Chapter One ~ How It All Began

Chapter One ~ How It All Began

A Chapter by Allison

A girl wakes up to find herself on a busy sidewalk.


~Her Point of View~
I slowly opened my eyes to find myself sitting on a sidewalk full of people. My hands were getting stepped on, and nobody cared if they were stepping on them. They were either too busy on their phones or listening to music to notice a girl like me getting trampled on by their high-heeled shoes or boots. I stood up slowly rubbing each hand and looking around. I saw nobody look straight at me. Am I invisible? I thought to myself. I started to walk slowly and looked at people to see if they could lead me somewhere, but I just decided to wander about. Where am I? I questioned in my head Why do I not know where I am or where I came from? I was so involved in my thoughts I did not notice I was walking out in the middle of the street with cars starting to move, and...

~His Point of View~
Walking to work is so annoying. Why couldn't my mom drive me? I thought angrily in my head. "Hey, Dylan!" my friend Laylie yelled and waved at me. I showed my hand for a wave and calmly listened to my metal music with one earphone in my ear. I kept hearing "Hi!" and "What's up, dude?" so I obviously had to keep one ear open. I was walking faster once I saw a clock on a building saying it was four-fifty. I stopped at the end of the sidewalk once I saw the red "Don't Walk" sign blink on. I looked in front of me to notice a girl start to walk aimlessly across the street, and a big bus was coming right at her. Without thinking, I rushed out towards her and pulled her back to the sidewalk. Doing that, I tripped on the curb and fell on the ground with her on top of me.

~Her POV~
...I was grabbed, pulled back, and fell on top of something. Surprised by what happened, I stood up quickly and turned to face what I fell on. I looked and saw a boy on the ground with a pained expression. In the crowd behind us I heard people whispering things like "Oh my" and "He just saved her!"

"Are you all right?" I asked, really worried.

He opened his eyes and started rubbing his head. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said, then flinched. By that time, the people went to their destinations and did not care anymore of what happened.

"You are not fine, you are injured," I said sternly.

"No, really, I'm okay. It's just a bump on my head," he said, standing up. Once up, he looked down at me.

"Thank you for saving me. I was confused and did not pay attention to what I was doing," I said shyly.

"Oh, your welcome," he said, rubbing his neck and looking to the side. "Oh, no, I got to go to work!" he said in shock.

"Umm...can I come with?" I asked, "I do not know where I am."

Confused, he thought about it. "Uhh...okay, sure," he said, and so I followed him to his work.

~His POV~
After I heard a voice say, "Are you all right?" I opened my eyes to see the girl looking at me with a worried expression.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Then flinching at the pain, I grabbed hold of my head.

"You are not fine, you are injured," she said a bit harshly.

A bit shocked at her reaction I said, "No, really, I'm okay. It's just a bump on my head." I stood up and looked down at her.

"Thank you for saving me. I was confused and did not pay attention to what I was doing."

"Oh, your welcome," I said rubbing my neck and turning my head to see the clock again, and this time it was five o'clock. "Oh, no, I got to go to work!" I said surprised at the time.

"Umm...can I come with? I do not know where I am," she said quietly.

I was really confused. She doesn't know where she is? I thought. So I answered kindly, "Uhh...okay, sure." So we headed to my work place.

~Her POV~
He is so kind! I thought in my head enthusiastically. I followed behind him slowly and looked at his figure. He was tall and athletic-looking. His hair was medium-length and dark brown. That is about as much as I can explain about him. He walked very slow, and I had to try and not step on the back of his shoes. I walked as slow as I needed to and looked at the ground. After a few more steps, I ran into him. I gave a low yelp and backed off a bit. He turned around and said calmly, "Pay attention. Be lucky you're behind me or you would've walk out in the street again." I nodded and we continued to walk. We soon showed up at a small building with a sign reading, "Carry Cafe."

"Is this your work place?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah, I'm really late, too," he said sighing.

