Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Chapter X

“What about me, Gerald?” I was shocked. Gena was there. Gena was listening.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and I know she hinted the rudeness in my voice.

“I was looking for Gerald, and I found him here, about to say something about me. How much have you said, you no-good b*****d?” Gena shouted. I didn’t like the way she treated Gerald. Gerald looked down, obviously because of shame.

“Hey! You can’t speak like that to him!”

“Shut up, b***h!” I was shocked. Not that I’m not used to her doing this, but it’s just too much. I just want her to leave.

“Hey, what’s wrong here?” My father now joined the conversation. “I heard some shouting.”

“Oh, honey, nothing’s wrong.” Gena said, obviously flirting with my father. I glared at her. I glared at her with all the hatred I could gather. This was too much. It was sickening. Gena saw me glaring at her, knowing I was about to tell the truth to my father but she glared at me, reminding me of all the things she said that might happen if I tell my father about her stink.

“Nerice, what’s wrong?” My father suddenly asked, finally noticing me.

“Oh, you definitely heard shouting, dad.” I told him. My voice was shaking.

“Nerice?” Gena said, trying to stop me. Her eyes widened. Gerald looked up.

“What’s wrong here?” Dad obviously, was the only one who didn’t have a single idea about what was happening between the three of us. Now I’m determined to give him an idea.

“Gena,” I gathered up all of my courage. “She’s wrong. She’s ALL WRONG! She’s what’s wrong!” I shouted. Gerald was whispering things to me. “Ever since you’ve been together I know she wasn’t going to bring any good things to us.” I calmed myself down.

“What are you talking about?” Gena acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. She dared? My father also gave me the confused look Gena gave me.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, Gena. Ever since you’re left alone here with Gerald and I, you just waste electricity. Sit in front of the television; leave it there when you leave the house to find guys you could flirt with!” She gave me a shocked look. “Every time I don’t do the ridiculous things you want me to do, you hurt me!”

“Is this true, Gena?” My father looked at Gena, inquiring.

“No, honey, I don’t know what she’s talking about.” Good acting, Gena.

“Nerice, you’re not like this.”

I gave out a shocked noise, “What?” I yelled. “You believe that liar? Seriously dad?” Gena used the time that dad wasn’t looking at her to smirk evilly at me. “I can’t believe this. You believe her, a liar, not me, your daughter? I’ve had enough of this s**t!” I shouted as I ran out of my room, crying. I went out of the house and went straight to the park, instead of Darnell’s house.

“Nerice!” I heard Darnell shout. I ran the fastest I could. When I reached the park, I sat down at the ‘hidden bench’. I couldn’t help myself. I cried so much. I don’t remember crying this much, all of my emotions, the sadness, the pain, the hurt, they all came together.

“Nerice,” I heard Darnell, panting. “Nerice, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

I didn’t answer him. I just continued crying. I couldn’t bring myself to speak, just cry until all the tears are gone. Darnell didn’t force me to tell what’s wrong. He understood. He sat next to me and patted my back. I liked it just this way. No talking. I just want to cry my heart out beside no one or someone who understands.

I rested my head on Darnell’s shoulder as I slowly started calming down. Tears were still rolling down my face but not as much as seconds ago.

After a minute or two, I totally calmed down; no more tears were going out of my eyes. My head was still resting on Darnell’s head. It felt good. The silence. I closed my eyes.

I heard Darnell clear his throat, “I texted Blaze, telling him you couldn’t go and train today so I cancelled it,” he stopped. I didn’t reply and I know he would understand my silence. “Too bad being a Goronian couldn’t heal someone’s damaged heart and negative feelings.” He let out a sigh. I smiled because of what he said. I felt his head look up to the sky.

“Every time I would have a quarrel with my father, I went to Master Maji’s place. To get away from my father, maybe eat some desert, have a good laugh… I don’t know, I just wanted to forget about the quarrel so I went there,” he stopped as I felt him brush my hair. “Every time I told him what’s wrong with me, he’d smile at me and say, “Sometimes you’ll just need to cry your heart out when you feel this bad.” I told him I wasn’t the one person who’d cry over problems. He would always tell me I would need to cry at one point. I wouldn’t want to do anything else but cry my heart out and he was right,” He finished. I would have to agree with this Master Maji. I usually wouldn’t want to cry over problems, but at one point, I’d have to cry my heart out. “And he also told me; sometimes I just need someone to be there for me. Be with me while I cry, to understand.”

