The Legends of Kayshall  Chapter-6  (Blood and Chaos)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-6 (Blood and Chaos)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes

Only those few that have achieved greatness will ever truly know the meaning of defeat. Quote: King Raylanty Larson



Only those few that have achieved greatness will ever truly know the meaning of defeat.

Quote: King Raylanty Larson

                                                                  Blood and Chaos

                                               (Towards evening on the Day of the battle)

  The sun was just starting to set over the Coldsper Mountains when Lord Jedack's army’s lines started to break; and flee to the East. Dimez was any unit of Derracky's first Calvary that was pursuing part of what was left of Lord Jedack's Reken’s as a fled to the East. Then suddenly the Reken troops stopped running; turned and attacked Dimez and the other men. The creatures fought with the rage that was unmatched by the earlier fighting they were soon proving to be more than a match for the small group of Rovers. Yet just as the last rays of sunlight disappeared behind the Coldsper Mountains, the Reken suddenly started breaking off their attack and vanishing into the darkness. Dimez pulled up on the reins of the horse and turned to start back to Valley Point. Suddenly he heard a loud cracking sound just as a tremendous amount of pain shot through his chest and he was yanked from his for sending him spinning through the air. He crashes the ground hard enough that he felt the wind rush from his chest in one swift breath. Gasping for air and fighting to gain his feet Dimez drew his sword as he looked around to see where the attack came from. Then he saw him through blurred vision, the great white Reken known as Xacrrad the Task Master.


Xacrrad moved quickly towards Dimez as he swung his cat of nine tails, rapping it around his legs and jerking his feet from under him. Xacrrad swung a massive great sword at him, Dimez rolled to one side just as the huge blade crashed into the ground next to him. Grabbing a hand full of dirt, Dimez flings it into Xacrrad’s face causing him to stumble backwards. Dimez jumps to his feet and charges at Xacrrad and stabbing him in the abdomen. Xacrrad screamed out in pain as he knocked Dimez to one side and cutting him across the chest, then it pulled the sword from its abdomen and through it aside. Dimez rolled to one side grabbing a broken lance as Xacrrad great sword slammed into the ground next to him. Dimez jumped to his feet, spinning around and thrusting the lance forward sticking it through Xacrrad’s neck. Xacrrad tried to scream but only a faint gurgle and a spewing of blood as he dropped to his knees and then fell over on his face dead. Dimez stumbled over to Xacrrad’s body and picked up his sword and whip and then started to walk back to Valley Point when suddenly a wave of exhaustion past over him and he collapsed.  

  A short time later Shamonah walked into the area holding a small torch above her head so she could see. First she spotted the body of Xacrrad with the lance sticking through his throat and with a slight smirk she continued looking around, then she saw the young Rover laying on the ground bleeding. With the wave of her hand a glowing white disc appeared floating above the ground next to Dimez; she rolled him over and moved him on to it and brought him back to her camp. She cast several more spells that closed his wounds and then she woke him up.

  “Wake up youngling, wake up,” Shamonah said as she shook Dimez to wake him.

  “Please let me sleep,” Dimez finely said.

  “In a moment but first I need you to take this,” Shamonah said as she shoved a small silver spoon filled with honey in Dimez’s mouth.

  “Was that Honey,” Dimez ask as he came near to passing out.

  “Yes it was. Now what is your name youngling, what is your name,” Shamonah ask as she watched Dimez drift towards unconsciousness.

  “Dimez,” Was all he said before he drifted into a deep sleep.

  “You sleep Dimez your safe for now,” Shamonah said as she tended to the fire. 


                                                          (The Port City of Rican)

  Eldrick was standing around to the side of the boarding house that he lived in, taking delivery of the wagon with the Drydet Crystal that Lord Jedack had sent to him. The wagon master nervously handed Eldrick the papers for it and left. Sir Bolandurus walked up with the silver skeleton not far behind.


