Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Chapter V

“I know him,” he said. “From somewhere.”

“You know no one would take you seriously if you’d answer like that.” I told him, now I was annoyed. He wasn’t answering truthfully and he was making it obvious.

“I’m not lying, okay? I know him. And I’ve got a big problem with him because I don’t trust him. You can go ask him why, you two are close already anyways, right? And I’ve got a big problem with you being close to him because I love you and I don’t trust him.”


“You heard me right! I love you and…damn! I just love you.” With that he walked away, irritated. He walked, not towards the cafeteria but towards the other direction. I didn’t know why he had to walk away but I knew I just needed to ask Darnell about this. And he told me he loved me? What was that? I hope he didn’t mean, he loved me, loved me, because if he did, we’re doomed. I love him, but only just as a best friend, that’s all.

I decided not to follow Blaze to wherever he was going, I knew he needed time alone because now that I thought about it, he did love me more than a best friend. I remembered the time Nina walked between us and giving an emphasis on the words “best friend” and “friend” and the way Nina spoke, it was obvious. Nina knew, but why didn’t I? Were his actions obvious, but I was too blinded by our friendship that I didn’t know?

I ate lunch with Gem that day and told her that Blaze had something to do. I wouldn’t want to risk asking her about Blaze’s feelings for me.

“Hey, I still have to photocopy these so, is it okay if I leave you alone now?” she asked, showing me papers I never had time to check. I nodded in approval and she smiled as she stood up and ran towards the bookstore. I finished drinking my iced tea before I stood up and started walking. I had no idea where I would go, so I’m going to head to the library.

On my way to the library, I met Mr. Jayson and he told me I had to stay later to discuss some things. Unfortunately, I was the only one who needed to stay; the other student council members didn’t have to.

“G’ afternoon, Ms. Bunda.” I greeted the librarian as I entered the library. She smiled at me and greeted me, too. The high school library was my favorite place in the whole school, I loved books.

I sat down on one of the hidden chairs at the back of the library and started reading the book I was currently reading. There was something about this book that I really liked. This is the third time I was reading this and it never failed to shock or amuse me. Maybe because it’s amusing how one guy changed a girl’s life just because he wasn’t human? I don’t know. It’s just amusing in a way.


The day went on slowly. I never had a chance to talk to Blaze and he never tried to talk to me, although I caught him looking at me a lot of times, we never talked.

The bell rang, signaling that the school day was done. I packed up my things and went straight to the student council room. I put my things down and sat on a chair, waiting for Mr. Jayson.

“Ah, there you are,” Mr. Jayson said as he entered the room, I stood up and greeted him “I was afraid you’d forget about this meeting.”

“Why would I?” We both laughed. Mr. Jayson was the teacher closest to me. He was really funny and inspiring. He knows a lot about me and I felt safe whenever I confided something in him, he just understood each and every student, that’s why we love him. And I guess that’s also why he’s handling the student council. We talked about some projects that were a common need or want of the student body (we had a suggestions box outside the room) and we both agreed to do it. So, we wrote a letter addressed to the school headmistress, if ever she signed it, we’re successful.

“So, how’s the first weeks of school?” he asked after I reread the letter.

“Generally talking, it was fun,” Should I tell him about this day? “Specifically talking about this day, not really.”

“I figured.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, it was obvious with the look of your face earlier and now. What’s bugging you?”


“You’re in love with him but afraid that he doesn’t feel the same way?” he said right away.

“Other way around,” My voice was so quiet it sounded like I whispered to myself. “And I have no idea what to do or what to tell him, because apparently, I don’t feel the same way about him…” and I poured my heart out to Mr. Jayson but he was intently listening.

“You should talk to Darnell once you get home. With the story you told me, it seems like there’s something you should know about Darnell. Once you know that, talk to Blaze. Tell him what you feel. He’s your best friend after all, he’ll understand.” I did the right thing by pouring my heart out to him because he gave really good advices.

“Mr. Jayson, you don’t know how much you’re helping! Thank you so much!” I said as I hugged him and said goodbye and left the room. I went home alone since Gerald left me (he’s still a jerk, pretty much) and I don’t have Blaze right now.

“Nerice!” A voice called out as I was in front of my house. I turned around and as expected, it was Darnell calling me. “You okay?”

“I…I have to talk to you,” Now’s the time, no need to wait for any other time. This day, especially, because it’s Darnell’s day off. “About…uh…something important.”

“So you know,” he said, smiling. He took my hand and literally dragged me to his house. “Blaze told you?”

“Not really, I have a lot of questions, I’m c-confused.” He nodded. He motioned to a chair as he sat down. I sat down on the chair he pointed. My heart beat so fast and I have no idea why. It’s like something’s not normal. It’s like… how do I explain? I don’t know. I just feel something weird about this. None of us spoke for a while. Darnell just looked at me intently. There was something different about him. I gasped.

“A-are you wearing contacts?” His eyes weren’t blue anymore. They were a light shade of brown. He shook his head. “Y-your blue eyes, those are contacts?” he looked at me weirdly. His eyes widened.

“What? Aren’t my eyes blue?”

“The-they’re a light shade of brown.” Now I feel awkward. Why didn’t he know he had light brown eyes? Was he joking around?

“No joke?”

“You’re the one joking.”

“S**t,” he stood up and checked a mirror. His jaw dropped when he saw they were really light brown. “So you do know.”

“Know what?” I’m so confused now! “I had an argument earlier with Blaze and he told me he knew you from somewhere and that he didn’t trust. That’s all, he just asked me to ask you about it. So? Did he really know you before I did? If yes, what was it you did that lost his trust?” I asked and Darnell stared at me, like he was staring right at my soul. His eyes pierced mine. I gasped as my mind showed a thousand blurry pictures. I couldn’t see them well, they were blurry and they rolled fast. “What was that?” I asked Darnell. He sat down and opened his mouth, preparing to talk. 

© 2011 TheMizFit

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