bed and clinging to the sheet. "Nick," she began.


"Will you look away so I can get to the bathroom?" she asked coyly.

Nick burst out laughing; he couldn’t help it. He'd had plenty of time to look at her in that nightie, in fact, he'd almost seen her out of it!

"Okay," he chuckled, putting his hands over his eyes.

Satisfied, she dropped the sheet and went to move off the bed.

Ah, then he remembered. "Sal," he began.

She stopped by the bathroom door and turned.


He spread his fingers to peep through them. She didn’t seem bothered, so he dropped his hands. "I've been thinking. You know you said last night about your 'most sexy nightie?"

"Yes," she replied, a little dubiously.

"Well, I was wondering, how sexy can a nightie really be?" he asked, with real interest.

She turned as if to move into the bathroom, but then stopped and glanced at him over her shoulder, clinging provocatively to the doorframe. "Nick, you couldn’t cope with even the description of it."

His eyes widened. "Really, try me," he challenged.

She grinned. "Well, to give you some clue, it’s called a peek a boo babydoll."

He stared at her for some moments while his mind raced with possibilities. "Peek a boo?" he questioned.

"Yes, you know, peek a boo," she repeated.

He had an idea but needed more details. "Not exactly Sal, you need to enlighten me...for future reference," he added, by way of an explanation.

His boyish fascination amused her. "Well, there are strategically placed gaps in it Nick, that show little bits," she grinned.

His eyes widened further. "Which bits?" he asked, despite himself.

"All the naughty bits," she giggled, darting behind the door and slamming it behind her.

Nick stared at the back of the door, his thoughts racing. "All the naughty bits," he said to himself incredulously.

© 2012 Repgreece

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