“Who was there for you? You know, when you had to cry your heart out.” I asked. It felt weird, speaking after crying so much.

“No one. That’s why I’m here for you, because I know just how painful it is when no one’s there for you.” He explained. I smiled at how thoughtful he was.

“Thank you,” That was all I could say. I felt like I wanted to cry again. “I"I’m so happy to have you.”

“So am I,” he said as we both laughed. I think I’d still be crying if Darnell hadn’t followed me at all. “So, would you like to go home? I mean, like what Master Maji said, you can’t always run away from your problems.” I sat up straight and nodded at Darnell. He was right, I couldn’t run away from my problems all the time.

“You’re right, but I still don’t want to go home.” I told him.

“Then don’t. But may I ask a favor from you?” Darnell said, looking straight to my face. His eyes were still light brown. I nodded at him. “You should clear things with your family before this day ends. If you can’t do it now, I understand, but do it today. Okay?” I nodded at him. I agree, I should clear things with everyone today. I love the fact that Darnell understood me.

After a few more minutes of silence, no, not the awkward silence, between Darnell and I, we both stood up. I took deep breaths. I was ready to talk and explain my side to my father.

“Would you need any help?” Darnell asked as we both started walking.

“I guess it’s okay if you’re there to just give me moral support.” I laughed. Truth was, I was confident around Darnell. Maybe I’d be able to win this case (what’s this, a court case?) if he’s there. He nodded at me, smiling. It didn’t take too long for us to get to the house. I opened the door and I heard shouting. Specifically, my father shouting. Was he shouting at Gena? I could hear he’s angry, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Then the next thing I saw shocked me. My father was indeed shouting at Gena. My father was dragging Gena down the stairs. She had her things with her and Gerald was following them.

“W"what’s wrong here?” I managed to ask what was happening. My father looked at me.

“Like what you said, this woman is wrong,” My father answered me as Gena continued to beg in front of my father. “B***h! Get out of this house!” My father shouted at him as he opened the door and threw all of Gena’s things out of the house. My father pushed Gena away and I realized that Gerald was just following Gena.

“Wait!” I interjected. Everyone looked at me. “I"dad, can we just keep Gerald here? He’s not like Gena anyways.” I begged my father. I didn’t want Gerald to be with Gena, he’d be just bossed around and abused like me. Plus Gena’s not his mother.

“If you say so. Gerald, get in here.” Gerald went inside, embarrassed. I gave him the look telling that he shouldn’t be. Once Gerald got in, my father slammed the door in front of a crying Gena.

“I’m glad that’s over,” My father joked around as he turned his back on the door. We all laughed. “Well, Gerald, welcome to the family,” My father added, giving Gerald a family hug. I smiled and so did Gerald. This was fine with me, just me, dad and Gerald in the house. “Nerice, who’s your friend?” My dad said, pointing at Darnell. I nearly forgot about him.

“Oh, right. Dad, this is Darnell, the one I told you about.” I smiled as I introduced them to each other. I hope my father wouldn’t tell Darnell about what I told him.

“Ah, Darnell. Nerice told me quite a lot about you.” My father said as he grinned at Darnell. His grin was different, more like a mixture of a smirk and a grin.

We all had a simple snack as we talked about Gena and Darnell. I had a lot of fun. We kept on laughing and laughing. I never felt this comfortable in years. It’s like I just want to stay like this forever, but then that’s not possible.

After a lot of laughs and minutes, Darnell left and went home while I went to my room, happy. Ecstatic, even. I was about to open my desktop when Gerald went in.

“Hello, Gerald!” I greeted him like it was weeks since we last saw each other.

“Hey. I just went in to say thanks,” he said as he sat down on my bed. “What you did earlier meant a lot to me.” He smiled as I smiled back.

“Well, if it wasn’t for you Gena would still be here so I think we’re even. I like how you stood up to Gena when I left. I know it took you a lot of courage.”

“It did. I just thought about you. I know you want everything to end.”

“Thanks.” I said. That one word was filled with all of my emotions. What Gerald did really meant so much to me. Gerald nodded and left my room. I smiled.

Well, looks like everything in this world is well. Now I just have to focus on helping Blaze and Darnell with their “mission” in Goronia. I felt good about it, so nothing to worry.

© 2011 TheMizFit

Author's Note

Only A7X fans will understand why I italicized "welcome to the family" Haha! Thoughts?

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