Light comes, ETB challenged

Light comes, ETB challenged

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

ETB and Lt. andrews squad has company and in trying to escape finds clues that there is more to fear than Wolves out in the night




 “Wait did everyone else hear that?” Prophet asked. Everyone held their breath and listened. They could hear metal bending.

“It seems that we have run out of time. Radio our ride Prophet, it’s time for us to get the hell out of here” Kb said as he started walking out of the door.

Prophet signaled the chopper over the radio and drained the computer of the energy he bestowed upon it. As they began walking towards the stairs they could hear heavy footsteps. “How are we going to get out of here?” Kel asked. Her head dripped with sweat as if she was on the verge of losing it.

“Definitely not out the front door” Karmic replied.

 “I have a plan” Prophet exclaimed with a huge smile on his face.

“Why am I worried about his idea” Tony muttered to himself which just made Prophet laugh.

“Everyone follow me” Prophet said as he ran into one of the offices and stood before a broken window. As they looked down they could all see the werewolves move about the building and go inside. “Ok redneck you better hurry with your plan” Karmic said. Prophet ignores the comment and starts setting a hook into the ceiling and pulls out reinforced rope.

 “I get it so we are jumping out of the building towards an army of werewolves, shoot our way towards the hellhounds, and driving off towards the pickup point is that it?” KB asked while staring at Prophet.

 Prophet’s smile didn’t dissipate in the least but he did manage to say “Well it sounds bad when you say it like that.” KB and Karmic exchanged looks and began laughing ”Alright let’s do it”. KB and Karmic set off to doing the same while the others stared at them incredulously.

“Please tell me that you were joking. That half assed plan will get us killed” Tony yelled wide eyed.

“I hate to say it but I agree with Tony” Kel said as she stood beside Tony.

 “Unless any of you can come up with a better plan, this is what we have” Karmic told them as he wrapped the cable on the hook.

 “We should land right next to the hellhounds, I mean they are right there” KB said trying to calm their fears.”

Ok but what happens if we die?”Destroyer asked still not wanting to follow.”

"Well whatever happens just happens. You cannot live your life wondering what could have or should have happened, besides this will be like in the movies” Prophet says still with the cheesy grin stamped on his face.

  “Guys just follow their orders for now” Andrew said as he began doing the same as ETB. They were all prepared when a voice hailed to them.

”WAIT!”  A man stood before them. They recognized him from the video as one of the retrieval members. His gear was ragged and it clung to him loosely. As he took a step forward KB’s sniper bullet hit him in the chest and he flew backward.

“What are you doing” Andrew screamed at him.

“You saw the tape. How else could he have survived this whole time in this place without joining them” KB said as he turned and jumped out the window with the cord slowing his fall.

 Prophet and Karmic followed him down with their guns aimed at the werewolves near the landing point. “Come on lets go” Lt. Andrew said grim faced and the others followed. The night was lit by the light from their guns. One wolf managed to take the bullets and get close, but KB’s next shot took its face and it fell away to oblivion. They all managed to get into their hellhounds when they heard the howl once more. This time instead of silence more howls joined in. It sounded like an unholy chorus. “Hit the gas!” Prophet yelled as he closed the door. Many werewolves rushed after them into the night. KB and Tony’s bullets found their marks quite easily.

Karmic screamed to Lt.Andrew through the radio “Get in front of us and we’ll guard your backs.”

“Roger” Lt.Andrew yelled back as he swerved in front of Karmic’s vehicle and hit a sharp left turn because the intersection in front of him was blocked by wolves. Karmic followed and as they came to another intersection the wolves blocked them there also so Lt.Andrew swerved a right, and as Karmic tried to follow suit three werewolves that was following closely rammed their shoulders into the hellhound as they turned.

The car flipped over 4 times flying towards the werewolves blocking the road. They easily dodged out of the way of the flying vehicle, some even jumped over it with ease. KB went flying out of the gunner seat at the top of hellhound and landed amidst ruined bodies that were lying within the street. He landed with a sickening thud. His left shoulder shattered as it took most of the impact. He screamed as the pain traveled through his limbs. As he opened his eyes he stared into the insides of a young boy and vomit leapt into his throat. The bile burned the back of his throat and it took all his will not to let it out. As his vision slowly returned he knew that there was no way they were getting out of this alive. He laid there until all his senses returned to normal.

Prophet’s gun bent impossibly as the car completed a full flip. Prophet and Karmic was thrown around inside as it flipped. When it finally came to a stop Karmic and Prophet stumbled from the wreckage. Everything in their eyes was blended together. Their limbs felt weak and Prophet fell to his knees to grip the ground to keep from falling over. The cut he received over his right eye during the tumble sent blood flowing into it. His sweat flowed into the cut making it burn, but he enjoyed it as proof he was still living. Karmic pulled out the sword he always keeps on his back and put his back up against the wrecked Hellhound. His arms ached and shook as his strength began to wane. Their vision slowly came to normal and that’s when they realized they were surrounded by werewolves. As they looked up they noticed eyes looking at them from windows and rooftops.

