Chapter 2: Dark Shadows

Chapter 2: Dark Shadows

A Chapter by Aurora Silverheart

     The place Velicity was staying in was apparently a small, cozy cabin at the edge of the forest, but close enough to the Dragon Cave so that she could walk there in a few minutes’ time.

     Velicity sat at the wooden table slightly saddened that she would not return to her home realm as soon as she would have liked, and partly glad that she would stay to watch her egg grow into a hatchling and them into a magnificent dragon.

      Meanwhile, Sea Spirit had left Velicity to report to the Dragon Council. The box with the egg incased in it was set in front of her. Velicity looked closer at the complex designs on the box. She noticed the golden designs were actually spelling out words of an ancient language; the Dragon tongue. Even stranger, was that Velicity found that she could actually read the script without much difficulty. It said,

The Dragonrider shall seek the Egg of the Dragons;

Completing soul;


Intertwined Destinies in hard times ahead

Strength combined shall vanquish all who stand in their path

     The confusing words formed a larger picture: a dragon egg and a Dragonrider intertwined together by delicate strands of gold. Velicity also became aware that the Dragonrider had a minute version of the Dragon Amulet she had found on the beach. The Locket was now safely in her bedroom locked behind a secret panel in the floorboards.

     A screeching cry pierced the silent room, along with Velicity’s thoughts. Velicity turned towards the sound; a tawny falcon was perched on the windowsill. On its right leg, a small scroll was tied.

     Velicity stood up and walked over to the bird, stretching out a hand to take the scroll. Once unrolled, it read:

Urgent message: Come to the Dragon Council Cavern immediately. Do not bring the Egg.

     Quickly, Velicity dropped the letter on the wooden tabletop and followed Sea Spirit’s track to the Dragon Cave.


     In the room where the glowing fire burned, the Council was assembled and tense. Stoneclaw began to speak when Velicity entered.

     “Dragonrider, a human mage is here,” said the gray dragon. He seemed uncomfortable with a human in the Cave.

     A shadowy figure stepped into the ring of light from the fire.

     “The new Dragonrider? She looks untrained to me,” a scornful voice said.

     Velicity said nothing but glared at him. He seemed like an unpleasant character and Velicity disliked him the first second she saw him.

     “I am Drakath,” said he with a voice that made her shudder. He threw back the cowl o f his heavy cloak revealing cold, dark eyes and a calculating expression. A log on the fire split sending sparks into the air and causing the fire to flare for an instant. Dark shadows danced across Drakath’s face.

     He turned to the silent Dragon Council who was looking at him with distrust.

     “I did not come here only to see the next Dragonrider. I also came here with a proposal for you dragons.” Drakath paused. “I ask if you will join me. If you do, you will have riches beyond your dreams, power beyond your imagination! But you will obey me without hesitation. This is a small price to pay to be ruler of the world. Dragons in this cave will no longer need to fear Dragonslayers. Join me.”

     A dead silence followed his speech. Almost all the dragon looked revolted at the very idea, but Darkclaw had a glint of greed in his eyes. Dragons have a very high sense of pride. But on the other hand, they have a strong liking for jewels and power.

     Goldenflame broke the silence first. “I will say it plainly and clearly. I, for one, will never join the likes of you!” This obviously resulted in each dragon trying to share their opinions at once.

     “Show us the gold first, and then maybe, just maybe I will at least listen to you,” came the sarcastic snort of Lightingstrike.

     “I could definitely use some gold and power,” Darkclaw said slyly.

     “Join you! Never!” rumbled Emberleaf with an insulted air.

     Finally, Stoneclaw roared “Silence!” and the council quieted and turned respectively to the elder dragon.

     “We will have a majority vote representing all the dragons of this colony. Tonight, tell the dragons of your element the final decision,” said Stoneclaw to the expectant crowd. Velicity watched this with a ‘bad feeling in the pit of her stomach’ so to speak.

     “If you will not join Drakath raise a foreleg.” Darkclaw was the only one not to. “Darkclaw, why would you like to join him?”

     “Just think of all the riches! We would never have to worry about anything ever again!” said Darkclaw. Cries of outrage echoed across the cave. Silence came only when Stoneclaw roared, “Quiet! The decision is final, we will not join.” Murmurs of approval were said. Unnoticed, Darkclaw burned with anger.

     Stupid dragons!  Thought Darkclaw. They are foolish not to get riches and power!

     Drakath stood quietly observing the scene and picked out Darkclaw. This dragon is willing to join me. He thought cleverly. If only I could stay long enough to convince him . . . A loud roar interrupted his musings.

     “We have declined your offer! Now leave us in peace!” It was Stoneclaw, eyeing Drakath with dislike.

     “Don’t be hasty,” was his silky reply. Then he sent Darkclaw a swift mind message. Meet me a hundred tail lengths by the huge boulder, midnight, if you want your gold. We will work out a deal. And come alone. Darkclaw blinked and nodded almost imperceptibly.

     Drakath vanished with a swirl of his black cloak.

     “Tell your Element. Council is dismissed.” Stoneclaw said. Then coming to Velicity, he said, “What do you think of him? He seems like one to cause trouble for us.”

     “I don’t like him at all,” Velicity replied distastefully.

     “I will keep an eye on him,” Stoneclaw said with a nod.

© 2010 Aurora Silverheart

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