“So this is a Drydet Crystal,” Sir Bolandurus said as he watched Eldrick remove the tarp that covered it. It was a large red crystal that was around twelve feet tall and three feet across at its widest point and six inches at its narrowest point. The crystal had white and green streaks that ran through out it.

  “Yes isn’t it beautiful. With this I can raise an entire undead army and I can do it in just days. But they will require control orbs or ells they will just wonder aimlessly. I must get to work on them immediately,” Eldrick said with a wild look of excitement in his eyes. 


  “I just came to tell you that Lord Jedack has started the attack on the City of Valley Point. So far it seems to be going well. But I don’t think King Raylanty has arrived there yet,” Sir Bolandurus said as he looked at the Drydet Crystal.

  “Well we both know that if Raylanty arrives at the city Jedack will be in over his head with Raylanty’s Rovers. He should have waited for the reinforcements from Kiber pass. If he loses his army the council will probably see fit to put an end to him. Oh well at least he got the Drydet Crystal that much he did right,” Eldrick said as he climbed down from the wagon. 

  “I received a report that the roads to the south are having problems with bandits. I want you to take your silver friend there and go take care of it,” Eldrick said as he started heading into the boarding house. 

  “I think I’ll take a few men with me as well,” Sir Bolandurus said as he watched Eldrick just wave him off as he walked around the corner of the boarding house.  


                                                      (On the Trent Costal Road)

   It was late at night about half way between the City of Krerry and the City of Rettes when Croesus was awakened by the sounds of movement around his camp. Grabbing his sword he readied himself for an attack, when he saw seven Orc’s enter his camp with their weapons at the ready. They just stood there and then another much bigger one walked into the camp and spoke.

  “We want no fight with you. We are just passing so let us pass and there will be no fight. Do you agree?” The huge Orc said as he stood there starring at Croesus.

  “Yes I have no fight with you,” Croesus said as he sat back down and laid his sword next to him and tended his fire. 

  “Good I will go now but my warriors will stay till we have passed and then we will be gone,” The huge Orc said as he turned to leave.

  “Wait what is your name,” Croesus asks.

  “I am Jacqualcred Leader of the Northern tribes,” The Orc said as he disappeared into the darkness. 

  The Orc’s passed by for hours and the guards stood watch over Croesus. At times Croesus could see Orc’s moving past the camp, what he thought at first was an army appeared to instead to be refugees. They were women and children with only a few warriors to help protect them as they moved. Just a few hours before dawn the Orc’s left his camp and disappeared into the darkness, Croesus lay down and tried to get some sleep and wondered where they could be heading and why they were moving around in this fashion.  

                                                      (On the Walls of Valley Point)                

  There were only around thirteen thousand Rovers left and that was counting the wounded; there were only about seven thousand that could still man the walls. Kallander wondered how they would ever hold the city if it were attacked again. Sep and Kallander met each other up on the wall and spent most of the night talking about different things. They finely tried to get some sleep if you could call it that, Kallander’s dreams were haunted with visions of the things he had seen and done in the battle. The next morning came far too early.

   “Sep tell me something, what happened to you out there yesterday?” Kallander asks in a low voice as he ran a sharpening stone along Relderran’s blade.


   “You do realize that sword doesn’t need to be sharpened. What do you mean by what happened yesterday?” Sep replied with a confused look on his face as he pulled out his flask. 

   “It may not need it but it relaxes me, dose that thing ever run dry? Everybody here knows how to use a sword and how to kill. But your skill goes beyond any I’ve ever seen before as for the killing; what I saw out there was you wanting to kill anything and everything in sight. It wasn’t to defeat an enemy or to defend the city and it wasn’t even hatred. You just wanted to kill, nothing else just kill. I could see it in your eyes when we were out there it was pure joy; that’s what I saw in your eyes,” Kallander said as he looked over at Sep with a concerned look on his face. 

