The Legends of Kayshall  Chapter-7  (The Ash of Battle)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-7 (The Ash of Battle)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes

The thickness of the Knights armor doesn't count when a magic missile comes to bear. Quote: Shamonah BloodRaven





The thickness of the Knights armor doesn't count when a magic missile comes to bear.

Quote: Shamonah BloodRaven

                        The Ash of Battle

                                              (In the Hills outside of the City of Valley Point)

    When Dimez awoke he could swear that he had a Banshee screaming in his ears that was making his head heart so bad. He had no idea how long he had been out but it was still dark out; he looked around and could see what appeared to be a huge bond fire burning in front of him, the light from it made his head heart worse, but his vision was too blurry to be able to see clearly. After a few minutes it started to clear and he could see someone moving around the fire. After a few more minutes past his vision cleared and he could see a young female doing some sort of dance around the fire.

  Then the young women stopped doing the dance and turned to him. It wasn’t until then that he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any clothing and she was an elf, she seemed to have a slight yellow glow around her. She walked over to him and knelt down on both knees and handed him a cup of water. She was a beautiful youngling with jet-black hair.

  “My name is Shamonah and your safe so just lean back and rest. Don’t you get thoughts holes to leaking again,” Shamonah said as she sat the wooden cup down and then went back to doing her dance. Dimez started to say something but he didn’t know what to say. As he lay there he could swear he could hear a faint melody that seemed to float through the genteel breeze that was blowing across the planes. He lay there watching Shamonah weave and sway back and forth to the music around the fire until he drifted off to sleep again.

  When Dimez woke just after sunup the next morning; he noticed that his wounds were healed and his sword and Xacrrad’s whip was lying within easy reach. About this time Dimez heard horses walking up behind him. He grabbed his sword and scrambled to get into a crouched position.

   “Don’t worry youngling it’s just me,” A soft voice said to him as he looked to see Shamonah standing there with two horses. She just smiled as he stood up and started to look for his shirt and armor.

  “Your chain mail and shirt were shredded so I found some replacements for you. Here is a good shirt and some plate armor, I hope it fits. It’s the best I could do given what I had to work with,” Shamonah said as she handed them to him. The shirt was just a plain leather shirt but the plate armor was bright silver with gold inlays of two dragons fighting. Dimez noticed that the armor was light as a feather when it should have been as heavy as lead. Dimez just smiled as he noticed these things.

   “These will be more than good enough and thank you Shamonah,” Dimez said as he noticed what she was wearing. It was a sleeveless leather half shirt that came down just below the breasts and a long loincloth that draped down almost to her ankles that was held in place by a black leather belt. As well as a pair of black high toped boots that came up almost to the knee that laced up the outside; that had some sort of beads hanging down from there tops. Her long silky black hair hung down around her delicate face with her bright blue eyes shining out from behind it. Then she handed him the rains to one of the horses and turned and started to walk away. They led the horses down to a small stream for water. Dimez felt stiff and bruised from head to toe but his wounds seemed to be healed. Dimez wasn’t quite sure what to think of her. Could she be one of the Legendary Pedrick Witches? Dimez thought to himself as he watched her kneel down by the small stream and wash the blood off her hands.

   “Shamonah tell me something; just who are you?” Dimez asks as he walked down to the stream.

  “You truly are a new one aren’t you? I’m known as Shamonah the Demon Witch of the Pedrick Witches. But you can call me friend so put the sword away. If I would have wanted to kill you; well you wouldn’t be here,” She said as she washed her arm off without ever looking back. Dimez looked down at the sword he was holding and put it away, kneeling down he started washing the dirt and blood off of himself.  

   “You’re pretty trusting, aren’t you?” Dimez asks as he stood looking over at Shamonah. Suddenly a sparkling smile came across her face.

    “I know the Colowe Elves and they don’t betray easily; so I wasn’t real worried about you and your sword. So why don’t we get mounted so we can move out,” Shamonah said as she glanced over at him as she walked to her horse. When Dimez was finished he mounted his horse and they started ridding up the valley. They road all that day and most of the night and then suddenly Dimez looked over at her.  

