Chapter 7 - First Heartbreak

Chapter 7 - First Heartbreak

A Chapter by Little Sparrow

Chapter 7


While preparing the food together with Nicole and Susan, I was thinking about what will happen in the future if Jenna is going to live with us, it's gonna be a chaos.


Nicole noticed that I was thinking deeply so she asked, "What's bothering you, dear?" I shook my head but Susan insisted, "Come on, don't be shy. Your secret will be confidential to us." My sight started to blur because of tears. I told them the truth, "Seems like Jenna doesn't like me. She didn't even shook hands with me. I'm thinking of what will happen in the future."


Nicole and Susan patted me at the back, "Stop it, dear. It's normal for Jenna to dislike you, you know". I was confused with what they said. Nicole sat beside me, "As you know, Jenna is a childhood friend of Kane, Kale, Mark and mine. We are all friends but Jenna has a secret love for Kane. She always liked him but Kane never knew. Maybe she liked him because Kane's always her protector when she was young. But Kane never had those feelings for her too."


I felt sorry for Jenna. Maybe she tried to tell him but did not succeed because she's afraid that she might lose her friendship with him. Now, she came back for her only love, who apparently has a mate, which is me. I will just understand her.


We called everybody outside to eat. Everybody started eating, and they seem to like it. Kane motioned me to sit at his other side because Mark sat at the left side. When I was going there, Jenna suddenly sat down at my place. I felt hurt, but I, instead, sat beside Susan on the opposite side. While eating, I can feel that Kane is looking at our direction even though Jenna kept on talking to him. I felt a tear ran down my cheek. But before I wiped it off, Kane noticed it and stood up. Susan looked at him, trying to say that she'll be there for me. But I can't stop the tears, so I stood up to put my dishes in to wash them.


I went outside again, but not to the table but to the bonfire, which was for roasting marshmallows. Roasting marshmallows are my favorite but I feel that I'm not in the mood. I kept on trying to forget about what happened, but I can't. I can't understand why.


Susan sat beside me and held my hands. "They are cold," she said, "they needed to be warmed. I know and see in your eyes that you're hurt. Sometimes, you need to understand what is difficult to understand. There are things in this world that you don't know about. So, think, is this what I'm seeing is true? Does Kane mean it? Why am I affected? Why is this happening? You have to learn how to understand a situation that cannot be understood. Make your heart strong as a diamond, because you might need it, especially you're  the Alpha female." We hugged each other. I felt like she's my mom, because she's caring and comfortable to be with.


When Susan left, I sensed that Kane is walking towards me. Then he sat down beside me and put his arm around me. Then, with a low voice, he said, "Caitrin, please forgive me for what I've done to you. I let you on your own on the first day, then I didn't do my job in protecting you from the car, now I hurted your feelings. Sorry for not being a good mate to you."


I saw sincerity in his eyes. "You don't have to say sorry. I understand that she misses you for the months you didn't see each other. So, don't be bothered." I said, "And it's not your fault that I had the accident. So don't blame yourself."


Kane hugged me tight and said, "Truly, you have an understanding heart. I am so proud of you." Then he kissed me on my lips warmly. I broke the kiss and went to roast a marshmallow. I got two marshmallows on the stick and put it near the bonfire. When it's nearly roasted, which is the way I liked, Kane suddenly ate both the marshmallows.


"Hey! I toasted that!" Kane replied, "Yes, thank you for roasting it, just the way I liked it." Then we had the night roasting marshmallows for each other. Then Mark and Nicole sat together and joined us in roasting and having fun. Susan toasted marshmallows  for herself. We really had fun that night, but I noticed that Jenna wasn't there anymore.


"If you're looking for her, I sent her home." Kane said. "That's rude!" I replied. Then he shrugged, "Well, I choose to be with you this night than her." I blushed. Oh. My. Gosh! I am blushing! I tried to cool down for a moment. Then Kane stood and said, "We're calling it for the night." I stopped him, "What will think about us? About you?" Kane grinned, "What? That I can't take my eyes and hands off my lovely mate? Then we went inside.


We took a bath and slept like a human ball. During midnight, I heard Mark and Nicole's, Kale's, and Susan's doors closed, then everything is quiet. I turned around and looked at my mate's handsome face. It was really peaceful, like a baby's. Then I heard a howl of the wolf. I had goosebumps and snuggled closer to Kane. What is that about?


I felt Kane was awaken by the howl. He went up and sat at the edge of the bed. I sat up and asked him, "Are you alright? What's wrong?" Kane shook his head. "Let's just continue discussing this tomorrow." And we lied down again.


Kane went to sleep, but I can't. What is it again this time? Or who? Why are they doing this? I am really scared. I feel bad vibes with that howl. I hope no one get hurt this time. Why is all of these happening? Why does this person want to kill me that day? What did I do? Wait. Are all the persons behind these hurtful events are one?


Kane sensed my scaredness, so he hugged me and said, "Don't worry. I'll protect you and the pack, no matter what." I felt his assurance, so I fell asleep after few minutes.



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