04; "Master Flack"

04; "Master Flack"

A Chapter by Carcilia Ravencraft

We find out why the Gray Riff was at Saint Clarissa the night before.


 Master Flack and Toube walked up to the quarter deck and Master Flack grabbed hold of the wheel, gluing his eyes to the sea ahead. "Alright Boy, yer job is to make sure all the cables and ropes on the ship are secure. Also, ya have to check the flag every mornin' and at sundown, but ya have to hoist it right back up." Master Flack was lacking detail and he knew it, he was trying make Toube feel unwelcome. But what he didn't know was that Toube already knew what he had to do, and he knew the duties of all the other positions as well.

 "Aye, Master Flack.... But... Could I ask a question?" Toube shied away from Master Flack a bit. "Eh?..... I dun' care." Flack spat, his attitude was colder than the deepest,darkest whole in the sea. "Most vessels this size usually have boatswain's mates and carpenter's mates... So, why are you only just putting Jason and myself in such important positions?" Toube's look was intense, he felt as if something was a bit wrong. "That's none of yer business, Boy." "If I'm filling the position, then it is." "Curiosity killed the Captain's cat, Boy." "Setting to sea is already enough to take my life, why not add curiosity and stubbornness to the list as well?" "Back talkin' yer higher-up's a bad idea, Boy." "I'm not 'back-talkin.'" "Aye.....Fine.... They died." Flack gave in, he was no match for Toube's curiosity.

 Toube staggered back a bit, "D-dead!?" Master Flack glanced back at Toube for a moment "Aye. Now get to work... Or I'll personally keelhaul ya, Boy." Flack made a shooing motion with his hand. "How did they die!?" Toube screamed, how could Captain Ross not tell them WHY he was getting new crew? "Well.... We were attacked by the British navy...And... A few of our crew where lost midst the battle." the tragedy began to flash in Flack's mind; the gun fire, cutlass drawn, and worst... He lost his best friend: the former boatswain's mate. "Why didn't someone tell us!?" Toube ran to Master Flack and grabbed is shirt as he balled up his fist and raised it, but Flack was quick, and grabbed hold of Toube's wrist before he could hit him, one hand still on the wheel and his eyes still fixed straight ahead.

 "Best watch yer actions AND yer tongue, Boy. Captain Ross isn't too fond of those who start fights." Flack looked at Toube, his near black eyes starring tauntingly into Toube's green eyes, which were now wide with anger. Master Flack let his grip loose on Toube, and his arm slipped out of Flack's hand and back down to his side. "Now get to work, Boy." Master Flack commanded. "Aye..." Toube murmured and turned away from Master Flack. Making his way down the steps from the quarter deck onto the main deck, Ian was on his hands and knees, scrubbing the deck a good yard away from Toube.

 As Toube walked to the cable holding up the sails, which where right above Ian, Ian began to whisper to talk to Toube. "Already got yerself chewed out by Master Flack, have ye?" Ian laughed as he rung out his rag on the deck and began to scrub again. " You heard that?" Toube blushed a bit, being yelled at on the first day was embarrassing enough, but having your only friend on board hear is even worse. "Aye, every vessel within a good five knots heard Master Flack and ye arguin'." Ian was a blunt guy, he didn't really care what other people thought about him, so of course he never watched his tongue.

 Toube sweat a bit as he tugged on the cables that held the sails, he could feel Master Flack's eyes burning on his back, the glare was more intense than five summer suns beating down on the sea. As Toube recalled everything that had just happened, he heard the door to the Captain's cabin swing open and then close roughly behind him. It sent a chill down Toube's back to now hear the click of the Captain's boots on the deck come up close behind him, and yet Toube didn't look back or flinch, he just kept on with his work. "How are ye, Toube?" Captain Ross asked from behind. "Fine, Captain. Thank you for your concern." Toube wasn't quite sure what else to say at the moment, he was too focused on tightening a loose rope that held down a small cannon hidden on deck. "I heard ye squabblin' with Master Flack up on the quarter deck." Captain Ross whispered, leaning over to watch Toube work.

 "A-aye, Captain." Toube sweated as he finished off the knot. "Hey... Don't let ol' Master Flack get to ya! The seas made him a sour young man." Captain Ross pat Toube on the back hard, making him fall to the ground. "A...Aye Captain." Toube struggled as he got back up. "Hahaha, keep up the good work, Toube." Ross continued down the deck to check on the rest of his crews progress for the day and Toube sighed in relief that Captain Ross wasn't cross with him.

© 2010 Carcilia Ravencraft

Author's Note

Carcilia Ravencraft
I'm sorry if Ian's dialogue is confusing. The reason he talks like Captain Ross is because he's also Irish, while the rest of the new crew are too new to the sea to speak that type of 'pirate slang'. Sadly, my Irish sucks, please forgive me.

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Getting better, Ellie-Chan. I mean with your grammar and all that. The story was good from the start. :D I didn't spot a single mistake. Keep up the good work! :3

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Carcilia Ravencraft
Carcilia Ravencraft

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I'm 15. I really suck at writing but I do it for fun so hang you. I mostly like to write about pirates, mythical creatures and places, and wild animals like wolves or foxes, so on and so forth. Music.. more..