 “Tell me something Shamonah how were you able to heal my wounds in the zone; scene its magic free?” Dimez asks as he pulled up on his horse’s rains stopping and just looked at her. At that Shamonah rained up her horse and turned to face him with a smile.

   “Well maybe the dead zone isn’t as dead as you think youngling. But be that as it may I’m a Pedrick Witch and that has its advantages,” Shamonah said as she started her horse moving again.

   “Can you tell me about them?” Dimez ask as he kicked his horse and road up beside her.

   “One thing is that when I cast a spell, I draw the power from within myself and not from my surroundings like most mages. This creates a tremendous physical drain on us and that is one of the reasons why the Pedrick Witches have such a hard time casting the greater power spells. But can create spells that mimic other spells and make them much more powerful. This was how I was able to heal you so quickly and in the dead zone,” Shamonah said to him with a smile as they road down the valley. Dimez thought about what she said for a moment as a confused look came over his face for he knew the answer must be there somewhere. They traveled all that day until late in the night where they made camp in the valley and bedded down for the night. They traveled all the next day until late in the night, the next morning they left the valley and started riding southwest at a slow pace.

   “Well Dimez as long as we don’t run in to any of thaws unfriendly friends of yours; we should arrive at Mr. Siyling’s fortress by midafternoon,” Shamonah said as they were riding across the planes. They could see large black pillars of smoke rising to the west but Shamonah kept moving to the southwest.

   “Why are we moving so slowly and why do we keep moving to the south west when the city is to the west? And tell me one other thing; who is Mr. Siyling?” Dimez asks as he watched Shamonah for a response.

   “Well Dimez were moving to the southwest so we can come up from the south. The reason I’m moving so slowly is because I don’t know for sure who holds the fortress so I think a little caution on our part is called for. You remember what happened the last time you didn’t use caution; I believe you ended up meeting me. As for whom Mr. Siyling is; you have most likely herd him referred to as Lord Martex,” Shamonah said as they road on across the plans; by early afternoon the City of Valley Point was coming into sight. The two of them came to a stop and Shamonah pulled out a spyglass and started looking out across the planes and then she shifted her view towards the city.

   “Well I don’t see any kind of army on the field. No, wait there are banners on the field but I can’t quite see who they belong to. Tell me Dimez what kind of banner did you march under?” Shamonah asks as she stared through the spyglass.

   “Well it’s an oblong triangle that is gold trimmed with a green interior that has a gold hilted sword with a scarlet blade,” Dimez said as Shamonah scanned the field until she could finely see one of the banners clear enough to make out what Dimez had described.

   “Ah the Colowe Rovers; I do believe that those are your troops on the field,” Shamonah said with a smile as some of her silky black hair flapped around her face they started riding towards the city, arriving from the south but for some reason she went around to the east gate to enter the city. Dimez noticed that for the first time Shamonah seemed a little nerves. Dimez wasn’t quite sure why but it seemed to be getting worse as they entered the city.

   “Dimez …is that you? Praise God it is you, we were starting to think you were dead,” Dimez heard a familiar  voice say as he turned in the saddle; to see his old friend Sep running up to him with excitement on his face.

   “Praise God is right. If the Reken’s would have had their way, I’d be dead right now. But we can’t forget to show a little praise for this youngling here. If there was ever a god send then she’s it, she found me and saved my life. Otherwise I would have died out there,” Dimez said as he waved his hand towards the young Elf ling that was riding over to a watering trough. Sep stopped and took a long look at her as he took in all of her loveliness. After a moment Sep walked over to her and took her hand and kissed it.

   “My lady I wish to thank you with all my heart for saving my friend,” Sep said as he looked into Shamonah’s crystal blue eyes. Shamonah just smiled and nodded to him.

   “Sep I need to talk to Sir Derracky and I need to do it as soon as possible. Do you by chance know where he is?” Dimez asked as he looked around the fortress.

   “Well the last time I saw him; he was with Sir Kallander and Lord Colantray at the command tent,” Sep replied as he pointed off in the direction of the command center. Dimez looked over at Shamonah and motioned for her to follow him.

