Chapter Two ~ Mysterious

Chapter Two ~ Mysterious

A Chapter by Allison

The second part.


~Dylan's POV~

We made it back to the cafe, and Shan came running toward us with a worried expression I've never seen before on the usually cheerful face.

"Oh my! I heard the customers say she was taken, but it seems you've saved her again," Shan said, smiling now.

I looked at the girl and saw her with a sad expression. "What's wrong?" I asked her calmly.

She looked up at me, but then turned away and went to sit in a chair. I looked at her wondering what was wrong.

Then suddenly I heard, "Dylan!" I turned around and saw Laylie running into the cafe. "Hey, Dylan, what were you running after?" she asked, bending over out of breath.

"I was-uh-" but I was cut off by Shan.

"He had to go save the girl again!" she said with a smile.

"Save...?" Laylie asked in her usual curious voice.

"He-" Shan started, but was cut off by the phone ringing, so she went to answer it.

"Well...?" Laylie asked, looking at me with her innocent but obviously curious eyes.

"I saved her from getting hit by a bus and being taken by some guy," I said as short as I could make the story.

"Ooh, exciting! So...who's this girl you saved?" she said in, what I think, a jealous tone.

I simply turned to look at the girl sitting in the chair, and at this I actually looked at what she looked like. She had long, bright, white hair; an innocent-looking face; and her outfit was just a shirt, shorts, and socks. She was sleeping now, so I thought, Oh, maybe she wasn't sad after all; she was just tired.

"Oh, so why did a dude take her?" Laylie questioned more.

"I'm not at all sure. I think he just wanted to talk to me about something I have no idea about," I answered.

"Oh, okay. I want to be friends with the girl. What's her name and how old is she anyway. She looks so young." Laylie asked and looked at her curiously.

"Um, I don't know her name or her age yet." I said a bit embarrassed.

"You save a girl twice, and you don't know her name or age?!" Laylie said looking at me confused.

"Well..." was all I said, then I saw her rubbing her eyes and walking over here. "Have a nice nap?" I asked, smiling at her.

"Yes, thank you, and I have figured out my name," she said, smiling brightly.

Shan, hearing this, ran over excitedly, "You know your name, sweetheart? Oh, do tell, please!"

She nodded and said, "My name is Angel, and I am fifteen years old."

"Oh, tell us how you remembered," Shan comanded, over-excited as usual.

"Well, I guess when I was hit on the head, it brought my memory back. Only my name and age though," she said, smiling faintly now.

"Oh, well, now you know, Dylan!" Laylie said, punching my arm playfully. Then Laylie looked at Angel and said gladly, "Nice to meet you, Angel! I'm Laylie, Dylan's best friend!"

Angel looked at her with sleepy, childish eyes, then said smiling, "Nice to meet you, too!"


In an unknown place, there were three people in a conversation together.

"So you've found the chosen one, Albert?" asked a man with a very deep voice and shadowy figure.

"Yes, I have," said Albert, who looked and sounded like a boy in his teens.

"Good. So do you think he will win this battle?" the deep-voiced man asked the other person, who was also a shadowy figure.

"It is said he will, and what is said never lies," the other man said calmly. 

Albert huffed and said, "We'll just have to see about that," and Albert and the deep-voiced man disappeared.

~Angel's POV~

After meeting Laylie, it was time to leave work.

"Where are we going now?" I asked Dylan.

"Um, I don't know. I don't think my mom would let you stay at my house," he said rubbing his neck, which I found to be a sign of embarrassment.

"She can stay at mine!" Laylie said enthusiastically.

"Okay," Dylan said calmly.

"And I can give her some new clothes, too!" Laylie said, skipping.

I looked down at my outfit to find myself wearing a long t-shirt, shorts, and socks. "I guess I do need new clothes," I agreed.

"I think you'll fit in my size," Laylie said standing next to me. "Hm, well, maybe they will be a bit big for you," she said with a small giggle.

We both said "Good-bye" to Dylan and headed for Laylie's house, which was only three blocks away from Dylan's.

"What color do you like?" Laylie asked to start a conversation.

"Um...white. What is yours?" I asked back.

"Ooh, you're hair color! You have pretty hair! And my favorite color is orange!" she said, smiling.

"Thank you. That is a nice color," I said, smiling back.

We made it to her house, and we both stepped inside.

"Mom?" Laylie asked, opening her front door.

"Yes, Laylie?" her mother called from another room.

"May I have a friend spend the night?" Laylie asked calmly.

"Of course! Can you come into the kitchen, please?" her mother asked kindly.

We went to the kitchen, and there were three people in it.

"Oh, what a beautiful girl and dazzling blue eyes, too!" said a woman, who was obviously her mother. I blushed at her compliment and was too embarrassed to say anything.

"Mom, Dad, Pete, this is my new friend Angel!" Laylie introduced me.

"Hi," was all I managed to say, because I was too tired.

"Angel, this is my mom, dad, and my annoying older brother Pete," she said, glaring at Pete, and he glared back.

"Oh, she looks so tired. You two go to bed you're both up pretty late," her mother commanded kindly. So we headed to her room, where we slept for the night.

© 2013 Allison

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