Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Six




I walked back into my house after the morning class of Driver’s Ed. I was extremely exhausted. This was only going to be happening for only sixteen days, I thought… I fell on to the couch and groaned, “I need a nap…” I said into the pillow, Brian and the brothers just laughed at me while they were playing the Xbox. I looked up to them and stuck my tongue out at them. Always, I refrained from using my middle finger around the Thomas clan… they didn’t take too kindly to it. My phone began to ring, I moaned again at the sound of Beethoven’s Fifth, the disco rock version, my default ringtone.


I looked at the number, which was unfamiliar of course, and answered grudgingly, “Hello?” almost immediately, a familiar voice said, “Hey Caitlyn, you ready?” I blinked for a second, realizing who was calling, sat up, “Jon!” I exclaimed, “W-Why is your number different?” he laughed at my surprise, “I’m using my sister’s phone, mine died and I lost the charger in my bed.” I laughed quietly, and then he continued, “So, are you ready to go?” I blinked, but then remembered, “Um, yes?” Crap-tastic, I thought. He then said that he would be there, I gave him my address as I ran upstairs to get ready. I quickly threw on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with holes in random spots covering the skin with black lace, and also had silver paint splatters all over them. I threw on an old Church camp shirt (Black with a red paint splatter heart that had the phrase The Vital Link).


I flew down the stairs still brushing my hair, just as the door bell rang. Holy crap! That was extremely fast, I thought, and answered the front door. There he was, he smiled bright white teeth to me, “Hey,” I smiled, laughing quietly, unsure of what to say. He looked me up and down, smile weakening… I tilted my head, and suddenly, someone had their hands on my shoulders. I jumped and yelped, seeing as I was easily scared. I looked behind me to see my mother smiling brightly, “Caitlyn! I had no idea your boyfriend was coming over! You didn’t tell me he was cute!” She said, embarrassing he hell out of me, “Mom…” I said in a harsh whisper, noticing that the boys paused the game and turning to see. Jon chuckled, “Thank you, Mrs. Reed.” She smiled, “Call me Deirdre.” I hid my face behind my hand. Get me out of here, I thought.


A few minutes later, and a lot of small talking, we left to Jon’s car. I blinked as I entered the passenger side by myself. He got into the drivers seat and revved the engine. “How are you driving already?” He laughed coolly, “Let’s just say,” he began as he drove off quickly, “I have my ways…” I grabbed on to the ‘oh s**t’ handle, as my father called them, as he slammed his brakes at the red light. My heart was racing, and my head was spinning with questions; what did he mean buy “I have my ways?” Does he have a license already? Why did he use his sister’s phone? Why is he speeding so much?! I closed my eyes in fear, unsure of if I should trust his driving. The hard stopping, the sudden jolts of speed, the loud sound of his black mustang engine, it was making me feel sea sick… I wanted to cry and pray for my life, because I honestly did not want to die like this.


“Hey sweetheart,” he said after what felt like an eternity, “we’re here… what? Where you scared?” I opened my eyes to look at him. No s**t I was scared, I thought to myself and wanted to say aloud, you drive like a moron! All I did though was blink my wide eyes and gulped, “Well…” that was all I said, or had the chance to say, when Jon interrupted me, “C’mon, you know I wouldn’t kill you.” He winked at me and got out of the car. I blinked and shivered, no longer in excitement, but in fear… Something told me not to trust him, that he was lying, that his wink and promise was meaningless… I shook my head, “It’s just an adrenaline rush… No biggy…” I got out of the car, and he offered his hand out for me to hold. I smiled, and shakily I took his hand and we entered through JCPenny’s.


The date itself was normal. Walking through the mall like any bored teenager does during the summer. It only got, well for lack of a better word, bizarre. We sat at the food court and we shared a Chinese take-out type thing that he bought (the odd thing is, I don’t remember him mentioning having a job), we sat talking about subjects that I do not remember, when all of a sudden, a friend from my Orchestra class came up to me. It was David, the other bass play out of three that we had in the JV. I smiled, “David! Hey!” He looked over and gave me the ‘sup’ nod. I ran up to him from the table and gave him a hug. We laughed and talked for a minute before he left. I smiled and sat back down at the table with Jon, who looked a little peeved.


