Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Eight




My phone went off a week later as I was sleeping. I sat up, waking up from a bizarre dream. I looked at my ringing phone. Of course, Jon was calling me! I couldn’t help but sigh, smiling, and I answered, “Hello?”


“Hey sweetheart,” Jon greeted through the phone, “did I wake you?” I couldn’t help but laugh, as I swung my feet over the edge of the bed. Standing, I answered him, “Well yes, but I’m glad you did…” I began to make my bed, while putting the phone on speaker. He chuckled, “Well that’s good,” and I smiled; he was sweet at times. I could figure out what was telling me that he wasn’t… Well, right. “Hey, I have a question.”


I looked over to the open phone on my nightstand, questioningly, “Yes?”

He replied, “Well, do you want to come over?” I blinked, heart leaping. I had never gone to his place before; he’s usually the one to come over. Maybe I was finally going to meet his parents. After a minute of thinking all of this, I answered, “Sure, do I need a ride or what?” all he did was laugh quietly to himself, “Nah, I’ll come get you.” Crap, that is exactly what I was afraid of, “Okay, sounds good! When are you coming over?” A few seconds passed before he answered me, “As soon as I can. See you then…” and with that, he hung up. I sighed, now I had to hurry and get ready.


Ten minutes passed and I was sitting in my living room waiting. No one was home, both my parents had left for work and Brian was at a friends house. I was petting Muttley, when a horn honked outside. I smiled to myself, placed the note on the coffee table, stating that I was hanging out with Jon and I’d be home before ten. I walked out the door and into his car. He smiled at me, “Morning.” I smiled with a small chuckle, not saying anything. He sped off, like always, and I held on to the handle. After what felt like going to hell and back, I opened my eyes to see that I was in a totally different part of town. I looked around as I got out. The houses looked older and not taken care of. The grass was green in some areas. I rubbed the back of my neck uncomfortably, I felt way too out of place. Jon looked at me, “Don’t be scared, everyone is probably over at Cavazos.” I looked at him; he meant the middle school, right? I wasn’t exactly too sure as to what to say to that, so I nodded, walking around the front of the car. He took my hand, “Sorry you’re not going to meet my mom, she’s at work.” I nodded again, still unsure of what to say.


We entered the house, it was fairly normal on the inside. I took a deep breath with relaxation, but before I could exhale, I began to cough. Jon looked to me and nodded, “Yeah, sorry about that, my mom smokes, and her boyfriend… well, I won’t say.” I blinked; maybe he didn’t want to talk about it because he didn’t like his mom’s boyfriend? Jon smiled weakly, then he sniffed the air and groaned, hiding his head in his hand, “Don’t tell me…” I looked at him confused, suddenly we heard someone else coughing. It sounded like a man. I blinked, slightly surprised, and I looked at him as if to ask who was that.


Then a guy who was tall, had a buzzed hair cut, tattoo’s, and a tan skin complexion, came out from around the corner, “Jon!” he laughed, “Buddy!” Jon just rolled his eyes. I blinked, was this the boyfriend of his mothers? He looked to me, and I noticed he had something that looked like a cigarette in his hand, “Who’s this cute little white girl?” I gulped and out of instinct, cowered behind Jon. He answered the other man, “Her name is Caitlyn, and she’s my girlfriend.”


The man laughed again, “How adorable,” he took a drag, “where’s your Madre at, kid?” I looked to Jon, who just looked mad as hell. He crossed his arms, “Working, unlike your lazy, weed smoking a*s.” He pointed his ‘cigarette’ at Jon, “Hey, don’t forget, you smoke too…” he took a drag from the what I now realized to be was a blunt. Jon closed his eyes and swore under his breath, “Caitlyn didn’t need to know that, a*****e!”


“What did you call me, punk?” I gulped. Jon pushed me aside and walked up to the bigger man, “You heard me, a*s… hole…” he acted as if he was trying to clarify. The man took a swing at Jon as I gasped, raising my hands to my mouth. The fight ensued, bloody lips, bruises, the man even burned the side of Jon’s face with the blunt. I was crying, “Stop it! Stop it!” That was when the door opened. A beautiful, skinny, long black hair (up in a pony-tail), tan skin woman walked in holding a bag of groceries. She gasped, “Gabe! Jon!” she placed the groceries on the cabinet right by the door and ran over. The woman pulled them apart, while I stood there frozen like a statue.


“Hey baby, look, I’m sorry… Your kid just seems to piss me off so much at times…”

“I have a name, dick!”

“Both of you, shut the hell up!” She looked to Jon, “I’m tired, and I just want to come home to you two not fighting for once…” Jon pursed his lips in bitterness, but he held his tongue and looked down. The woman looked to the man, “Gabe, please… For once could you control yourself?”


I don’t exactly remember what happened next, but those two left to go to a party, I think… All I remember is when Jon growled (literally), and punched the couch. I gasped to myself, I had no clue what to do. Jon looked up to me, “I’m sorry you had to see that…” I blinked and slowly walked up to him. “It’s… okay… no one’s perfect…” He chuckled in a pissed manner and stormed off, “Wait here… we’re about to have some fun.” I gulp, what did he mean by that? I sat on the couch, afraid of what was going to happen.


