Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Three



Have you ever gotten the creepy feeling someone is watching you? But the thing is you know that they’re doing it? That’s how I felt today in my geography class. All through the test we had, I felt like someone was watching me. When I finished my test, I looked up to see that right across from me and to the left, a boy in my class was looking at me. No, not looking, he was staring. It was creepy, but in retrospect, he was hot. He had a tan skin completion, black hair that was short, but long at the same time… and so smooth looking too… His eyes were a deep, chocolate brown. His face and whole body were lean. He also wore a black T-shirt that had the Linkin Park symbol. He had a grey Van’s jacket that was zipped up half way… he had a pair of jeans on that were light and dark grey mixed/stripped… And he had a pair of black Converse on. Not the regular black with white ends, laces and edges; no, they were the completely black ones. Over all, he was as sexy as hell. He noticed me look up, and he smiled coolly, looking back at his paper. I blinked and looked back down again. That was terribly awkward!


Several minutes later, the bell rang. It felt like forever… The next class for me was Orchestra… I placed my binder in my bag, and he walked up to my desk, “Hey…” I blinked and looked up surprised; he was talking to me now? I blinked, “Um… Hi?” I was flustered, he smiled again and chuckled, “Your kinda cute… what’s your name?” I blinked and shifted my bangs over, “Caitlyn…” I was blushing, did he just call me cute? “Nice to meet you,” He said, extending his hand, “I’m Jon…” And as I took his hand, he said, “Jon Rodriguez…” and with that and a cool smile on his face and eyes full of mystery, he walked off, carrying a black and blue back-pack over one shoulder. I was blushing like mad, and when I looked back at my hand there was a piece of paper in it. He gave me his number!




“So what your saying is,” Andrew said to me as I tuned my violin, “A guy gave you his number?” I nodded, “A really sexy guy!” Andrew rolled his eyes, “Right, a sexy guy…” I laughed and playfully messed up his hair, which he didn’t like. In all the years I knew Andrew, He had changed this year… He went from a nerdy boy with glasses and a bowl hair cut, to a guy with messy semi-curly hair with contacts. He had overall matured nicely… “Hey!” He said fixing his hair, “Don’t do that!” I laughed a little bit, sticking my tongue out at him, “You know I love ya…” He half smiled with a chuckle. I liked talking to Andrew out of all his brothers. Granted, they were all cool, but Andrew was easier to talk to.


I opened my folder to get some music out and I began to pluck, “What’s his name?” He asked me after a minute of silence between us. I looked up from my music, “His name is Jon…” I smiled remembering him. God, he was sexy! Andrew laughed, I might have had a stupid look on my face, “Seriously, he’s been in your Geography class how long? And you never noticed?” I shot a snarky glance at him, “You know I never pay attention to guys.” Andrew laughed, “Right, cause the closet thing you’ve got to a boyfriend is Desiree!” He mocked the close best friendship I had with my closet best friend, Desiree. I punched him playfully in the arm, “You’re jealous, I know it!” He rubbed his arm in a playfully pain-filled way, and stuck out his tongue, which I did also to him. He left to go tune his double bass. I smiled and continued to play.


It wasn’t until I was in the car with my brother that day after school, he told me something, “Happy Birthday, Sis…” I looked at him; even I forgot my birthday was today. It was March first after all… I was fifteen now, though I didn’t feel like it. He smiled, “I got a surprise for you at the house.” I blinked, half believing him, “Really? What?” He laughed at me as he drove out of his parking space. “If I told you,” Brian said, “Then it wouldn’t be a surprise…” I rolled my eyes, joyful. I continued to look out the window of my brother’s black Trail Blazer. I was in a daze, still thinking about Jon… Maybe I could text him now. I pulled out my blue phone and then paper with his number scribbled on it. I entered the number in my contacts and I texted him, “Hey, this is Caitlyn from geography…” I waited, and about three minutes later, he replied, “Hey, I didn’t think you’d text me this quickly… What’s up?”


“Not much, going home with my brother. What about you?”


“Walking to my house. It’s not too far from the school, lol.”


“Sweet butter (:” I used a lot of skater lingo while texting.


My brother saw me texting, “¿Quién es ello?” he asked, which in Spanish was ‘who is it?’ I shrugged, “No one of importance.” Brian gasped dramatically, “You’re not texting your BFF Desiree? Like, O.M.G!” he mimicked a valley girl. I laughed, mostly because he was a good actor. “First of all,” I said to him, “I do not talk like that, second, are you sure your not gay?” He stuck his tongue out at me, “Watch it, or I might un-tune George while you sleep, and take away all of Bo’s hair!” when we stopped at the light on 50th and Quaker Ave., I punched him in the arm, “You wouldn’t dare to touch my instrument!” Yes, I named my violin George, and his friend is a bow, named Bow-regard Q. Kazoo, but it was ‘Bo’ for short. He smiled at me, we always joked like this. Growing up around him and my dad caused me to be, as my mother called it, a tomboy in a dress. Though it was true my mom did have baby pictures of me in a pink sun dress carrying a basketball, thinking it was a football, running across the front yard. Granted I never wore dresses now, not counting my Orchestra dress, that‘s mandatory! Then, when the Thomas brothers moved to Lubbock, It didn’t cross my mind to even act girly.


