Chapter Four

Chapter Four

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Four



It wasn’t long until it was the last week of school. Final test reviews, standardized testing over, and done with. I was almost sad to not be going to school for three months. Well, In geography, we all had already taken our test, so this fine half day we sat and talked. Jon came over across the room and sat next to me. “Hey, Caitlyn.” he said with his usual mysterious smile. It caused me to smile, “Hey, Jon,” he was super sexy, “what’s up?” He shrugged, “Not a whole lot, but I was kinda wondering…” I blinked at him in wonder, “What?”


He smiled, “Well, I want to know, your single, right?” I nodded, feeling a small blush creep across my face. He chuckled, “Well, not for long. You wanna go out sometime?” I tried not to scream in joy. I gasped, however, my heart leaped and after about thirty seconds of silence, and pondering, I replied, “Sure!” He smiled coolly, “Awesome,” Then the bell rang, “I’ll text you later, maybe we can do something this Saturday?” I nodded, standing as I did so, “Yeah, awesome, I-I’ll see if I can.” He smiled and waved in a cool way. Two fingers together, almost like a salute, “Text you later.”


After school I ran to my brothers car, “Brian!” he looked, “What’s up, Caitlyn?” I smiled happily at him, “Guess what!” He sighed, choir must have been hell, “What?” I jumped happily, “I have a boyfriend!!” He blinked at me, “What? Since when?”


“Second period.” I laughed.

“No way, you?


I punched his arm, “No, I’m serious!” we got into the car and drove home. I pulled out my phone and sent a mass text to Ellie, Desiree, and Andrew; “Hey y’all, guess what!!”


“What?” is basically what they all replied at the same time. “I have a boyfriend >w<”


“Really? Awe~ That’s soo cute Caitlyn :3” Ellie replied.

“Really now? Congratulations!” Desiree replied.


“That’s odd, cause I have a girlfriend now too ^.^” was Andrews

reply. I cooed as I entered my room, “That’s cool!” I replied, “Do I know her?”


“No, she goes to Monterey” I nodded as I read it. Interesting, “How did you meet her?”


“We go to church together (:” I laughed. Of course. This was Andrew after all. Granted, someone told me that he had a crush on me, but I blew it off, finding it impossible. He was my best guy friend. No way he would like me.


Suddenly my mom knocked on my door, “Caitlyn,” I looked up after replying to Andrew, “I thought you weren’t allowed to date until you were 16??” She opened the door and smiled, “Brian just told me the good news.” I smiled and laughed, “He did?” Great, now my mom knew.


She sat on my bed, “Well I’m excited for you! You have your first boyfriend!” I laughed, it was true. She smiled, “Do I get to meet this boy?” I shrugged, “I think Saturday you might.” She smiled as I texted him, “Hey, you still good for tomorrow?” My mom, being a mom squealed. It’s not like it was that big of a deal… Okay maybe it was, but nothing to be gaga about. H replied quickly, “Sorry, I can’t, not this Saturday, but the next one. Sorry babe, maybe Monday?” I looked at my mom, “Change of plans, going on Monday instead.” Mom smiled, “Alright darling, I can wait. I smiled as she walked out of my room. I just knew that at dinner Dad would ask me more stuff about Jon too.




I finished dinner around seven and decided that since it was Friday, I would call Andrew. Ever since we were in the eighth grade, when we got cell phones and before we got texting, we vowed to always call each other on Friday nights. Even now that we have texting we still do. I was in his sprint circle thing and I got free minutes after seven since I was with AT&T. It was just a friend thing. Nothing more, nothing less.


I opened my phone and dial his speed dial number, nine. I had my laptop open and was about to IM Desiree. “Hello?” Andrew answered, “Hey buddy!” I said into the phone and he laughed, “Hey, what’s up Caitlyn?” I shrugged, “Not much, chatting with Desiree; bored, you?”


“Same here,” he said, “The bored part, not chatting with Desiree… that would be weird.” he laughed as I chuckled, “That’s funny, dude. What cha gonna do tomorrow?” he paused, “I think I’ll be going to the mall with Haylee…” Desiree sent me a message then, “Hey, what’s up?” I held my phone with my shoulder to my ear as I typed, “Haylee who?” I knew he meant his girlfriend, but Lubbock’s a big small town, People some how know each other. “Haylee Johnson… I told you that you wouldn’t know her…” I shrugged, “You never know.” I typed, “Talking to Andrew on the phone, he just told me that his ‘girlfriend’s’ name is Haylee Johnson.” He laughed, “Cause you know everything, don’t cha?” I laughed, “Never deny that of a woman.” He laughed again at my feministic ways. Ping! New message from Desiree, “What? Haylee?? Haylee Johnson? What the crap! No way!!” I blinked, “Hey Andrew, I think Des here knows Haylee…” he scoffed on the other side of the phone, “No way… Desiree?” he laughed, “There’s no way.” I listened to him ramble as I typed, “You know her?” She replied within two seconds, “We went to Westover together. She use to be my Best Friend… Ask if she has red hair.” I blinked at the message and repeated, “Red hair?” Andrew stopped talking, “Huh? What was that Caitlyn?” I blinked and said, “Does Haylee have red hair, Andrew?”


“Well, yeah… how’d you know that?” I looked out my window, “Cause my best friend use to be best friends with her!” Silence. I began to type, “Yes, she does. So you know Andrew’s Girlfriend, eh?” Andrew spoke again, “Huh… Lubbock really is a small town, ain’t it?” I nodded, “Oh yeah… It really is.” I sighed, “I was gonna go to the mall with Jon too… but he can’t on Saturday… I gotta wait until Monday.” Ping, type. In the background I heard Andrew snap his fingers, “I know, you should come with me and Haylee to the mall tomorrow!” I smiled and laughed, “Alright under one condition.”


“Okay…” Andrew said hesitantly, “What?” I smiled and crossed my arms, “Start snogging each other, and I get to throw ice at you!” Andrew laughed, “Oh God… we only started going out on Sunday! I doubt were gonna kiss this soon!” I heard him stick his tongue out at me. I replied with the same noise. Ping, type. Desiree decided to go to bed. After that last goodnight ping, I closed my laptop. “Well Andrew,” I said, “I’m going to say that I would love to go to the mall tomorrow with you and Haylee.” I laughed, “Mostly because I want to meet my best friends ex-best friend.” Andrew laughed, “What? Jealous that you weren’t first?” I shrugged, “Course not, cause I had a best friend before her and Ellie…”


“Really?” Andrew sounded disbelieving, “Who was that?” I rolled my eyes, “You, dummy-face.” I stuck my tongue out again. He laughed, “Okay I’ll accept that.” I smiled and shook my head, mostly because it was true. “Just remember,” he said, “My Dad’s gonna take us to the mall… and he doesn’t know about me and Haylee…” I nodded, refraining from correcting his grammar. “So, as far as he knows, I’m going to hang out with the churches youth group at the mall…” I nodded, it did sound something his church would do. “Okay, I can do that.” I smiled, “Great, well, I’m getting tired. Good night, Caitlyn.” I smiled, “G’night, Andrew.” And I hung up on him. I sighed, getting up to shut off the light. I got under the blanket and smiled, “Today was an amazing day,” I whispered to myself, drifting off to my dreams…

© 2011 Demka Ekaterina Belikov

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