A Chapter by shareeg

He placed me down slowly and he went back to bed and I held back tears. I told myself to be brave soon I would see my family and friends, soon I would have freedom again.



Within seconds large black wings descended from his back and covered almost half the room they were so wide and large. His eyes went black and his face hardened, large fangs grew from his teeth. Long nails sprung out and his skin darkened to a cinnamon color it was surreal.

I was so petrified I could barely move, I just stood very still and I was frozen. My mind raced and I felt warm hot pee pouring down my legs, and he laughed at this. He reached for me and pulled me close he smelled like grapefruit. I was shivering in his grip and I could feel that we were now moving quickly.

It was like a series of lights flashing all at once then suddenly I felt cold wind, it felt like a thousand ice cubes were being thrown at me. His grip felt iron clad and I cried like I never cried before, my tears burned my cheeks. I felt us land and his wings covered me and like that he pulled them into him. He was now standing there looking just like the handsome man who rang my bell.

The house was huge and it seemed like a normal suburban home. When he opened the door I was surprised at how clean and classic the home looked. I was excepting a dungeon or castle something spooky. Daniel walked around me and stood by the couch, he had a smirk on his face. I looked behind me and all around searching for a way out, the thing I was aware of was that he didn’t seem to care. I backed up slowly towards the door and he still didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t all over me in fact he walked towards the stairs and sat down on the bottom step.

I made a run for the door and within a split second he was in front of me. He grabbed me by my face and threw me across the room. I fell into a floor lamp, when I looked up I noticed he was now standing over me; eyes of fire. He picked me up by my neck and held me to his face and he pulled me close to him.

I’m a vampire and I have unparallel senses and I am strong like a bear, fast like a cheetah and if I want to be, poisonous like a snake and I have many different venoms that can cause many different pains. I can hear a raindrop fall from miles away and I can smell your period before it even comes on all the way. Try to run and the punishment will be unbearable and believe me I already know everything about you.”

“Now let me give you the basics slave and take it all very seriously. You have one duty and that is to serve me. My name is master and your name is slave and if I tell you to lick s**t from my a*s. You will do it with a smile and ask for more s**t please when your done, and believe me I feel no sorrow.”

I started to cry and this seemed to piss him off because he instantly slapped me so hard I thought I was cut. I placed my hands on my face and just stared at him, I was in shock and deep regret. Why did I post that add, why did I put myself in such danger and what’s going to happen to me now, I asked myself. His eyes were cold and I could see now that he was cruel.

Are you going to bite me?”

“Well, if I did that then I could not play with you because you would be dead.”

“How long will you keep me here?”

“I want five years of service from you and time can be added for bad behavior.”

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?”

“I wanted you and when you placed that add, well all you did was make it easier. I was going to take you tonight either way so don’t blame yourself. I was onto you for months now but I waited, patiently. I’m the hawk and your prey to me, my other slave was to be set free. So I choose you as the next one and you will service me well.”

“Now what you must do tonight is bathe me and make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Follow me, I will take you to my bath and stop the whining and stupid looks of fear they sicken me.”

I followed him into a large bathroom, it was bigger then most bedrooms and the tub was massive in size. It was the size of two large tubs and he stood there in front of it. I stared at him then he immediately lounged forward and smacked me again three times in a row. I feel to the ground and I curled into a ball as he stood over me, he picked me up with one hand.

“In the beginning there are always more beatings and pain because you don’t know me yet, you don’t know how to anticipate my needs. Soon you will learn, but this is how you will learn and things will become easier, you will even earn rewards. Now when were in the bathroom you must immediately go into action. You were suppose to unclothe me from head to toe and that is why you were hit.”

“How was I suppose to know that.” I whimpered.

“It’s called anticipation, you will anticipate my needs soon enough now before you are punished again, act.”

I immediately stood up straight, I began removing his black shirt and his chest was perfection. I heard him chuckle and I felt surprised that he blushed a little.

“Yes girl, I know I am attractive to you, I could read that on your face expression.”

I unbuckled his jeans and just then I wondered if I would have to sexually please him. That thought sickened me but I tried to block it from my mind as I unzipped his pants. They feel to the ground and I removed his boxer briefs, his penis was thick and huge. It scared me and I jumped back, he laughed as he stroked it a little. I then removed his shoes and socks.

I walked towards the tub and began to run the water and he climbed in, he didn’t wait for it to fill. His eyes were on me and he nodded his head towards the linen closet. I grabbed a wash cloth and a towel. I stood by him closely and he laughed like I did something silly.

Slave, get your underwear off and sit behind me, wrap your legs around me tight and rub my chest.”

I quickly began trying to unbuckle my bra but he raised his hands and sat up quickly. So much so that I had a headache, I was dizzy.

“I move very quickly sometimes and since its new to you it will hurt a little, that's why you feel dizzy. You're not use to such speed, I want you at take your underwear off slowly and then get in.”

I removed my red bra slowly and his eyes got wide and he smiled like a true pervert. I slid my panties down slowly as well, my hand was shaking. Then I popped off the shoes and I walked towards him. I got behind him and he sat in between my legs. I rubbed his chest like he asked and he moaned. He was comfortable and I was in shear horror, he told me to wash his hair and I did.

I washed his chest next then his legs and then I washed his penis it was so large and thick. I was repulsed by it, I washed his back and then his butt. He made me open his butt cheeks and clean inside good, that was gross for me. I washed his feet and I really felt low he then told me to suck all the water out the wash clothe. I felt very disgusted but I did it and I sucked hard swallowing the water from it. Knowing I had washed his butt and feet earlier, he laughed there was a sick look on his face.

As soon as he climbed out I placed the towel around him I didn’t want to be hit for slacking. I was freezing and I wrapped my arms around myself wondering if it would be okay to ask for a towel.

May I use a towel, master?’

“No, follow me to my room and pat me dry immediately.”

I followed him shivering and hating him as we reached his large room it was so blue. There were blue walls and blue chairs, blue pillows and blue dressers. The blankets on his huge bed were blue, there were just different shades of blue everywhere.

I pat him down till there was no water at all on him and he nodded towards the dresser. I pulled out some boxer briefs and a t shirt that looked comfortable and he put it on.

He pointed to the dresser by the wall, inside there were woman’s clothes. There were drawers and inside them were panties and bras as well as night clothing. But everything was sexy and I picked out a pink little silk slip. I had air dried by this point and I was freezing but I put it on.

Good girl, now go in the closet and get a blanket you will sleep on the floor in front of me. You have to earn enough status to sleep in bed with me and that will come in time slave.”

I went into the closet and grabbed a blanket, I laid down in front of him and he turned off the lights. I tried to cry quietly as I lay there uncomfortable and scared. I whimpered quietly and like lightning I was in the air and he was holding my neck.

No crying, adjust and you will soon become accustomed to this new way of life. You will earn comfort and you will earn privileges but for tonight don’t cry just survive me.”

He placed me down slowly and he went back to bed and I held back tears. I told myself to be brave soon I would see my family and friends, soon I would have freedom again.

© 2010 shareeg

Author's Note

Thanks for reading- I have plenty more chappies and will post them daily!!!

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