  “No it doesn’t,” Sep said as he held the flask up and took a drink.  “Learning the sword always came easy to me; with my Father and Pa-pa both being master sword instructors. They also fought alongside King Raylanty and Queen Nattalass in the first war of Faith. As I grew my father taught me how to fight with every kind of medium and small weapon he could think of. They even sent me to West Dark Wood to the fighting school there where I learned even more. As far as the killing go if I remember right that all started when there was that trouble with the Orc’s up at the Cluster Ridge. Teano and I heard about the trouble up at the Cluster and went up to help them fight the Orc’s. The outfit we were with picked up the trail about three days out. We trailed the Orc’s for five days and slowly we started gaining on them. Then we came to a small, well what was left of a small village that had been hit just hours before by the Orc’s. The Orc’s killed every one in the village; they had staked out every man; woman and chilled and then they disemboweled them. We buried what was left of the bodies and then we started chasing them; we chased them for six more days. Then it finely happened; we caught up with the Orc’s. The battle lasted all that day and half way through the night and it was every bit as furious of a fight as what we fought here. As I fought the hatred for what they had done to the village started to grow and then it started to turn into a joyous hunger; the more of them I killed the more the hunger grew. By the time the battle was over; there were twenty-two of the group dead and around seventy Orc’s dead. From what my father told me; the rage is called Blood Lust and it is common with a lot of the old war dogs,” Sep said, as he got ready to get some sleep.


 “Well Sep I just hope I’m never the target of this Blood Lust of yours. I don’t think it would be the path to long life,” Kallander said with a grinning as he settled down for the night. 

  The next morning Kallander and Sep woke stiff and sore. “I think we should walk around the city and see what the walls are like around the rest of this place,” Kallander said as he stood up and stretched. 

  “Well now would be the time to do it. Most of the city and the troops are still asleep. You do realize that for the most part all you’re going to see is more of the same red Granit walls and towers that we have already seen?” Sep said as he tied off his sword belt. 

  “That’s what I’m hoping for Sep. Because if we haft to fight another battle here; it's going to have to be from behind the wall. Our last fight was far too reckless and costly. It may have won the day where otherwise we would have lost, but it cost us dearly,” Kallander said as he started down the stairs. After walking for about an hour they arrived at the west gate where a crowd of people had gathered.  Kallander and Sep watched as the city guard ushered a man carrying a large wooden cross on his back along. The long end of the cross drug along behind him, cutting a deep grove in the dirt as the guard cracked a whip to keep him moving.

  “What are they doing?” Kallander ask Sep as he watched the man walk past on his way towards a small hill.

  “They’re going to crucify him. It’s a horrid way to die. Sometimes it can take days,” Sep said as he turned his head away. 

  “What do you think he did?” Kallander ask glancing over at Sep.

  “Well they normally only crucify, rapists and murderers but I’ll ask,” Sep said as he walked over to a man watching the prisoner. 

  “Can you tell me what he did?” Sep ask the man.

  “He murdered a women and her child. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  They were only prisoners of war. Even if they were in the work for freedom program, they were still enemies of the King. So who cares if there kil-,” before the man could finish his sentence Sep punched him in the mouth.

  “Ouch…  why did you hit me?” The man yelled as he wiped blood from his mouth. 

  “You need to rethink your outlook on life and remember that all life, even that of an enemy is précis. So you should never be glad for the loss of it,” Sep said in a cold flat tone as his eyes flashed with anger. Just then one of Lord Colantray’s guards ran up out of breath with a worried look on his face.

  “Sir Kallander, Lord Colantray wants you and Captain Kipper to report to him at southeast wall tower as soon as possible,” The man said as he sat down on a large stone, out of breath. 

  “What’s the matter?” Kallander ask.


  “All I know is there’s a big dust cloud to the south and its moving towards the city,” The man said as he sat there breathing hard. With a quick look at one another Sep and Kallander ran in threw the west gate and started making their way to the southeast tower.  

