Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by ♥SunkissAngel♥

         The next morning it seemed like this place was crawling with screams. No matter how hard you try to ignore it the screams get loader and loader.I looked around the room nothing but blank wall surrounded me. They thought i was crazy. They all thought i was crazy but i know i am not crazy. I sat there alone in that room for i don't know how long but all i knew is that i could not get out. A few minutes later The door opened and Donovan walked in. My eyes turned to him and i gave him a glare. I could tell by the look on his face that it made him nervous.

        As Donovan walked up to me i could not help but break out in full anger. "How in the hell could you put me in here Donovan. I am not crazy. Yes i am calming that my brother who is dead is trying to kill me but that does not give you the rights to do this to me. i know you saw him that day you walked in to my room to find me pinned agents the wall. I know you saw him" i chanted in anger. Donovan looked at me and sighed. "Isabella i know that you calmed to see him but i know that it is not true." he begun " i am just trying to help you and this is how i know how to help you right now." He paused and sighed "I did see something but your room was so cold that it could have been our breaths Isabella not your dead two year old brother." He said

      I was getting mad that he did not believe me "Donovan i am being serious." I cried out " Please believe me" I pleaded with all my might but by the look on his face it said that he was not convened. I saw Donovan stand up and walk out of the room not saying a single word. I leaned back and sighed A single tear rolled down my scorching cheek. Maybe i was crazy i begun to think. Everyone was rejecting me saying i was a freak, crazy, and that i need help. I  do see there intentions on helping me but it is just making everything worse than it already is. I placed my head in my hands. My face felt like it was on fire and i felt like giving up.

      "Why are you crying" I herd a  deep voice say. My head flung up to see this man standing at the end of my bed. He was around six feet tall with dark brown hair and he had green eyes as well. I sat up and looked at him my eyes would not leave him. I  kept a close eye on him as he came closer. "My name is Felix, Doctor.Felix" He said "And you must be Isabella. here it says you are seventeen. Your parents died, you are living alone and have a good apartment." He paused " It also says here you were brought in for calming to see your dead two year old brother who tried to kill you." He said as he glanced at me. He pushed his glasses up and said "No need to be scared i won't hurt you." He said "I am here to help you" Dr.Felix said.

      I still said nothing i was still trying to figure this guy out. Something was not right not right at all about this guy. "Are you going to talk or just listen. Either i don't mind" Felix said. I sighed and said quietly "I am not crazy i don't belong here" I said as i sat up. Felix pulled a chair up next to my bed and said "I don't think you are crazy" He begun. Here we go the you are not different speech. I said to my self rolling my eyes. "Isabella listen here you are not any different than kids out side of this place. You just need extra help to be able to live in the real world." he said. I could feel anger consume me "I CAN SURVIVE IN THE "REAL WORLD" JUST FINE" I snapped at him.

        I saw Dr.Felix sit straight up and jot something down in his book of his.          He then stood up and said "Well nice to have meet you" and then left the room. "JUST WAIT A MINUTE I AM NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU..." I shouted but it was no use he had closed the door and was out of the room. I sighed and leaned back and closed my eyes. A few minutes had passed before the lights begun to flicker. My eyes flung open and i sat up. My eyes scanned the room as the lights above got brighter and brighter then exploded. I let out a shriek and covered my head. "No where to run now" It hissed. I looked up but i could not see a thing it was to dark and i was hurt badly.

       I soon found my self being thrown across the room and my life seemed to flash before my eyes. I hit that wall with such great force that it seemed to knock me out. I Her laughter just before i passed out. When i finally woke up i was hanging in the air and i could not breath. Someone or something had used my sheets to hang me. I grabbed on to the loop and tried to get it off of my neck. I tried to scream but Instead of a scream a small squeak came out. "Isabella!!" A voice said under me it was Dr.Felix and Donovan. I was fading fast and soon it was all black. "Hurry get her down" Dr.Felix commanded and some one cut the sheet and i begun to fall right in to Donovan's arms. 

      I coughed and took deep breaths. I could feel my body shaking and My breathing steady. When i came to reality i saw Dr.Felix checking my vitals. "Well glad you are alive" He said as he finished "You gave us a scare"He said. I tried to sit up but he stopped me "You stay laying down" He said "You are still not fully recovered." i refused to "I need... to....get..out..of here" I managed to get out. Dr.Felix laid me down once more. "You almost Killed your self you can't leave" He said. i got mad "I did not..Try to ..kill my self" I said. He sighed "Isabella we know what we saw and what we saw said you tried to commit suicide." he said "Now get some rest.

      Dr.Felix left he then turned to the nurse "Get the examination room ready. Isabella has an appointment. She needs to get through her head that she did not see her dead brother and she needs help." he said and walked down the hall. The nurse left the hall and got the room ready. It was not long till some men came and took me in to this room. I knew once i walked in to that room and saw a chair with straps on it i knew they were going to to a shock treatment. "NO!!!!" i shrieked and struggled to get free.

     I tried so hard to get free but nothing worked they were stronger than i was. I was soon strapped in. Just then Dr.Felix walked in "Well hello Isabella" he said and begun to put some things on me. "You need to learn that you did not see your brother." he said and sat by a control panel. "Now i am going to start and after this i expect you to never speak of your dead brother again." he said. My eyes were wide open and i was shaking. I watched as he pressed a button and soon pain consumed me. I screamed with pain and squirmed. I tried to get my arms free to get the things off of me but the straps were tied down to tight.

      I cried out in fear and pain "STOP IT" I said "PLEASE!". Tears flooded my face as the pain got more and more intense. I felt my self loosing breath and every thing begun to go black. The pain was fading and i begun to pass out. Dr.Felix stopped the machine and stood up. He Left the room but not before saying "If that did not work girl; there is more where that came from."  I was weak very weak. When the men unstrapped me i fell limb and in to there arms i had passed out.   



© 2010 ♥SunkissAngel♥

Author's Note

Hope you enjoy this chapter... :)

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wholy cow that is scary.. i love the chapter though

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