  As they moved through the city he noticed that there were huge shoots of bellowing black smoke coming from several chimneys in the city. The smell coming from the smoke was unlike any Dimez had ever smelled before. The smell almost made him want to vomit. Shamonah reached over and touched him on the shoulder, speaking a strange word and suddenly his stomach calmed down. Dimez looked over at her and started to say something but she shook her head.

  “Don’t ask,” Shamonah said as they road throw the city. Dimez scrunched his face and wondered what that terrible smell could be. Shamonah looked up at the smoke stacks and then over at Dimez.

   “It smells like the death toll was high,” Shamonah said as she looked around the city.  

   “Yes the death toll was high; very high but what do you mean by smells?” Dimez ask with a bewildered look.

   “Well my young friend that’s what that smell is; there running the crematoriums to get rid of the body’s. Otherwise the city would be overrun with disease in just a few days. You’ve never smelled burning bodies before have you?” Shamonah ask as she glanced over at him already knowing the answer. Dimez shook his head, within a few minutes they arrived at the command tent.

   It was a plain gray tent that was only about twelve feet square, the only thing that made it stand out as the command tent at all was Lord Colantray’s royal banner staked out in front of it. Dimez wondered how a tent so small could ever serve as the command tent. When Dimez entered the tent he was astonished at what he saw. The room was about twenty feet long and around fifteen feet wide. There was a desk to the right of him and a large table in the center of the room that was covered with maps and charts. To the left of him there were some chairs and a small table that had several pitchers on it and at the back of the room there appeared to be a door. Lord Colantray and Lord Percy were standing next to the large table arguing about what they thought the strengths of the Arch-Mages armies were.  Shamonah walked up to the tent flap and stood there and listened.

   “Percy they can’t cast spells in the zone so they won’t bring their undead army against us here; so that leaves out Eldrick at least,” Lord Colantray was saying in a strong voice as he glanced over at the door to see Dimez and with a slight smile he pointed him to a chair; about this time Derracky walked in from another room along with Kallander. They sat down and talked quietly as they waited for the Lords to finish.

   “Well Colantray I see you’re in over your head again as usual,” A soft voice said from just behind the tent flap. All of the men turned and looked at the tent door where Shamonah was standing. With a smile Shamonah held out her hand to Lord Colantray. As she walked in, she caught sight of Kallander which caused her to stop and stared for a moment.  

    “Well if it isn’t the Witch; you do show up in the damnedest places. Ok Shamonah what are you doing here,” Lord Colantray said with a slight hint of amusement in his voice, as he took her hand with a smile and led her into the tent. Lord Percy however stiffened and grabbed the hilt of his sword when he saw her.

   “Percy relax I’m not here to steal your horse; this time. Which reminds me Rubies right outside,” Shamonah said as she looked over at him with a big grin.

   “That’s Lord Percy to you and to hell with that horse. The last time I saw you; you tried to kill a friend of mine,” Lord Percy said with a large degree of anger in his voice.

   “Funny but I don’t remember seeing you there Lord Percy. As for your Lord Martex he’s a no good son of a b***h and I would know; with him being my ex-husband. He insulted me and he suffered the consequences. Anyway I don’t see what you’re so mad about; he lived didn’t he and that’s more than what anyone else would have. I’m willing to wager that he’ll never make the mistake of insulting me like that again,” Shamonah said as she gave Lord Percy an ice cold stair.

  “Calm down both of you. Percy she carries a rank beyond most for a reason; so I would think she’s here to help,” Lord Colantray said looking back and forth between them. “And Shamonah what do you mean I’m in over my head?” Lord Colantray said as he brought his gaze to settle on Shamonah.

    “Well I’m not so sure the dead zone is as dead as we all thought,” Shamonah said as she made her way over to a small table and pored herself a mug of ail.

   “What do you mean by that?” Lord Percy asks as he gave her his full attention.