  A short time later they arrived only to have their worst fears confirmed as they saw a dust cloud off to the south. Lord Colantray sent out some scouts to see who it was, but they never returned. The order was given to stand fast and wait. The men watched nervously as the dust cloud grew closer and closer. From the looks of the cloud they seemed to be charging strait in for the gate; which made no sense. In the late afternoon the dust cloud started to take the shape. It looked to be around twenty thousand Calvary men. As the sun started to go down every man that could walk had been ordered to the south part of the city wall. They waited for an attack to come; two hours went by and then they could see them in the moonlight. The approaching army stopped about two hundred yards out as a small group approached the south gate. Lord Colantray waited for their demand of surrender not quite knowing how he would respond.


   “I’m Colonel Rogesty Morland and I represent Lord Percie the Blood Bain; we have come to join this fortress or conquer it, depending on who holds it. So in the name of Lord Percie the Blood Bain I demand to know what army holds this fortress?” Colonel Rogesty said in a demanding voice as he shifted in his saddle.


  “Isn’t he just a little cocky for someone that has twenty archers staring down at him?” Kallander asks as he glanced over at Lord Colantray. 

   “Well when you consider who he is I would say he has the right to be as cocky as he wants,” Lord Colantray said as he glanced over at Kallander and then back to the riders below. 

   “My name is Lord Colantray Cearrant of the Larson Clans of the Sword and Ribbon shield emblem; and we stand firm,” Lord Colantray said in a commanding voice. The men below looked at one another and then one of them said. 

   “Then we join the fortress!” The Colonel said and then they turned their horses back towards their army, a short time later the army arrived at the gate. Lord Colantray saw Lord Percie at the head of the army and ordered the gate to be opened. Kallander followed Lord Colantray down to the ground level where they waited for Lord Percie. A few minutes later Lord Percie the Blood Bain rode through the gate. He was a tall man with short brown hair and a mustache and goatee; his black trimmed gold armor only added to his already commanding presence. Lord Colantray smiled and walked out into the road to meet him. The two men saluted each other and then Lord Percie dismounted his black stallion. The two men gave each other a huge and walked off of the road as the rest of the army continued to move on into the fortress.


  “It’s so good to see you Percie; I must say I wasn’t expecting to see you. Tell me my old friend; how many Scarlet’s have you brought for me?” Lord Colantray asks with a concerned look on his face. 

   “Well Colantray there’s about two thousand True’s and the rest are humans,” Lord Percie said as he walked over to a watering trough and wet down a rag from his pocket and washed the dust from his face. 

   “Do all of them have the same healing powers as what you do?” Lord Colantray asks as he went down his own cloth and wiped off his face.


   “Well some of them have greater powers than I; and some are not as good but they all have the ability to one degree or another,” Lord Percie replied as he washed off his hands in the trough. 

   “Good because we have about ten thousand wounded left and about half of them will be mortal if they don’t get healing from you and your men and soon,” Lord Colantray said as he saw Kallander walking up. 

   “Ok then I’ll have my men take care of the worst cases first and then they’ll take care of the rest of them,” Lord Percie said as he turned and walked over to one of his officers. Lord Colantray told Kallander to take Lord Percie’s officer to where the wounded were. When Kallander got there he found Derracky there checking on some of his men. 

   “Derracky it’s good to see you and you not be laying in one of these beds.” Kallander said as he gripped Derracky’s hand.

  “It came close out there, more than once,” Derracky said as he let a grim smile slip onto his face.  

   “Say have you seen anything of Dimez I haven’t been able to find him,” Kallander asks with a worried look on his face. 

   “No I haven’t seen him sense the charge,” Derracky said with a slight pause. 

   “You do realize that he could be among the wounded or worst yet among the dead. I know that’s not something that we want to think about but it’s the truth,” Derracky said with a look of fear on his face and just then one started coming over Kallander’s face as well.

© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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You should 0f ended it with a small insert of shamona dimez idk just my opinion but it was a great after battle follow up chapter specialy the end were reinforments showed up right as fears started getting high about another attack great job

Posted 12 Years Ago

One of your best chapters yet. :) I like this Christmas present!!!! :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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