Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Anthony

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A boy walks along a darkened road. Each house faintly lit. All of them facing a cornfield. All of them gloomy on this night. The moon is near full and it's pale light illuminates this gloomy place. The road seems longer as his heart sped up. He was about to reach the park when he heard a faint growl. He turned to where the sound had come from. Moonlight lit all of his features. His brown eyes. Shaggy brown hair. Baggy clothes. But most of all, the scared curiosity in his eyes. He looked into the eyes of an unknown creature. It stared back with its hungry gaze, when there was another growl from behind the boy. The hungry gaze glanced behind the boy and growled with what seemed like laughter.

The boy took off running. Flora rustled behind him as he heard another growl. He heard a faint thump, then a pained howl. He slightly glanced back as he rounded a corner. What he saw made him stop running. He saw what seemed to be a human wrestling with... He blinked. It couldn't be. There's no way it could be. They're only myth! ....But it was. It was a werewolf. The boy took off again. A loud snapping sound resounded behind him. Something was chasing him. Just as he reached the next turn he was hit by what seemed like a train. He was knocked into the grass growing beside the road. He opened his eyes to see the werewolf standing over him. He raised his arms defensively as the creature bent down. The creature held his arms to his stomach. The boy kicked with all he had in him. The werewolf was knocked back, but only slightly. The werewolf pinned him and bent down. Just as it had begun to bite the boys shoulder it was ripped off and tossed aside. The boy took no time as he got up and ran, blood streaming from the wound. His clothes had become tattered and bloody. He glanced back as he rounded the final corner and saw the two creatures wrestling. Just as he opened his door to go inside he heard a sickening snap. He closed and locked the doors and windows. He ran upstairs and grabbed his Katana just as he noticed... he wasn't alone.

He could feel a slight breeze. He looked over at his window, only to see it was open. The screen had been removed... He slowly looked around his room... nothing. He looked on his bed... and saw a silhouette facing him. His hands trembling, he reached for his Katana's handle.

"I wouldn't try it." The silhouette spoke calmly, yet firmly.

The boy seemed curious, but was terrified to speak.

"I think you know what I am, and if not, I'm going to tell you..." The silhouette spoke in the same calm tone.

"My name is Rachelle." She spoke softly. "Now I must decide what to do with you. For even though the sun won't kill me, I must not be caught with you." The boy just sat there, still trying to figure out what he should do. She looked at him curiously as dawn approached them.

Have you decided on what you’ve been thinking?” She spoke playfully.

For I’ve been with you for most of the night, and haven’t been able to satisfy the thirst. You know of me now. I will return to see you again…” As she spoke the last words, she left.

The boy still sat there wondering what he should do. When she left he jumped up and looked around. He checked everywhere, to make sure she was gone. Once he was sure she was, he sunk back into his chair. He sighed and began to contemplate what he was going to do when she returned. He was sure he was going to be turned, but he was deciding whether or not he should fight it. He could try to run, but where would he run? And how long until she found him? He wasn’t afraid of her. He was just afraid of what he’d become.

For the rest of the day he thought of her. He cleaned and dressed his wounds. He bathed and groomed himself. He sharpened and cleaned his Katana. Then, he waited until nightfall.

As night approached he grew tenser and more nervous. He didn’t so much mind what he would become. He worried about if and how his mind would change. Would he completely lose his humanity? Or if not, what would he lose?

Stop thinking of these things, you’ll be fine.” He thought to himself. “She seems nice enough, maybe she’ll help.”

I don’t think she’d change us, then just leave us.”

© 2010 Anthony


Hmmm. Who IS this intriguing woman?
I love this book!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

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