Epilogue: The Prophecy

Epilogue: The Prophecy

A Chapter by Aurora Silverheart

This is the final chapter of The First Dragonrider. I hope you have enjoyed my book! ^_^


It was now a full week after the defeat of Drakath. The dragons’ lives had slowly come back to normal from the extravagant celebrations in honor of Velicity’s victory against the Dark Mage Drakath, and how she had saved them from the Deathdream’s grasp.

     Personally, Velicity thought it was just a bit too much for her. She had slipped away from the last party with great difficulty and had gone into the forest to have some time to think. Velicity recounted the time she had just arrived in the Dragon Cave. Suddenly, something rustled somewhere to her left. Velicity turned suddenly, expecting something to attack. Instead, a bright blue dragon walked out from the tree line.

     “Good evening, Dragonrider Velicity. I am Waterdance, the Dragon Cave’s only Dragon Seer. I have come to tell you the prophecy I should have told you long ago.” Waterdance smiled mysteriously. Velicity gazed deeply into Waterdance’s mystifying blue eyes and nodded as if in a trance. Waterdance came closer to Velicity. Then she spoke with an ominous voice that sounded as if it had come from a different world completely. Her eyes misted over and stared blankly ahead as she recited this Prophecy:

“A Dragonrider will come from far away

To save us all from dreams’ sway

From a distant land, Locket dear

Dragonrider will vanquish evil fear

Of Fire Of Water Of Wind Of Forest Of Storm Of Shadow Of Lunar

A blue egg of dragon silver

Will take Rider to where come she

To the Dragon Guardian of Earth’s Sea”



© 2010 Aurora Silverheart

Author's Note

Aurora Silverheart
What do you think the Prophecy means? If you get it right... I owe you a cookie or something! ^^

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Added on August 7, 2010
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