Suddenly in the mist of my thoughts, Jon came back with a lighter that had a skull. He lit the blue and yellow flame onto the joint, taking a drag, then coughing quietly. I coughed not so quietly, the smell was so horrible. He looked at me with a smile, “I feel better already, wanna drag, babe?” I shook my head, “I don’t smoke… it’s bad for you…” he lifted his head back, “Love, marijuana is used to treat cancer… It really isn’t addictive… it’s an anti-depressant…” He took a second drag, blowing smoke out of his nose like a dragon. I felt my eyes beginning to water, not good because my eyeliner would start to run. He looked back to me smiling as always, “C’mon… one puff?” I didn’t even have the chance to say no, the blunt was placed into my hand, lifted to my mouth, and I was told to breathe by Jon, who was holding my hand. In one breath, I was coughing up a storm, but I felt light headed in a good way. I sat there as he finished half of the blunt and put it out. He laughed quietly as he placed it into his pocket, “That’s better…” I’m not sure if I was directly high or had a contact high, but I wasn’t sure If I felt good or bad… Jons’ laughed caught my attention again, “Okay… Let’s do something…” I looked at him and immediately out of my mouth came, before I could think, “I’m not going to have sex…” he laughed again, “Please, honey, It’s not a good idea to have sex,” he chuckled, “when you’re high.” he laughed, “Things get too dry…” he busted out into laughter while I stayed quiet.


“Okay,” I said after his laughter subsided, “then what do you want to do?” He looked at me and stood up, “It’s time for a joy ride!” he exclaimed as he took my hand, and then he dragged me out to the car. I blinked in confusion; “Is it a good idea to drive?” he just laughed and started up the engine. This couldn’t have been good.


He sped off, I didn’t even notice how fast time was passing us. He drove to down town, to the Civic Center’s empty parking lot and sped around in circles. He hollered in excitement as the tires screeched, and I felt sick to my stomach, but a lingering hunger was also in the mists of the stomach pain. “Jon, please! Stop it, I feel sick…” I can’t remember if I had said this out loud or in my head. He then drove at a speed of over one hundred (I looked at the speedometer). I was crying and I did not care, this was going to kill me! He drove around down town, then I noticed he turned the wrong way on a one way street! I screamed in fear, and then I noticed the other car, I do remember shouting, “Jon! Watch out for that truck!” just as Jon swerved severely to get out of the way, and he kept swerving cars for about three blocks. He finally turned into a parking lot, coming to a halt. He was panting slightly as sweat was beading on his forehead. I was sobbing now, what the hell was I doing? I felt like I had no control. After a minute or so (but it felt like hours to me), I looked at him trying to look like I was serious, which I was, but I for sure did not look it. “Take me home, now.” I said, then breathing, a sob escaping, I added, “Please.” My boyfriend was silent, not in a guilty way, but in a bitter remorseful way. This caused a roaring silence in the car as he took me back home.


It felt like an eternity, but I arrived home at around three in the afternoon. I was breathing raggedly as I stopped crying. I got out of the car, then Jon called out to me, “Babe, I’m sorry, but this is the way I am… I like the adrenaline…” I couldn’t even speak, And I remember him saying to me, “Love ya, babe…” then he sped off. I sighed, realizing my brother was home, but my parents were not, thank God too… I walked into the house, hoping not to be seen by anyone, “Caitlyn! You’re back early!” I flinched. Brian walked up, and scrunched up his nose, “What’s that smell?” I quickly lied to him about his parents smoking. I ran up the stairs clumsily, to my room. I quickly changed into pajamas, took my smelly cloths to the laundry room, created a new load, and started the washer. With that, I went back up stairs. Closing my door, I began to cry again. I jumped onto my bed, just wishing I never did that…




“He’s my best friend, best of all best friends! Do you have a best friend too?”


I opened my eyes as my phone began to ring, why was Andrew calling me? I answered my phone, “Hello…?” I sounded like crap, and it concerned my best friend, “Caitlyn? Are you okay? You sick?” I sighed, “You worry too much, honey…” I hid my face underneath a pillow, I felt like my head was going to explode. I felt his smile through the phone, “Well, happy Friday!” I laughed at his statement, nothing happy about it… “Yeah,” I replied, “happy Friday.”


“Caitlyn, I’m sorry, but I’m worried… I don’t trust Jon…” I grunted in an amused manner, you’re not the only one, “because Haylee told me about him… she’s his ex you know…” I nodded, still feeling like crap, “Yeah, I know.”


We continued our usual tradition of talking on the phone. Please, tell me why I am so afraid? I thought, I want to tell you… but I can’t…

© 2011 Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Author's Note

Demka Ekaterina Belikov
Next chapter for the week, we see why Jon is the way he is... and a near deth experience with weed? Oh the calamity! and it's not even the climax yet!

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