“Well if ever now would be a great time to convert emo” Prophet said to Karmic as he stood.

Prophet slid his hands behind him and onto the Hellhound stealing its energy. Karmic laughed and responded with “Ha not even if I’m going die would turn to god because he doesn’t exist. They stood side by side waiting to be rushed but it didn’t happen.

“Why are they waiting?” Prophet asked Karmic.

 “Well they need to hurry up whatever it is” Karmic responded which just made Prophet laugh.

 Five werewolves stalked towards them and as they did the werewolves surrounding them started to make noise. Some clapped, some howled, some raked their claws on whatever was near, others transformed to their human forms to call out  “Envig!” One of the five stepped forward and transformed before them. His stature lessened, his fur seemed to fall off, his body convulsed until he stood before them as a man and naked. He had many scars on his body, a result of surviving many battles. His skin was red as if he stayed into in the sun to long and his long red hair hung low covering his eyes. It went quiet as he transformed. You could hear his bones pop and break as his body returned fully to normal.

As he started to speak someone called out “Wait let me do it.”

“Was that a girl Prophet?” Karmic whispered.

“This is about to get fun” Prophet whispered back which only made Karmic look at him “You would say that”.

 Prophet didn’t answer but the woman that walked before them made him cringe. She was dressed in all black. Her boots came up to her knees. Her Black hair was short and it covered her left eye leaving the other one showing. The eye that was showing glowed blood red and it matched the color of her lips. She was beautiful but what bothered him more was that she seemed unnatural. As Prophet studied her body he noticed she had a nice one. Her body was athletic looking and her b***s were full. They bounced but not as if they would impede her fighting ability. She walked in confidence even though she was surrounded by Werewolves! Even the werewolf she interrupted moved out of her way. “She is sexy” Karmic whispered but the smile that creased her lips said that she had heard.

“Hello warriors of this world my name is Light.” She said and her voice seemed to float on the air as if it was attracted to her as well.

 “Warriors of this world?“ Both Karmic, Prophet, and Kb all thought to themselves but didn’t speak out loud.

The werewolves have decided that they respect your show of strength so far and they have decided to let you participate in the Envig.

“Nice to meet you Light, but I must ask what the hell is that?” Prophet asked.

 “No don’t lie to her Prophet. It’s not nice to meet a sexy girl when I’m about to die. Especially if I can’t enjoy her before I go.”Karmic says which makes Prophet laugh.

 “ I know you aren’t leaving me out of this” KB yells as he walks into view holding his shoulder and stands beside his brothers.

His throat still burning but he worked past it because he felt that his brothers would need him close.

Light giggles “of course we wouldn’t go on without you. The Envig means trial by combat. You must take off your armor and fight the Werewolves behind me. If you live then you have the honor of becoming one of them.” She stops and let her eyes roam over all three of them hungrily.” Except Silverius said I can claim one of you myself” she finished.

“What if we choose not to play your game?” KB asked.

 There was an eerie silence afterwards. Before she answered a werewolf appeared before them. His fur was the deepest black from his waist down and his upper half glistened white like fresh snow. He was huge. If the werewolves they had seen before stood next to him they would seem insignificant in size as well as power. The members of ETB studied this new wolf before them. His bottom half seemed to blend into the night. The golden armband on his right arm seemed to flare up with life as he stared the three down. His yellow eyes seem to penetrate their mortal coils and look into their soul. The newcomer stared at them but none of the three shirked from his gaze….. No they embraced it. He could see they welcomed his challenge and that they had much spirit left. He began to take his mortal form. When he finally became human Prophet, Karmic, and KB all knew exactly who he was.

“Well damn n***a we was looking for you” KB said to him.

"I know you were, but I didn’t think they would send the members of ETB” Dr.Silverius said to them.

“I should have guessed you would do the procedure to yourself” Karmic said to the doctor which made him laugh.

 “You still think that this is science don’t you?” Dr. Silverius said to him which made them stare at him. “Well I will answer your questions only if you manage to survive. Nothing I hate more than wasting my breath.” Dr. Silverius said and walked off with his hands behind his back. He stopped halfway “Oh but before I forget. Your weapons you can use but you must take off all your upper clothing. It’s the rules and to answer the question from before. He paused long enough to turn and look at them.” If you don’t wish to participate then we will kill and eat you.”

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
I haven't written in a while and my ambition for this book changed in my absense from the computer. So lets all see what happens to them. I hope you all enjoy :)

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