We walked in and a lady came to him and scolded kindly, "Dylan, why are you so late? You've never been late before."

"I'm sorry, Shan, I-uhhh-had to grab someone," he said, turning around and looking at me.

"Ooh, you finally got a girlfriend?" she said, looking at me with a smile.

"N-no! I-uhhh-" he started, but I cut him off saying, "He saved me!"

"Yeah," he said, lowering his head . . . bashfully, I thought.

"Oh, how kind of you, Dylan. Well, because you had to save someone, that is a good excuse to be late! Maybe she can help you serve people," she said with a smile.

"Ummm...what is your name?" I asked, because I forgot to.

"My name is Dylan, and this is Shan. What's your name by the way?"

At this question, I froze solid and thought, What is my name?

"Well, sweetheart, what is it?" Shan asked, looking at me expectantly.

"I-I do not know," I said shyly.

"You don't know your name? Oh my, that's odd," Shan said, thinking. Dylan just stood there bewildered.

"Well, maybe you'll figure it out later, because right now we have to open up the cafe!" Shan said excitedly. "You can help Dylan hand people food," she started. She then explained everything I had to do. After the explanation, Dylan and I got to work.

Shan handed me two trays and put at least two plates on each. She would tell me which table each tray should go. Once I started carrying the trays I thought I was going to drop them and make a mess, but I did well and placed them at their destinations. I got used to the routine and, some of the customers would say "Thank you." I was done handing a few things out, when I noticed a boy come in. I automatically walked over to him to take his order. He looked up at me and had a smirk on his lips. I looked at him confused and asked, "What would you like?" I do not know what happened next, but all I could remember was hearing Dylan yell, "Hey!"

~Dylan's POV~                            

While I was on my break, I was watching her walk to a new customer and asking for his order. Then I all-of-a-sudden saw him pull out his fist and hit her on the head, instantly knocking her out. "Hey!" I yelled at him. He turned and looked at me with a huge smirk on his face, and he then picked her up and ran out of the cafe. I didn't have time to think, so I automatically ran after him. He was quick and hard to keep up with, but I found him through the crowd of people walking. I chased him as fast as I could while thinking, Why did he take her? What's going on? He stopped in an alley, placed her against a wall, turned to face me, and walked toward me slowly.

"So you're the chosen one, hm?" he asked with a calm voice.

"Chosen one? What?" I asked, confused.

He turned back at her and said in a quote-like way, "'He who saves this girl I place, shall be the chosen one I speak of.'"

"You made me save her?" I asked, more confused then ever.

He gave a faint chuckle, "No no, I didn't do that. You saved her, now let's see if you really are the chosen one."

He pulled out a sword, turned around and started walking toward the girl. What?! He's going to kill her?! I thought in panic. He slowly raised his sword and started to swing it toward her. I ran over, quickly picked up a metal pipe, and stopped the sword from hitting the girl.

"Hm, You are the chosen one," he said with amazement. He put his sword back in his sheath.

"I guess I'll be seeing you around."

After he said that, he somehow vanished out of thin air. I watched out of breath and slowly slouched against the wall next to her. I heard a quiet moan from beside me, and looked over to see her rubbing her head in pain.

"Are you all right?" I asked concerned. She looked at me with widened eyes and nodded slowly. I stood up and held my hand out to help her up, "Come on, let's get back to the cafe." She stood up and we headed for the cafe.

~Her POV~
I opened my eyes slowly to see Dylan standing in front of me holding a metal pipe, and the boy from the cafe saying, "I guess I'll be seeing you around." The boy vanished and Dylan breathed heavily and slid down against the wall by me. At the moment, I felt a pain on my head and rubbed the hurting spot. What happened? I thought trying to remember. I then heard Dylan ask me, "Are you all right?" I nodded and he stood up, helped me to my feet, and said, "Come on, let's get back to the cafe." So we started back to the cafe.

© 2013 Allison

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