06; "Tania Vasquez"

06; "Tania Vasquez"

A Chapter by Carcilia Ravencraft

Part two of the last chapter. Toube meets a young woman named Tania and is brought into an interesting situation because of her.


 "Maybe..." Ian wavered and looked down at his plate of bread. "Ya see... When Capn' Ross was still young he made a stop in this 'ere port after reckin' a Navy ship and stealin' all it had. A rich mess ol' Ross was..." Ian began, as he'd portrayed Ross to be, Ian reflected only as a drunken mess instead, "He'd spent all tha' day drinkin' an' livin' life ta it's fullest, he did. An' wouldn't ya know it, he spent tha night with a lovely lady by his side. My ol' Mum as ya can guess. Perfect Irish blond curls ta her waist, and green Irish eyes like no other. Ross claimed he'd fallen in love with 'er an' spent a good week with her. But Ross' ol' sea company got tiered o' rottin' around on land and threatened to kick 'em outa capn' spot n' kill em if they weren't back out at sea the next day." Ian sighed and picked up his bread, taking a nice big bite out of the corner. "So that last night he left dear ol' Mum with a sack o' 'bout six hundred pieces of eight, an' a letter explainin' everything. An' left her that night. What ol' Daddy Ross didn't know was that his lady was expectin'. An' thus I came ta existence. Isn't that a fine tail?" Ian looked at Toube and then fell forward onto the bar; out cold. 'Passed out?' Toube thought as he looked at his drunken friend for a moment.

 Toube decided that he'd leave and continue on, leaving Ian to regain consciousness on his own. "Ma'am, I'll be taking my leave now." Toube called over to the waitress. "Alight, Sir. Will you be payin' for your friend there?" the woman nodded over to Ian, who was now snoring and drooling all over the bar. Toube looked at Ian, seriously considering the woman's question. Finally, he'd come to a decision, "Nah, he'll be fine." Toube waved in Ian's direction and rolled his eyes. "Okay then, two pieces of eight." The woman said and Toube placed the two pieces of eight down on the bar and left the tavern.

 As Toube walked down the cobblestone road he began to hear an eerily familiar sound; the sound of Master Flack's hallow boot heels on hard ground. Toube swung around and glared at the air where he was sure he'd see Master Flack only to see a gray alley cat trot across the road. 'I'm losing it.' Toube held his head and turned back around to continue down his path. Eventually he stumbled upon what, from the outside, looked to be like yet another tavern only four blocks from the one he was just at. The outside walls where brick with two large windows in the front covered with cream colored curtains. The window pains where white and two polished copper tables along with four matching chairs decorated the outside and gave the place a warm and welcoming feeling.

 Pushing the door open, Toube was greeted by a "Good day, Sir. Please, right this way." The pleasant greeting came from a young lady, who looked about eighteen, in a brown over-the-shoulder lace-up dress that went to the top of her sky blue heels. Her dark brown hair practically flowed as she led a confused Toube; who thought the building was another tavern, deeper into the cafe. She brought him to another copper table like the ones outside, and Toube took a seat. The inside of the cafe was just as welcoming as the outside, the walls where painted melon green, the floor was a lovely checker board pattern, and the place was lit by candles, hanging from the ceiling, resting in a silver chandelier decorated with drop-shaped quarts and emerald. "Oh, is this a cafe? My apologies, Ma'am, I thought it was a tavern..." Toube blushed and admitted lowly. "Oh? That's quite alright. We serve beer if that's what you want." the girl handed over a menu and pulled out a pad of paper and pen. "Just tell me what you'd like." she chimed and a smile appeared on her face.

 Sitting in silence for a moment Toube looked up at her and placed the menu down on the table. " I think I'll have the clam soup and a pint of rum, please." the girl wrote down what Toube wanted and turned to fetch his order but Toube grabbed her wrist and turner her back around before she could walk off. "I'm sorry, but could I have your name, please?" Toube asked, letting go of the girl. "Oh, Tania. Tania Vasquez." the girl, now specified as Tania, smiled and turned back around, carrying on with her work. As she did, Toube sat and reflected on his accomplishments so far; nothing, and he felt useless for it. He sighed and rested his right elbow on the table and his head on his hand. Frowning, he thought to himself; 'I've GOT to find something that'll please Captain Ross before midnight! But.... What? And where on this blue earth will I find it?' Toube sighed again as Tania walked up to his table with his order on a platter balanced in her palm.

 "Here you are!~" she chimed as she placed a bowl and mug in front of Toube. He looked up at her and smiled, nodding a 'thank-you' but was too late, she'd already seen him frowning. "What's the matter?" Tania asked and pulled out the chair on the other side of Toube's table. "Oh, it's nothing to worry yourself over, Ma'am." Toube sighed, taking up his spoon and gulping down a large spoon-full of watery, salty, garlic-flavored, clam soup. It was hot and fishy, yet satisfying to Toube's stomach which had been filled with nothing but beer since two days ago, back in Saint Clarissa. "Oh, nonsense. I listen to fishermen come in here and whine all day about their 'terrible jobs'. I'm sure what you've got to say isn't any worse." Tania cooed at Toube, which get on his nerves a bit for some reason. "Hmm....Are you quite sure?" Toube made a daring face at Tania and leaned in, trying to scare her. He was playing with her, of course. "Oh, plenty sure, Sir." Tania put her elbows on the table and crossed them, leaning in and making the same face as Toube, she played right back. "Well... All right then." Toube sighed and took up his mug, washing his mouth with a mouth-full of rum. "I'm.... I pirate, Tania. And I'm lookin' for a map of some sort to please my captain." Toube plainly stated. Tania didn't seem frightened, angered, nor amused. "Do you mean you belong to that pirate ship anchored in the harbor?" She simply asked, a bit of curiosity showed on her face.

 Toube grinned a some-what evil grin. "Yup. And now I've got a load on my back tryin' to find one." "But you don't talk like a pirate." Tania doubtingly spat. "Well, that's because I'm a new crewmate." Toube spat back. "Well, okay... And I've never seen you around here before... So I guess I have no right to NOT believe you..." Tania dazed off for a moment. Toube watched her as they sat in silence, admiring her healthy and straight hair, and her light brown eyes. "I'll be right back." Tania said in a hurry and got up from the table, disappearing into a back room beyond a rickety wood door. Toube sat in silence and ate his soup.

 Tania emerged from behind the door with an old man, whom was losing the white hair on his head and making up for it with the hair on his upper lip. "This is my father. He used to be friends with a few pirates. Says he might have some useful information for you." Tania chimed and sat back down, the elderly man taking up a seat next to her. "Tha name's Charles." The man said, holding out his hand for Toube to shake. Toube grasped it firmly, but strong enough to let the man know he meant business. "Rochwell, Sir. Toube Rochwell." As the two placed their hands back in their lap, the elderly man began to speak. "As my daughter said, I knew a few pirates back in the day. They told me about a chest their captain buried on an island quite far from here. Tania tells me you need a map for your captain, Son. Well, it's not charted on any map but I'll tell you right where it is." The elderly man offered. Toube nodded his head, signaling for the man to carry on.

© 2010 Carcilia Ravencraft

Author's Note

Carcilia Ravencraft
Sorry, this SHOULD HAVE been up last Sunday but I was dragged around by my friends all weekend. I started it but I left the computer on with the draft un-saved and Dad turned off the computer so I had to start all over =.= sorry guys.

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Ooo. Tonia seems very pretty. Is she the one Toube is gonna fall in love with? Well this was an interesting chapter. Keep it up because I absolutely love this story so far!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Carcilia Ravencraft

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