   “I found this out when I was escorting a man through the zone about two years ago,” She said as she leaned back against the table and recalled the incident. “We were attacked by a band of Black Reken’s and during the battle I saw this man’s leather armor deflect a blow; that should have cleaved off his arm. The only reason I knew for sure the armor was magical was because it put off a blue glow after it had been struck. The man told me later that the armor had the maximum amount of enchantment that type of armor could have on it. The point being that the magic of the armor shouldn’t have worked at all in the dead zone. So I don‘t think the dead zone is dead anymore,” Shamonah said as she looked up at the two Lords. 

  “If I understand you right then Eldrick could be a real threat after all,” Lord Percy said as he ran his hand across his mouth in a vain attempt to hide the worried look that was coming over his face.

  “Yes he could be, but only if he can get across the Pedrick Mountains with his Legion’s. Does anyone know how many Legions he has now?” said Shamonah as she stared into her mug of ail and waited for the dreaded answer.     

   “Well at last count Eldrick had Two Undead Legions’,” Lord Colantray said as he walked over to the table and pored himself some ail. “He was in the process of building a third the last we knew,” He said as the same worried look started to come across his face.

   “Yes and I believe he is near to completing the third Legion. I was on the east side of the Pedrick’s not long ago and I saw this Legion. It is held up to the north east of the Port City of Rican and from what I could see all Eldrick has left to do is, create the command structure and the control orbs. I have a man looking for him now and with any luck we will also find out just how close he is to getting that,” Shamonah said as she walked around Lord Colantray’s desk and sat down in his chair.

  “Well it seems things are slightly worse than I first thought. It’s been a long day for us all so I suggest we call this meeting to and end for now my friends so we can all get some rest. I need to think about these new developments, we will discuss these matters more tomorrow,” Lord Colantray said as he looked from one to the other as they nodded in agreement.

   “Well Shamonah why don’t you come and walk with me; and I’ll show you to your quarters,” Lord Colantray said as he put his arm out for Shamonah and they walked out of the tent. “So tell me my dear why are you here?” He ask as they walked throw the city’s streets.

  “I had a vision; it told me that King Raylanty is going to need me here, and it also told me that young Knight in there is going to be a major player in the war to come,” Shamonah said as she looked at Colantray out of the corner of her eye.

Colantray stopped; turning to face Shamonah. “What do you mean; which Knight?” he said looking back towards the tent with a look of confusion on his face.

  “The second one that came in and started talking to Dimez, he was wearing the black chain mail,” Shamonah said as she glanced back at the tent.

  “That would be Sir Kallander BloodRaven. King Raylanty knighted him and Sir Derracky Lancor just before the battle. Just what sort of roll is he going to play in this war?” Colantray ask as he looked at her with a concerned look as they started walking again.

  “I’m not sure Colantray. It was a vision and the meanings of it are about as clear as the meaning’s found in the readings of the stars,” Shamonah said with a smile as she waved her hand towards the night sky. “The vision is clear about one thing and that is, he is going to have a major role in this war.” She patted him on the shoulder. “You will see Colantray I am right,” She said as she walked on.

   “I’m sure you are Shamonah. If I have learned anything over the years it is to trust your word. I’m just wondering what the younglings role is going to be?” Colantray ask, knowing there was no answer, at least not yet.  

   Dimez stayed there with Derracky and Kallander talking till late in the night. They talked about the different things that had happened during the battle. Dimez told them the story of what happened to him over the last few days and showed them the cat of nine tails he took from Xacrrad the Task Master when he fell. Sep showed up a short time later; then they went across the street to a small pub called The Stumble and Bumble Pub. Where they all told there stores and got drunk in a side room and one by one they all fell asleep where they sat. The next morning the pub owner walked over to Lord Colantray’s command tent.   

   “My Lord, are you there?” A gravelly voice asked from outside the tent flap.

   “Yes I’m here; come in,” Lord Colantray said as he looked up from what he was reading. An older elf with dark brown hair and silvery gray eyes walked in; a surprised look came over Lord Colantray’s face when he saw who it was. “Tell me sergeant, how many would you estimate there are camped down there?” Colantray ask as he looked at the scroll in front of him.

  The sergeant thought about his answer for a moment. “There numbers are in the thousands sir, but like it is stated there by my caption there is a large amount of warriors but there mostly women and children. There does seem to be a main camp where a chief lives. For the most part there just building shelters and hunting for food, there not bothering anyone. They know were watching them and they keep their distance from our patrols,” The sergeant said as he glanced over at the old elf.

