A Chapter by shareeg

I want to make you crawl to me in fear, 100% fear and stress. I want to be your greatest nightmare and just when you think the dreams over, I want you to wake up to this.


TAKEN (Un-Edited Version there will be errors)

The Vampire And His Slave

By Sharee Greene

Chapter One- Taken

Joanna’s breath always had a stench to it, it was reminiscent of salami and boiled eggs. I watched her as she wiggled down the hall that red curly clown hair bouncing. Those legs full of cellulite and spider webs, I admit it I looked for flaws in her. I despised her deeply and it was her duty to make every ones life at the job hell.

I could see her evil smirk, she was happy, excited even because she knew she was about to humiliate me. I held my breath and turned my face, she was close now and I had to prepare for her breath. She leaned into my cubicle and her tummy literally gathered itself on the edge of my desk. That evil smile was forming and the crust tucked into the sides of her mouth was literally repulsive. She had one of those wet mouths and the crust was a result of the spit that always formed in the corners.

Log off your computer, we need to go over your stats Brown.” She hissed staring at me with her tiny snake eyes.

I logged off quickly my face was turned as far away from her as possible. I could not risk breathing in her monster breath that was now floating in the air. It was now free to kill us all, it could take you down, one whiff. She walked off quickly with out saying a word she wanted me to follow her like a dog, she loved exploiting her power. We sat down in her tiny office that had to of once been a walk in closet. My goodness, the office smelled like her breath and it was hot in there. I almost died but I pulled it together and managed to sit up straight with an emotionless look on my face.

Brown, I don’t know if you realize it but your stats are worse this week. How hard is it to answer the same simple questions everyday. I bet you ten dollars I could train my dog to do your job.” She began laughing hysterically and her southern accent really made this brutal. Every word was pronounced slowly and it was like torture because you didn’t miss a single insult.

I mean really a retard could do this, let me ask you something and I mean this with all my heart. Did you once ride a short yellow bus to school, this is simple s**t really. Your voice annoys the customers and you take to long answering basic questions. I know you’re a minority and you blacks don’t get much education but really, this is just silly Brown.”

I wanted to knock her out that seat but I desperately needed this job. I was behind on my rent and all my other bills, the economy made it so much harder these days. A job was hard to come by, so if you had one it was best to keep it. This town was very small, there weren’t many jobs to find. We were in Marion Virginia a small town close to Tennessee. I knew she was just ignorant and there were few minorities in town so she just wasn‘t use to other cultures.

“You know what Joanna, I am a very intelligent African American woman I always had good stats. That is until I was placed on your team, I am not sure what your problem with me is.” I said this very tentatively because any kind of antagonism pissed her off.

“Well, I hope your not blaming me for you short comings Brown. What you may need to do is use common sense from now on before you lose your job.”

“You know what, you should not be allowed to talk to people this way. I am a person and just because you make one to possibly two dollars more an hour does not mean you can demean me.”

“Well you must be stupider then I thought you were, you just give me one good reason to get you out my door.”

“Your door, this is not your company you’re an employee like me.”

“Since when did you learn to back talk donkey girl, you better get your common senses back.”

“Did you just call me a donkey?”

“Hell yeah, I called you a donkey because you act like one. Your slow and stupid and you should know your name by now, your name is donkey girl.”

At that point the job didn’t matter she had become completely disrespectful and my docile behavior allowed her to take me as a joke. I shut the office door and stood up, if I was going out it would be with a bang. At this point I figured she was after me and would have me fired soon anyway. I could no longer take her abuse and I had only been there six months, she had been here twenty years. No matter how much I complained they did nothing about her, this was the end.

I’m sure that your miserable because your vagina is drier then the Sahara dessert, no man will touch it. Your breath has this entire closet, which is imitating a real office smelling like a boiled egg and fish salad. Your legs look like your green veins were painted on them and your personality sucks. Everyone secretly hates you and you hate yourself so I feel sorry for you, because making others miserable is your only joy. You can take this job and shove it up your fat a*s, goodbye.”

She stood up and knocked over her desk, she was mortified and she called me every name under the sun, now she was going to be fired too I hoped. I stormed out and I felt proud and free I began running down the halls screaming, free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I’m free at last. I felt like a new person and I wasn’t feeling down, I knew I would make it. When times were hard I always did what ever it took and I managed.

When I got home reality hit me, I was jobless and already behind on rent and other bills. I needed money desperately and this was going to be tough. I went online and immediately started applying for jobs. I came across a section called erotic and I read it. There were woman on there and they were selling sensual massages, which I knew meant much more. I wondered if just briefly this was something I could do until I found work. I had stripped before and this seemed easier to do, I would give it a try.

I found myself dialing my little sisters cell because my nerves were getting the best of me. Telling myself I was going to become this escort and actually doing it were two different things. I knew my sister was sort of wild and she would encourage it. I didn’t call my older sister for the opposite reason, she would say I was being crazy and it was dangerous. I didn’t want hear lectures on morals and self respect, I wanted to hear yes it’s the best idea ever. Bridge would do just that, she would support it and think it was cool.


