Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Weeping Willow

Elpis's necklace


 1 week later Elpis is walking around the school when both Jack and Damon came up behind her.

“Hello and good Moring,” Jack said trying to imitate a royal.

“Leave me alone, I don’t have time for this.” Elpis said almost running off, Damon keeping up with her tripped her over.

“I’m sorry my dear, but no running in the hall. Or near the classrooms or in the dorms or outside without a teacher’s say so.” He said picking her up

“Ha, ha, ha, you must be the world’s smartest man.” She said picking herself up “now if you don’t mind I’ll be leaving.” She said running faster than before, Damon didn’t follow her as he felt uneasy. Elpis stopped when she couldn’t see Damon to catch her breath. Her eyes began to glow “not now she said falling to the ground. Another student saw her and smiled as she started to sing

“One, two,

I’m coming for you,

Three, four,

I’ll break down your dour,

Five, six,

I’ll cut you into bits,

Seven, eight,

I’ll kill your mate,

Nine, ten,

I’ll steal your men,

Eleven, twelve,

Save yourself,” Elpis looked at her “You don’t have much time dearie, Find you necklace or save your friends that is your option.” Elpis stood up and ran to Damon, she soon tripped and fell on Jack who was knocked out.

“Jack, Jack.” She yelled “Wake up you flea bitten fool,”

“So you’ve picked Friends over yourself, just the opposite of Queen.” The girl said from just behind the corner, Damon came out of nowhere and tacked the girl.

“Give her back her MPSJ (Monster Power Sealing Jewellery, this keeps them from losing the sanity) now.” He yelled almost hurt her, she smiled as Elpis fainted. “Elpis stay with me,” he said letting go of the girl. Jack grabs Elpis and throws her over his shoulder, Jack runs to the office as Damon attacks the girl.

“That’s impossible you can’t use you powers without a MW (Magic Watch, allows you to use 7% of your magic power without losing your sanity)” She said trying not to fall over. Damon grabs out his rose and scatters the petals,

“Who said I don’t have one on right now.” Damon whispers in her ear, the girl is so scared she runs outside trying to escape. Damon gave a wave of his hand and she was knocked out, “to bad you weren’t even a warm up,” Damon said walking away.  

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Weeping Willow
Terrible grammar

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This is really good:) seems like bad boi found someone who isn't like the others. I love Elpis's attitude:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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