   “Thank you sergeant, get some rest and I’ll talk with you again before I send you back. We’re going to haft to find out what these Orc’s want, probably sooner than later. Ok you’re dismissed,” Colantray said as he waved his hand for the sergeant to go.

   “Come in, come in Serrahgor, this is a surprise; worm you’re self by the stove. So what can I do for you my old friend?” Lord Colantray asked as he pointed to a heating stove.

   “Well my Lord I think it maybe more of how I can help you. Right now there are two of your Knights a Caption and one of your sergeants out cold in the privet side room in the pub,” Serrahgor said as he wormed his hands by the stove.

   “Sit Serrahgor, please sit,” Lord Colantray said as he waved his hand towards a chair by the stove and he sat down himself.

   “My Lord we have known each other since the first war of faith. Those men over there were a big part of a victory that we shouldn’t have had; and you know it. When they joined the Rovers I don’t think most of them new what the job was; any more then you and I did in the first war. I just wanted to remind you of how stressing that can be on youngling’s mines. I remember how stressing it was on yours, do you?” Serrahgor said with a concerned look on his face.

   “Yes that was a long time ago. We had what the scholars called grand adventures but if my memory serves me, the scholars weren’t there and the adventures weren’t so grand. They were horrid to the eye and they haunt my dreams still. Thank you Serrahgor I’ll make sure that my young knights get council on the handling of the mined and war. Tell me Serrahgor; did they cause any trouble last night?” Lord Colantray said as the pain of the memories from the past flashed across his face.

   “No not a bit and I don’t even remember them razing their voices. I believe they raised all of the hell they were going to on the battlefield. One of the young knights even paid extra for the room so they wouldn’t be disturbed,” Serrahgor said with a smile as he wormed his Hans.

   “How much do you bring into the pub during the day on an average day?” Lord Colantray asked as he stood up and walked over to his desk.

   “Well on average the pub brings in around forty five to fifty in gold during the day. Our real money is made in the evening and at night,” Serrahgor said with a confused look on his face.

   “Ok then I’ll give you a hundred and fifty to stay closed till they wake up. When they do feed them and tell them I want them to go in the back and take bathes. Then send them on over to me. But I want them rested fed and bathed before they come to me. I want to go see them now,” Lord Colantray said as he handed Serrahgor a leather bag filled with coins. Serrahgor led him across the street to The Stumble and Bumble Pub.

 Lord Colantray stood at the door to the side room watching the fitful sleep of the youngling Sep. “They have stared into the face of the demon and lived; and now there dreams will never let them forget it. Take good care of my younglings Serrahgor,” Lord Colantray whispered as he turned to leave the room.

   “I always took good care of you didn’t I?” Serrahgor said, with a smile Lord Colantray placed his hand on Serrahgor shoulder and squeezed.

   “Why do you think I trust you with them? Make sure they bathe, they stink of battle,” Lord Colantray said as he turned and left the pub. When the younglings started waking up Serrahgor made sure they were bathed and fed before they left for the command tent.

                                                       The Merchion Costal Road

  After his encounter with the Orc leader Jacqualcred, Croesus had continued on towards the port city of Rettes. There he heard that Sir Bolandurus might be found in the port city of Rican, after gathering some supplies he continued on North along the Merchion coastal road. The evening air was chilled as the breeze blew in off the ocean. Croesus turned some meat he had roasting over a small fire. A sense of uneasiness came over him as he sat there watching the fire, he began getting the feeling he was not alone.  Picking up his sword he stood, staring into the darkness.

  "Hello in the camp," A voice said from out of the darkness. Croesus readied his sword, not sure what to expect.

  "Who are you and what do you want?” Croesus asks with suspicion as he stared into the darkness trying to see who was speaking.

  “I was just hoping to share the warmth of your fire and maybe cook some food. It's been a long day and I would enjoy the company of someone else besides that of my horse,” A calm and almost pleasant voice said as a tall elf appeared at the edge of the darkness. “Who I am is Sir Bolandurus. Now can I come and sit down with you and we share the meal and the fire?” Sir Bolandurus said as he stood there holding what looked to be a cooking pot and some meat to be roasted.

