Retrieving Father

Retrieving Father

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

This is what ETB and Lt Andrews saw on the monitors.It gives them a little glimpse of what happened to the retrieval team


Commander Trav walked into the lab with 5 other companions. All of these hardened soldiers looked serious and with an armory on their backs, couldn’t help but look intimidating. “Commander how will we go about our mission” Jason asked Trav. “I want you in the security room. Mike, Burney, and Ray stay in the lobby and one of you guard the main back exit. Patton you come with me” Commander Trav barked.”Sir Yes sir” the 5 said and went to into their business. “Excuse me but what do you think” the secretary was going to finish but the look the Commander gave her forced her to shut it. He strode up towards her desk and stared. The secretary tried to look not intimidated, but she could not match his glare. He read her body language. The shifting of the eyes, the uncomfortable shifting in her seat, and he could smell her fear. He loved making her submit to fear and kept his glare just a little longer but he had no time for such pleasantries.” I’m looking for Dr. Silverius. It is very urgent and I won’t be delayed by you.” Commander Trav said flatly. “he…he is in his office on the top floor.” The secretary managed to say.”Thank you” Trav said as he walked away. “He is on the 3rd floor. Patton and I are on our way up so get the men into their positions.” Trav barked into his radio. Commander Trav and Patton finally made it to Dr. Silverius’s office and walked inside. They both stopped and stared at the man before them. Of course they knew it was their target but something about him set off silent alarms in their heads. Dr. Silverius’s white hair stood on end. His dark skin wrinkled with age, and his white suit made him look more like a pimp than a scientist. “Well I’m glad to see my children have grown strong” Dr. Silverius said to them both as he turned his eyes upon. “You are not my father” Trav said to him calmly. “When they brought you to me Commander Trav you were just a dying lump of flesh. Your body was ridden with bullets and shrapnel. I gave you new life” Dr. Silverius said with his heavy Ethiopian accent as he walked towards the commander. Trav just glared at the man while balling up his fist.”I must control my anger “he thought, and as he did Silverius slapped him. Patton stood dumbstruck not knowing what to say or do. The Commander’s face began to elongate. His muscles convulsed and grew. His teeth grew pointier as his eyes glowed yellow. He felt his body burning as his rib cage enlarged. He felt pain beyond anything but not only that. He began feeling free.”No” the Commander screamed and his body began to diminish. His teeth lessened and his body returned to its norm. Trav panted his breath came in short bursts as he fought the pull to release his lycanthropic form. His eyes still glowed as he stared fiercely at the doctor. “Yes, that is my true child that you hide. Your true form is begging to be set free” the doctor said to him. Patton could feel his commander’s bloodlust and had to fight his urge to transform himself. “Not everyone can control their transformations as you all can. Some get so caught up in their rage and bloodlust that they never transform back. I call you Alphas because you all will lead the pack” Dr.Silverius stated as he walked back towards his desk. “So there is a way to control the ones who have fallen into a feeding rage?” Trav asked. Dr. Silverius studied him. “I know why you are here and also what it is that you want. I will not go with you my sons, but instead I shall take you with me” Dr Silverius said while never turning back to face them. Patton looked at his commander questioningly wondering how they would proceed.” I don’t think you understand what I’m saying to you good doctor” Trav told him as he walked forward. Dr. Silverius laughed heartily and while he did his voice changed. It sounded as a weird and echoed with a deeper voice following it. He turned upon them suddenly taking off his glasses as he did. “No, my boy it is you that doesn’t understand” Dr. Silverius told Trav.

                “Begin the operation now!” Trav screamed into the radio. Mike, Burney, and Ray heard the urgency and were confused about the sudden urgency in his voice. Jason looked around the security room he was in. “Only two guards this is way easy” He thought to himself. As he poised to strike one of the guards leaped upon him. The other hit an alarm and stood watching. His eyes began to glow while his body convulsed. “Wait, you are a werewolf!” Jason said as he fought to get the guard off of him. “Don’t tell me you thought you were the only ones. If you thought so then you and your friends are going to be really surprised” the guard wrestling Jason told him right before he sank his fangs into his neck. Jason screamed and fought enough to gain room between him and the man to find his dagger. His stuck the man once and then again. The guards’ blood poured upon him and the smell of it fueled his attack. The smell of blood excited him as it did the guard’s companion, but his companion was patient. He watched while on all fours and viewed this as an opportunity to let his prey fight. Jason didn’t stop though. His eyes glowed and the force of his stabs increased many fold. As the guard on top of Jason transformed something hit him. The taste of blood in his mouth didn’t taste as great. He stopped feeling the pain of the dagger and he felt himself grow suddenly weak. He couldn’t stop himself from rolling off to the side and as he looked down he understood. Jason pushed the dying guard off of him. His dagger had found the guard’s heart and he wasted no time in getting the man off of him. He stood toe to toe with the other guard. “I’m ready for you” Jason growled at the guard. “Transform brother and throw away your petty knife so that we may fight like we were always meant to” The guard told Jason. Jason threw his knife to the floor and begun his transformation. “Alright then let’s do it the old fashion way” Jason said letting his claws lead the way half way transformed.

                “Something is very wrong” Burney thought as he guarded the back door. The alarms blared and all the lights suddenly shut off to be replaced by flashing red lights. Metal doors slid down over all the windows and doors. “Someone started a lockdown. How can we get the rest of our men inside?”Burney thought to himself, but his thoughts were interrupted by the three men coming at him with guns. “S**t!” Burney screamed as he ran down the hall and turned the corner. The men came in fast behind him thinking to shoot him in the back, but Burney was lying in wait.  His pistol was leveled and as they turned the corner he let it go. Each bullet found its mark and they fell to him shots. He looked at them and just noticed their scent. “Werewolves” Burney thought to himself. “This is beta calling in the pack. Please come in” Burney called in. “This is pack should we go for our walk now?” the voice asked him. “This situation is not in control come in at once!” Burney yelled into the microphone. There was no reply from the other side. As Burney made his way throughout the complex systematically killing all before him he heard scrapes and roars. “It’s the pack” Burney thought but he had to time to help them get inside, well not at the moment anyway. He turned the corner to stand before four Werewolves. They wasted no time rushing at him. Burney aimed his gun and with a scream of primal rage fired his gun. One of them fell to his bullets. He turned immediately and ran back around the corner. He reached deep into his pack and pulled forth a vial. The vial instantaneously glowed orange as if begging to be released. He turned and tossed the vial. “S**t” one of the werewolves yelled as he seen it coming towards him. As it hit his body it flared into life. Orange tentacles it seems wrapped around the wolf and two others bodies. Their bodies set aflame and they fell. They gave one final yelp and fell into a heap. One wolf leaped over the others. His claws took off part his Burney’s face. Burney’s vision exploded into a myriad of colors. His face felt as if it was completely gone. His right eye watered, his nose loosely hanging on by a thread of skin, and his hearing drastically changed. The wolf didn’t wait for him to fight back. His fangs found Burney’s throat. His teeth sank into his neck slowly as he held him aloft. Burney tried to fight him off but couldn’t gain the strength to fight him. His thoughts flittered towards the thoughts of blood and running through the night. Then suddenly he had no thought at all and the wolf feasted on his flesh until it heard one of the metal walls give.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
I thought of this while at work and thought screw everything I'm gonna write it.

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Again. Really good write, i enjoy your description. Keep it up.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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