I remember one summer day a long time ago, James got a video camera for his birthday. For some strange reason, we decided to come up with our first of many skits (which I might add was a complete disaster). I was put into a ridiculously long dress that was bright yellow, borrowed from their mother, and a purple hat was made for me to wear. But sadly enough, Andrew had the worst of it, He was put into last Halloween’s dragon costume, and the heat was up to 103! We were the youngest, minus Lizzy, who was still too young to even act right in a video, so we had the worst parts. James held the Camera, and yelled at us, “ACTION!!” and Andrew Roared, pathetically I might add, and then Dennis yelled, “HANG ON FAIR MAIDEN! I WILL SAVE YOU FROM THIS BEAST!!” He was the knight in shining armor. I stood there, arms crossed, with an eyebrow raised, I was ten at the time, and didn’t take any sort of crap, “Your going to save me?” It was my line, but instead of acting like a princess, I said it with a hint of sarcasm, “Oh, thank the heavens, my prayers have been answered…” I threw up my hands, knuckles knocking into Dennis’ fake stick horse. “CUT!” James yelled, camera still rolling. I looked at him, “Do I have to be in a dress? Seriously?” James from behind the camera said, “You’re the PRINCESS! You HAVE to wear a dress!” I groaned, then, Andrew said to his oldest brother, “Why can’t I be the knight?” his face was all red, I presumed from being in that costume. Dennis pointed his wooden sword, “Cause James was operating the Camera and I’m older!” Then Brian from behind the camera, holding two plastic cups to make the horse clicking noises, said, “And if I was the knight, it would be awkward! She’s my Sister for goodness sake!!” James turned around to Brian, pointing the camera to him, “Very good point, Brian.” Then suddenly, Dennis cried out, “HEY! GET DOWN FROM THERE!” James turned back around to see me climbing the tree. Brian nearly had a cow, “OH MY GOD! CAITLYN!!” I sat on the lowest branch, which was about five feet and a half from the ground. “Oh crud biscuits…” James said behind the camera, “If she rips that, Mom’s going to be super mad.” then Brian yelled at me to get down. I dangled my feet, “No! If I’m the princess, Then I need to be in a tower!” I found it to be very clever logic. They boys really didn’t seem to agree. “Caitlyn,” Dennis tried, “please come down? You’re important in all of this video!” I shook my head, and threw my petty purple paper hat at him.


Needless to say, after Ten minutes of trying to get me to get down from the tree, the camera ran out of batteries. And now, both of our families have good blackmail. “Hey, Caitlyn,” Brian snapped his fingers at me, “Earth to La-la Land! We’re home!” I blinked. I had my phone open, still texting Jon. He sighed, “C’mon, the surprise won’t wait forever!” I smiled and got out of the car, grabbing George and Bo along with my bag. We walked into the house, I dropped off my stuff in my room, then Brian took me out back.


“SURPRISE!!” yelled everyone in my yard, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAITLYN!!” My eyes widened along with my smile in surprise. Everyone was there; James, Dennis, Andrew, Ellie, Desiree, and Aimee. Desiree and Ellie came up and gave me a huge hug. Ellie I had just seen at school today, but Desiree went to an alternative High school, and I hadn’t seen her since last weekend. When the two girls finally un-hugged me, Aimee hugged me as well. I hadn’t seen her in so long, since she was now home schooled. Then the Thomas brothers all hugged me at once. If you’ve ever had three teenage boys, all roughly under six foot but very strong, hug you at once, then you can somehow only begin to understand not only a.) how funny it looked, and b.) how close to suffocation I was! When they finally let me go, my basset hound Muttley, placed her large front paws on my legs and howled. I smiled and rubbed her head affectionately, “Thank you Muttley! Whose my obnoxious puppy dog? You are!” And I kissed the top of her head. I looked at my friends with a large smile, “This is freaking awesome!! Thank y’all so much!” Ellie looked at me with that huge grin she always has, “It wasn’t our idea first!” then Desiree smiled, “Yeah, Brian came up with the idea and just told us not to tell you!” I looked at Brian, who was smiling widely. I ran up to him and hugged him, nearly bringing him to the ground. “Thank you!” I said, “I love y’all so much!”


Then Andrew held out a wrapped present to me, “Me and my brothers combined our money to get you something.” I smiled at him, “My brothers and I…” I corrected his English, “Yeah whatever, Just open it.” I smiled and took the gift. First I shook it, no noise. When I opened it, I gasped. In my lap, was a yellow hard-case for a violin. I opened it, seeing the inside was a blue velvet type thing. “For George and Bo,” I looked up with a large smile, “and her name will be Sunshine.” All the girls laughed. Ellie knew the importance of naming instruments, having a blue electric guitar named Sapphire. Desiree did have a guitar and a clarinet, neither of which were played nor named. The party itself was funny, with all the dancing we did, and the cake, and all of us just acting silly! This was a moment I wanted to keep forever… Days like that happen once in a great while.

© 2011 Demka Ekaterina Belikov

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Demka Ekaterina Belikov
Demka Ekaterina Belikov

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