A rude awakening

A rude awakening

A Chapter by Killer

Sebastian's P.O.V
I was coming to wake her up , this morning. Her frist night here was odd for the both of us. I've never felt neverious before like I did with her. She must be different. A demon child? a shinigami? What? I gently brushed back my black hair.  I banged a pot over Bard's ear."Wake up ." I said motionless, but happily.
"Oi! Whats going to here? Time for war?!! " Bardroy shouted. Bardroy is a america man. His dirty blond hair with messed up , (bed heasd I believe) . His grey eyes twitched open. "Oh, Its just you Sebastian." He gave a sigh of relief  , but straightened up quickly and got changed into a chef's uniform. Thats what he is at least a Chef , with very bad manners. 
"You have to start on breakfast for  the young master." I ordered, smiling. whats really bugging me I kept asking myself.As I headed out the door and one more down to Finny's room. The boy laid on his bed fast asleep. His 
 short ,messy blond hair  clipped back by red bobby pins."And Finny go tend to the garden."His big green eyes opened, with excitement.
                                 "Of course ,sir!" He jumped right out of the bed . Finny wore a white button-up shirt and tan pants. He musted of gotten ready early. I shrugged that thought off way to easily."Mey-rin! Don't trip!" Finny warned her. A woman about the age of 20. She had big thick red hair tied into two pigtails. And light olive skin that was bright. Big, owl glasss that cover 50% of her face.
                                                 "Finny!!" She fell over backwards almost dropping a bunch of dishes. Luckly , I caught them all.  She also wore a maids outfit . I sighed.                                                        "Here you go , Mey-rin. And try not to do it again." I warned her . Shes really clumsy and always breaking things. Almost as bad as..... My thought trailed off. As i started walking towards Emily's room. How sweet , she dosen't make any sound. I ran/walked to her room. Where I found her fast asleep. all I did was shake her gently. Then , I was pinned beneath her.

© 2012 Killer

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Added on February 22, 2012
Last Updated on February 29, 2012
Tags: Sebastian, Finny, Baldroy, Mey-rin, Black Butler