“Who was that?” he asked, something was off in his tone. I shrugged, “A friend from orchestra…” he crossed his arms, “What kind of friend?” I lifted an eyebrow, “Just a friend…” I had no clue where he was getting at, so I chuckled slightly, while he just continued looking serious. I looked around and lifted my shoulders, “What?” I asked exasperated. He narrowed his eyes, “Caitlyn, you look like a s**t right now,” I blinked and sat back in confusion, “and I don’t think you should be talking to other guys when you dress like that.” I blinked again and furrowed my eyebrows, “Uh, for one thing, what is so s****y about what I’m wearing?” I motioned to my outfit. “It’s just a T-Shirt and jeans.” He scoffed like he had a chip in his shoulder, “It makes you butt and b***s look big… and guys take a liking to those you know.” I gave him a look that said what the hell is your problem, “They’re skinny jeans! And this shirt is a little bit small, I agree, but that doesn’t mean its showing my b***s to the world!” He laughed, “Alright, to stop this ridiculous arguing, either you learn how to dress on a date, or you don’t talk to other guys.” Okay, now he was just asking for me to climb Mount Everest with out any clothing on… “Uh, you wanna bet?” I said defending my rights. He stood up fast, knocking the food off the table to the floor, hands on the table and in my face, “B***h, don’t be a smart-a*s!” I leaned back, all of a sudden afraid that he was going to hit me or yell more.


He closed his eyes and sat back down, “I’m sorry, Caitlyn… I get mad easily… I don’t know what came over me…” I looked at him. Something told me that he just was not worth it… something bad will happen if I stay with him… “It’s okay…” I felt as if I was just watching this like a bad dream or a movie, because I had no clue where the words were coming from. He looked up to me with a sad, yet not sad smile. It was like he was playing. I blinked, unsure of what to do or say. Suddenly his phone was blaring a song by Korn. He answered the phone, it was very nice, “What?” he said into the phone, he nodded, he smiled slyly, “Don’t worry man, I’ll have them over before midnight.” He laughed, “Have I ever lied to you, Jeremy?” he laughed, “Alright, see you then. Adios…” He hung up the phone, I blinked at him confused. He shrugged, “Sorry about that… Someone wants a few books I have at home…” he shrugged, “No big deal.” I nodded, unsure of what he meant by that. My phone began to ring then too. I looked at it and thank God, it was Andrew… I had to lie though. So I opened the phone and said, “Hi Mom,”


Jon sat back, with a look of, ‘oh crap’ on his face. “Hey Caitlyn,” Andrew sounded confused, but went on “I was just wondering if when you get home, you’d want to come over and swim at my house? I asked your mom and she said yes already…” I acted like I had no clue what time it was, “Oh crap, I’m sorry mom… I’ll be home as soon as possible…” Andrew paused for a second, “Um… okay? I’ll see you soon then?” I nodded, looking like I truly was guilty for being late home, “Okay mom, I’m sorry, I love you!” the blonde on the other end sounded like he hit his forehead, “Okay, bye?” I smiled, “Bye!” and hung up the phone. I was good at acting, I did take lessons for a while when I was seven or eight… I looked to Jon, “Hun, I’m sorry, but my mom wants me home...” He nodded and stood up, “Okay,” he said, and we walked to his car


The ride home just seemed to be more frightening than the ride to the mall. I closed my eyes again, praying for dear life. He came to an official stop at my house, and smiled at me coolly, “I hope you had a good time...” I nodded, not saying anything. He chuckled; “It may be too early, but...” he leaned over to kiss my cheek. I jumped a little, but I didn’t slap him or anything. I wasn’t sure why I was scared of Jon, he was so sweet… “Well, sleep well…” I nodded at him, blushing, “Bye Jon…” I got out of the car and was barely able to close the door from the safety of the curb, when he sped off. I sighed, “I am so confused.” And with that I entered my house to change for swimming at Andrew’s house.

© 2011 Demka Ekaterina Belikov

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