  The man said as a feeling of shock came over Croesus as he realized he was staring at the man he was hunting. He had to physically strain to keep from showing any sign of recognition, for fear that it might give him away. “Yes Sir Bolandurus, come and sit. It's been several days since I've seen a friendly face on the road, but then unfriendly faces are my business,” Croesus said as he looked around into the darkness one last time and then sat back down by the fire.

“Really what is your business,” Sir Bolandurus ask as he set the cooking pot on the fire.

“I am Croesus a bounty hunter from Krerry,” Croesus said as he watched Sir Bolandurus pour some water into a cooking pot and start making a stew.

  “Croesus, I have heard of you, well bounty hunter it seems that were both doing the same job. If you like you can travel with me and I'll help you collect your bounties,” Sir Bolandurus said as he looked up from the pot. Croesus suddenly got wide eyed at the idea of working with the man he was hunting. “You don't have to you know; it was just an idea. I just figured it would make it easier for you to collect your bounties if they had my stamp of approval on them. I know it would make it easier for me to clean up the coast road if I had a man with your kind of skills riding with me. I know your reputation as a bounty hunter; you're good at your job. You think about it and give me your answer in the morning,” Sir Bolandurus said as he sat some meat over the fire to roast.

  Croesus just nodded and ate some of his food. He thought about what Sir Bolandurus had said. He found the one man that the witch had told him to find, but this was only half the battle. He still needs to find the man that Sir Bolandurus worked for. If he goes with Sir Bolandurus there will be danger of discovery around every corner, but if he doesn't, he may never find a man that Sir Bolandurus works for. Croesus sighed as he rubbed his head. {Problems like these were not meant for simple men like me. So I will do as a simple man does} Croesus thought as he lay down to go to sleep.

  The next morning Croesus woke to the smell of food cooking. He looked around but Sir Bolandurus was nowhere to be seen. As he gathered his stuff Sir Bolandurus walked back into camp.

  “I was getting water for the horses, I wasn't sure if you're going to go with me or not but I knew the horses need tending either way,” Sir Bolandurus said as he kneeled down and scooped out some of the stew that had cooked overnight. “So did you make up your mind?” Sir Bolandurus asked as he handed a plate to Croesus.

  Taking the plate Croesus sat there for a moments. “Yes I will go with you,” He said as he stirred the stew with his spoon. “I think it will prove to be a benefit for both of us,” he said as he started eating.

  “Good I'm glad you feel that way. We should get started before long, we have a long day ahead of us,” Sir Bolandurus said as he ate his food.

  When Croesus was done eating he gathered his stuff and started walking over towards his horse. Then he stopped suddenly as shock ran over him at the site standing in front of him. A skeleton with Silver bones and a red skull was standing there holding the reins to his horse. Croesus drew his sword and started to move forward when suddenly Sir Bolandurus came running up from behind.

  “Wait… wait, don't attack it, it's with me,” Sir Bolandurus said as he stopped next to Croesus. “It is only guarding the horses,” Sir Bolandurus said as he turned to go back to cleaning up the camp.

  “What is that,” Croesus asks as he looked at the skeleton.

  “It is and animated skeleton. A mage gave it to me as a gift; I think he thought it would be funny to have a skeleton following a Crest Knight around. I still haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet. I have a feeling that it will come in useful in the coming days. By the way it answers to Skinny,” Sir Bolandurus said as he walked off.



                 North of the Port City of Rican

   Dark clouds had been forming all morning and it had started to rain making Eldrick cold and uncomfortable as he approached the camp where his undead Army was in the making. Riding into the camp he noticed that the security was rather lax, which Eldrick found very disturbing. Considering Shamonah was known to have been in this area only a few weeks ago, and she is known to be a close ally to King Raylanty. As he moved towards the center of the camp he could see the two undead Legion's that he is in charge of just off to the south of the camp. He could also see the makings of a third but not yet complete Legion forming next to them. As he looked up a head he could see the Drydet Crystal standing erect above a stone platform. It had a glowing green hue around it that seem to be making it hover about a foot above the platform. Eldrick watched as the glow brightened around the Crystal and an undead skeleton stepped out through a shimmering portal that appeared on the side of the Drydet Crystal. Eldrick shook his head, satisfied with what he had seen he turned his horse and road over to the command tent.

