Crimson - Scene 14

Crimson - Scene 14

A Chapter by ApKWrites

“Life’s full of surprises " one minute it can shine bright and the next…..death! It can come and go just like a feather in the wind and when it does go, it’s too late to get it back. It leaves an empty, black hole behind that consumes everything and anything….and it hurts!

It was that fateful, accursed Sunday afternoon we all realised that life can be really short. That was when we realised that being different can hurt in more ways than one and that was the day that none of us is ever going to forget, no matter how hard we try….or at least those of us who are still here, left behind to suffer the loss and pretend that we are strong enough to move on.

I’m sure every single on of us can still feel the pain, taste the metallic crimson blood in our mouths. Every night when I go to bed, I hear the screams and the I feel the burning, sharp pain of a kick in my stomach, I close my eyes and every night I still see the horror in everyone’s face, my heart jumps and I wake up screaming, sweating….crying…

I look around, wishing it was all just a dream and everyone’s still alive and I sit up only to realise that it was all too real and I sit there, alone, crying. I close my eyes, trying to go back to sleep and all I can see is death and everything is covered in… Crimson!"



           Liverpool Street Station - Central London

Josh is sitting silent in the van, next to one of Flint’s agents, eyes closed " concentrating on his targets, his face serious and tensed….something is wrong.

His cheeks blush and eventually turn rose red, tiny droplets of sweat form on his shaved head, he bites his lips and tightens his fists struggling to keep his concentration.

His eyes forcefully open wide!

“Get my dad on the phone” he screams at the agent “I’ve lost them, they walked out of my range!”


A few streets away, Charlie and Nick walk as fast as they can, still holding hands, avoiding looking behind them. The idea of someone following them, creeps them out but the sensation of being followed is very present but they keep walking, trying to look normal until…

“Charlie…” Nick whispers

Charlie turns her head reluctantly and gives him a scared enigmatic glance as if asking what’s wrong again

“Charlie” he repeats “I think someone’s following us” his face still pale filled with horror while he confirms her fears.

She turns her head again, only this time she attempts to get a glimpse of what is going on behind them. She squeezes Nick’s hand really hard and then lets it go.

“RUN!” she whispers back and they both run as fast as humanly possible, none of them looking back, both of them pale as ghosts, hearts thumping and legs shaking…


Not far behind them, Flint and three of his agents follow in fast pace, planning their next move carefully but unaware that they are being followed by a curious Tee and Richard.

“They seem to be following those guys” Richard points out while they try to keep up with Flint’s team, but Tee doesn’t seem to be paying attention to him “Hey, are you ok?” he asks, tapping her on the shoulder while they run. He takes advantage of  every chance he has to make contact with another person and deep inside, even though he’s a little bit scared, he enjoys being able to touch someone else.

Tee slows down, allowing him to catch up without taking her eyes off the men in front of them.

“Yeah…” she pauses to take a deep breath “It’s just.. I …I recognise the uniforms but I can’t remember where from”

The men infront of them suddenly stop running, forcing Tee and Richard to halt, backtrack and hide behind a big green bin with a stack of boxes on top.

“S**t!” Tee exhales “I think this is a dead end. Those guys are trapped”


Few meters further, Charlie and Nick petrified are standing with their backs on a wall and their hands up, looking at Flint and his agents.

“Relax” Flint shouts making a couple of steps forward “We only want to ask you a few questions. If you only come with us quietly…”

“Who are you?” Charlie asks with trembling voice.

“I’m Agent August Flint. We are with the police..”

Nick’s thoughts suddenly clear up and the first thing he registers is two powers nearby and a third further away…the neutraliser!

“Charlie” he gently kicks her on the leg “My power’s back” he whispers and a sense of relief shows on his pale face.

Charlie slowly puts her hands down and steps forward, making the agents pull their guns out and aim. She looks at them in the eyes and smiles.

“Put your guns down” she orders and they all drop them on the ground but before she notices, Flint pulls his Taser-gun out and shoots at her, sending hundreds of volts through her body and she falls on the ground in shock.

Behind the big green bin with the stacks of carton boxes, Tee and Richard watch as the agents push Nick on the wall, secure his hands and one of them walks him away passing next to them. They watch hidden behind the bin, scared and unable to help him.

“We need to go, now!” Richard says, tapping Tee on the shoulder, only this time his power kicks in with a sudden punch, causing him to black out and fall back, pushing the bin and making the boxes fall over him and leaving Tee exposed to the agents.

“Don’t shoot!” she shouts and walks out from behind the bin, kicking the boxes to cover the unconscious Richard completely. She holds her hands up but before the agents have the chance to grab their guns, her hands turn bright and electricity currents run through her veins. She feels every little current of electricity raging in her body, unable to control it for the first time in years.

Flint pulls his Taser-gun and shoots in vain as her natural immunity to any kind of electric current renders it useless, burning Flint’s hand while he screams in pain.

 Tee stops as images of her childhood come back to her rushing… Her mom in pain… fear… a bright light… and death!

The agents seize the opportunity to grab their guns and one of them aims and shoots before they are all hit with a massive current of thousands of volts of electricity.

Tee falls on the ground covered in deep crimson blood… and everything turns black!

© 2016 ApKWrites

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Not sure why you have the introduction part here, or who's narrating, but I assume that will become clearer in the future.

Loved the fight scene and the fact that it didn't go as anyone had planned or suspected.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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