Hey bridge, it’s me Brown.”

I know, your name came up, so how was work, did your psycho boss give you hell today?”

“Yes, she is just small minded.”

“Well, you need to get back on the pole and dance again like me. I am making so much money and I don’t have to deal with some crazy racist boss.”

“Well, your smart Bridge and you could do better for yourself, then the pole dancing. Even though I was on the pole before, I don’t want you there. What I am willing to do, and what I want you doing are two different things. If only I loved myself as much as I love you, I quit my job, girl I’m about to start escorting.”

“What!!!!, you mean like going to hotel rooms and having sex for money?”

“No it’s Erotica.com, I’m going to have men come to my apartment and give them sexy massages and hand jobs.”

“Really, well can’t you do something like that at a hotel, you don’t want strange men knowing where you live.”

“It’s safer this way, because cops set you up at hotels and I will screen my clients first, plus after I make a little cash I’m going to buy a gun for protection.”

“Your mind is made up Brown, I can tell, you already got this planned out and I know you. I think you like taking risk and living on the edge, I was surprised you even lasted six months behind a desk. Your like me, you want fast money and you like the thrill of this but you got to be careful.”

‘You're right, I’m sure of it already, but what do you think?”

“I think that you will make loads of money but you should get another girl to do it with you. We could do it as a team, this way we can look out for each others safety.”

“I will get one of my old stripper friends to do it with me, I am not pulling you down with me.”

“Why do you do that, if you can do it, I can Brown.”

“See that, I am the reason your dancing now, I’m a bad sister and I have you thinking it’s all cool. I just want better for you, promise me you will go back to school.”

“I will but you have to stop this double standard, you only called so I could back you but you will not back me.”

“Well like I said, what’s good for me is not good for you little sis. I got to go I have get ready I’m going to start tonight and I will call you after to tell you how it went. If I don’t call you then something is very wrong, you can be my look out.”

“Okay, be careful and find another girl quick this way I know someone is with you at least.”

“Yes, I will, love you.”

“Love you big sis.”

So it was official unless big money was offered I would just give a massage with a hand job ending, I thought to myself but my stomach hurt. I went to my local clothing store, I purchased a red lace bra and panties with red high heel shoes. When I got home I showered and curled my hair then I placed my add. I saw other girls pictures and rates and just based mine off girls who were similar to me.

Hi guys, I’m candy a 19 year old mixed race beauty

I am mixed with black and white and very unique

I have hazel eyes and I’m curvy sporting DD cup breast

I’m tall with amazing long legs and caramel skin I have long curly hair

I’m offering a sensual massage with happy ending my rates are amazing

100 half hour 200 for an hour

Incall only so you must come to me

I started receiving emails in response almost immediately and I made just one appointment. I was scared but excited about the money, I would try just one guy for tonight. My first appointment was with a guy named Daniel and he didn’t say much. In fact he was very illusive but I was ready to give this a try. His email was short and sweet, just my style.

Hi, I saw your add and I want service as soon as possible

your picture blew me away. No worries I’m a doctor and very rich I will pay well and I am a gentleman. 7pm works for me!!!!

I made 300 a week at work and it seemed I could make that and more in one night if I wanted. At exactly 7pm my door bell rang and I knew it would be him, Daniel. I was a nervous wreck but I pulled myself together and ran to the door repeating, be brave Brown to myself. I looked outside my peep hole and he was beautiful and seemed virtuous almost. He was tall and his hair was thick and wavy with a soft almond color. His eyes were bright green and enchanting and he had chiseled cheek bones.

I was happy my first client was gorgeous as I opened the door he stood there staring at me.

So are you going to invite me in.” He smiled lightly but he looked serious.

I then noticed he was completely pale and his jaws seemed somewhat heavy. His eyes were hypnotizing there was something peculiar about him but he was a sexy white man.

Yes, you can come in, please do.”

He walked in and he was so smooth it seemed like he floated past me. He walked straight towards my bedroom as if he had been here before and I followed him. Everything was clean and I lit the candles and clicked the play button on my computer, soft music filled the speakers. He stood there leaning against the wall his eyes glaring at me so intensely.

So your candy right?”

“Yes, I said softly.”

“What is your real name?”

“Everyone calls me Brown.”

“I like that it suits you, your new on erotica.com right?

“Yeah, this is the first time I posted an add.”

“May I ask, why did you?”

“I don’t know I am a free spirit and I need the income.”

“What does that mean, free spirit?” His face expression was very perplexed.

“I have a carefree personality, I don’t mind risk.”

“When you take these risk do they usually pay off?”

“I don’t know but lets talk about you, Daniel. What would you like to do with me and for how long?”

“Well what I would like to do to you would take more time then you can give tonight. I want all of you and that includes your soul, I want your insides and your outsides. I want to make you crawl to me in fear, 100% fear and stress. I want to be your greatest nightmare and just when you think the dreams over, I want you to wake up to this.”

© 2010 shareeg

Author's Note

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I appreciate all reviews, thanks for reading.

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