Chapter 3 - The New Life

Chapter 3 - The New Life

A Chapter by Little Sparrow

Chapter 3


I kissed Nina and Anne, my best friends, goodbye. I hugged Eugene, my father's Beta and my close friend, goodbye. He hugged me back and he whispered something in my ear, "Don't worry, Kane's a good man. He will take care of you." I bid everyone goodbye. I hugged my father and kissed him on the cheek. I get in Kane's Mitsubishi Montero Sport.


Every time we pass by a tree, I know we are going away from my home. The one-hour travel from our place to to the north is so quiet. Kane made some remarks about the highways and the cars, but still everything is quiet. We are in one-fourth of the travel when I felt sleepy. I didn't notice that I fell asleep. I felt that Kane put his jacket on me. The smell of my mate clouded my nose, the smell of a masculine.


Few minutes later, I felt Kane's hand tugging my left arm and said softly, "Hey, I'm going in the grocery to buy some things Susan asked me to buy. So can I leave you here alone?". I want to come but I was feeling a little dizzy so I just nodded. He kissed me on the forehead and said," I am going to be really fast, but still lock the car doors". He went out and I locked the car doors.


I watched him walk into the grocery store until I cannot see him anymore. When I was thinking about what happened yesterday, I realized that he cares about me. Then a question popped out on my mind, "How about love?". What? No! He can't love me. Neither can I. We are complete strangers to each other. But I don't really know what he feels for me.


Kane came back with bags of groceries and put them in the floor of the parking lot. Then he knocked at my window to ask me to unlock the doors. I unlocked them and he put the bags in the car. He went in the driver's seat then we went on our way again. When I noticed a field with "no trespassing" sign, Kane said,"We're near to our home". I gulped. What if they don't like me? What will I do? Kane noticed the worries on my face and said, "Don't worry, they'll like you and will accept you. My pack are good people."


When we arrived in the place, it's already afternoon. Kane parked his car in a garage and said, "We are home, at last." He inhaled the fresh air. Yes, wolves are social animals so we don't like being far from our pack that long. We got out of the car then a group of people came out of the house, all calling Kane's name and hugging him. Two men went to Kane's car and got our things and the groceries and carried them inside.


After all people hugged and welcomed him, Kane turned his back from the group and face back to the car and said, "Caitrin, come and meet them." I walk towards Kane, worried and scared. He put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Everyone, this is Caitrin, my mate." Everybody looked at me from head to toe. Then a woman, with blond hair and pregnant, stepped forward and said, "Hello Caitrin, welcome to the pack of the North. I'm Nicole". She smiled and I smiled back. After that, everybody welcomed me. Then Kane said, "Let's continue this inside."


They all went inside and sat down in the living room. I was left behind because I was looking at the house. It's a little bit larger than ours. I think it was newly painted because I can still smell the paint. Inside the house, it is warmly decorated that it makes every person, who comes in the house, very comfortable. Then I sat on the two-seater couch,which was empty.


The man who carried our things to Kane's room sat down beside Nicole and said, "Hello Caitrin. I'm Mark, Kane's Beta and best friend. And Nicole is my wife. It's so nice to meet you." I looked at the blond-haired and blue-eyed man, smiled at him and said, "Nice to meet you, too. Your wife is so nice. You are lucky to have her as a mate." Nicole laughed and said, "Thank you. And I can see that you're nice too." I replied, "Thanks".


Then a man sat beside me. I looked at him and was shocked to death! He looked exactly like Kane, only difference is the hair and eyes. This one has dirty blonde hair and green eyes while Kane has dark chocolate brown hair and amber eyes.


"Hello Caitrin, my name is Kale, Kane's twin and second Beta. Kane and I are so close together." A woman interrupted Kale and said, "Yes, you two has so many jokes and always doing some crazy things. By the way, I'm Susan. I will just go to the kitchen to prepare us some cookies and juices." Then the woman went to the kitchen.


Then Mark said, "Susan is the loving wife of the previous Alpha, Dan. Both Susan and Dan loved this pack so much, even more than themselves. So as a sign of respect, Kane decided to let Susan live here with us. By the way, this is our Alpha House." Kane shooed his brother and sat beside me. Kale sat on the floor and pouted jokingly.


Then Kane smiled at me and said, "How do you feel about the house and the people in it?" I smiled back and replied, "It's very comfortable and the people here are nice. Only, I was shocked when I saw your twin because you never told me about him." They laughed and Kane said, "Well, you never asked me."


I was curious with people I will live. I want more information about them, I mean, about attitudes. So when Mark and Nicole excused themselves to help Susan in the kitchen and Kale went to the kitchen also to invade the cookie jar, I asked Kane, "Who are the others who lives in this house? Kane looked at me and replied, "Besides you?" It's kind of weird for me but I nodded then he continued, "Here, in first floor, Mark and his Nicole have the first room in the west wing of the house. Kale have the second room. Susan's room is the first room in the east wing. The second room is used as a guest room. In the second floor, we have our room upstairs, together with the Alpha's office. Why did you ask". I said, "Well, it's nice to hear that I will live with them. Because I am sure, we'll have a good relationship." Kane smiled and a warm kiss on my forehead. I smiled too.


Kane and I heard Mark called out from the kitchen, "Caitrin and Kane, come here now, or else you won't have cookies because Kale is so hungry that he can eat all of this." Kane and I walked to the kitchen and sat together in the dining room. Then kitchen and the dining room was only divided by two big wooden dividers. John sat with Nicole and Susan while Kale sat beside his brother. We have freshly-baked cookies and orange juices for afternoon snack.


While eating, Kane and Mark discussed some issues in the pack. Then Mark said, "By the way, Jenna is coming home from Europe. I think, three days from now. You know how she's traumatized with what happened to his beloved uncle." I saw Kane had a happy face after that and I noticed Kale had no reaction. I wonder who is Jenna in Kane's and Kale's life.



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