   Eldrick walked into the command tent, taking off his coat and throwing it in a chair. “Well what is it that you need my help with so bad it’s got me out here in the pouring rain? Who are you, I don't know either one of you, where is Kendel?” Eldrick ask as the two young mages just stared at each other with a look of bewilderment. “Kendel he's the one in charge of this camp you idiots,” Eldrick said as his patients started growing short with the young mages.

  “How dare you talk to me that way, I'm Xecannylt of Garrnot,” the young mage said as he stiffened with pride.

  “Really I had no idea I was in the presence of such greatness, I would be honored if you let me shake your hand,” Eldrick said with a slight degree of sarcasm as he held out his hand for the young mage to take.

  “Well that's more like it,” the young mage said as he grasps Eldrick's hand. Eldrick’s grip became like steel as he uttered a single word and glared at the young mage. Eldrick’s hand started to glow a light blue and suddenly the young mage screamed a horrific scream as his flash suddenly began to rot away and turn to dust. “Just so you know I am Eldrick Ur-Dagon the Death Bringer and you should be more respectful of your betters,” Eldrick said as he released the mages hand and watched him finish turning to dust.

  Just then an older mage walked into the tent. When he saw Eldrick he had a surprised look on his face, but as he looked around he saw the young mage cowering in the corner in terror and the dust covered robes of the other lying on the floor. “Eldrick what have you done?” The mage ask in a demanding voice.

  Eldrick turned at the sound of the voice behind him. “Ahh Kendel you're here, at last. Oh this I was merely teaching a lesser, how to know his betters,” Eldrick said with little or no care for the matter.

  “Eldrick you can't just go around killing my young mages, they're not like these undead we can't just make more. I need them and I won't have you killing them. You'll stop it, and you'll stop it now!” Kendel yelled as he slammed his fist down on the table.

  “Are you challenging me Kendel?” Eldrick ask with a smile as he held up his hand.

  “Put your hand down you deceitful b*****d,” Kendel said as he slapped Eldrick’s hand away. “On the other hand if you want to fight just step outside. Unlike most of the mages I'm not scared of you Eldrick! You forget, I'm a better caster then you are by far and you know it. You will stop killing my young mages or we will fight and you will lose. If you feel you haft to kill somebody, go kill some vagrant in town or some bandit on the road to get it out of your system. I don’t care but you will stop killing my mage’s and you’ll do it now!” Kendel shouted as he stood there with his clenched fist grinding into the table top.

  Eldrick stood there for a moment; then he smiled. “All right I'll leave them be; but try to teach them some respect,” Eldrick said as he conceded the point. He looked over at the young mage in the corner. “You there, quit cowering in the corner and get me something to dry off with,” Motioning with his hand for the young mage to go. At Kendel's nod the young mage quickly left the tent.

  “In the message you sent; it said that you need help with the completion of the control orbs,” Eldrick said as he sat down in a chair.

  “Yes we expect to have the third Legion completed within the week. So we need to put the finishing spells on the control orbs. I figure between the two of us we can finish the four orbs by the end of the week. That will make your undead Army 12,000 strong. The Drydet Crystal can produce around one Legion per month, the problem were having is producing the control orbs fast enough,” Kendel said as he poured some wine into a glass.

  “Then it sounds like were going to need to get to work if we’re going to keep pace,” Eldrick said as he stood up and poured himself a glass of wine.  

© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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I definately like the way u bring so many people that know eachother together from past battles an how u keep eldrick malishously evil its awesome he is almost the perfect bad guy he's not all powerful but he is still alomst unstoppable an ser bolanderous is a confusing charecture can't wait to see more about him ... one thing I want to know is what is a crest knight an what the crest knight hood is????

Posted 12 Years Ago

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