Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Five



She was a down right b***h. From the moment I saw her I did not like her. Haylee Johnson; the red headed, happy-go-lucky, clingy, preppy, snobby girl who was going out with Andrew. For a Mormon, she wasn’t exactly the kindest person on the planet. We got out of Mr. Thomas’s silver van and went into the food court through Sears. Immediately, she saw us. Andrew smiled and waved, I had no idea what to say or even do. Here I was in black cargo pants, a yellow tee-shirt with a panda on it, and a Hard Rock Café Beanie; eyeliner, black nail polish, dark black eye shadow, and mascara; black Converse, A Road Less Traveled wristband on my right wrist, and silly-bandz on my left wrist (approximately 20, all in different colors). All and all, I was dressed like I normally am, a punk. Haylee was in an aqua tee-shirt with no design, a pair of light blue skinny jeans, golden Roman looking sandals, a lonely silver bangle on her left wrist, pretty solar tipped nails (not even good looking solar tipped nails). She had a purse, and wore base to cover her freckles (Ellie does that cause she hates her freckles, and is also a red head) along with only mascara, and way too much chap stick. Over all, she was what I despised the most; A prep.


She ran over and hugged Andrew tightly. I was shocked. What the hell, batman?! No one was allowed to hug Andrew except for his mother, Lizzy, Desiree, Ellie, and me! Emphasis on me! It wasn’t that I was jealous. No, Of course not! Just a little bit defensive over my best friend. That is all! I still couldn’t believe that Desiree was friends with her… Well she was a popular kid in elementary… Still hard to believe… She looked at me after her hug, giggled then looked at me. I could see it in her eyes, the change from ‘Yay!’ to, ‘whose this b***h?’ I frowned and crossed my arms. “Whose this, Andy?” Andy? ANDY?! NO! His name was ANDREW! Andrew Joseph Thomas! What gives you the freaking right to call him Andy?! I wanted to shout this at her. Instead, I blinked; I had a look of disgust, ‘what the crap,’ written on my face, and cocked my eyebrow at Andrew. Oh yeah, I was pissed. Andrew coughed, “Um, this is my best friend, Caitlyn Reed. She’s in Orchestra with me.” I gave her a fake smile. She looked me up and down and looked back to Andrew with big innocent blue eyes, “She’s not a Christian, is she?”


“Whoa, Whoa, WHOA! Back the truck up!” I said, and lifted my index finger, “First of all, Who are you to judge weather or not I believe in Christ? Second, I’ll have you know I am a Baptist, and I am damn proud of it! Third, there is no third point, other than the fact that your two-faced!” She gasped at me and looked offended, “Wow, I had no Idea Andy associated with girls like you…” I took a step closer, “Call him Andy one more time b***h, and I’m going to punch you back into the first day of kinder--” Andrew stopped me in my tracks, “Whoa, okay! Calm down guys!” He looked into my green eyes, “Breath Caitlyn, relax.” I looked into his grey-blue eyes and was instantly calm. I realized what was happening; I took a step back, and lowered my eyes, “Sorry…” I muttered. He looked back to Haylee who grabbed his arm in a clingy way, “Yeah, I’m sorry too, Andy.”


“Andrew,” I said stubbornly to myself




We sat at a table just outside the Chinese cuisine place in the mall. I wanted Chinese, Andrew wanted a burger, and Little miss ‘oh I just ate before we came here’ got a small bag of regular Cheetohs. One word: GROSS! Andrew ate his burger slowly, I guess he was trying not to act like a pig in front of his girlfriend. I, on the other hand, didn’t give a crap and I ate as if I was at home or a friends house, like a dude. She looked at me from where she was sitting next to Andrew who was across from me. She looked disgusted (success!). She suck her tongue out in a gagging motion, “How can you eat so much MSG like that? It‘s so groady!” I looked at her, my eyes told her to f**k off, but my mouth said, “I’m not picky about what I eat.” I shrugged and took another bite of the chicken. She rolled her eyes and ate another Cheetoh. Andrew looked like he was about to explode from the tension between us all.


We finished eating and Haylee held on to Andrew’s arm. “The moral of the story,” Andrew concluded his ten minute long joke that I have heard so many times (and it never gets old), “You gotta look both ways before you cross the street.” I smiled and laughed quietly, Haylee on the other hand giggled like a maniac, “O.M.G.,” she said in a preppy way, “Andy, your so funny!”


“Andrew.” I corrected her again.


Andrew smiled, “Thanks Haylee…” He looked at her with his cool blue-grey eyes… No… he use to look at me like that! When I laughed at his jokes, when I was sad, or angry, or scared… He looked at me like that, and only me! She doesn’t deserve it! “I’m glad you think I’m funny.” She giggled, “Your also handsome, and smart, and romantic…” No… shut up, you stupid b***h… stop it… “Really?” Andrew sounded amazed, “Well, I think your cute, and brilliant, and a sweetheart…” No, no, no! Please stop it… you can’t tell that to her! She’s not worth it… “Oh Andy!” She cooed, “I think I love you!”


“NO YOU DON’T YOU STUPID LYING B***H!!” I shout at them and stood up angrily, “AND FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME, HIS NAME IS ANDREW!” They looked up at me kind of wide eyed after my out burst. People around us got quiet. I blushed embarrassed and sat back down and coughed, “S-Sorry about that…” I couldn’t even look up at them. Now this was an awkward silence. Andrew coughed, “Well then, um… I think I’ll go ahead and take y’alls trash away now.” He took our boxes and her Cheetoh bag. I looked up and Haylee, “Listen here, Caity…” I glared at her, “It’s Caitlyn.” She ignored that fact, “I’m kinda sensing a bit of jealousy from you.” I continued to glare at her, “What are you talking about?” I said it with out faltering, cause I wasn’t jealous… at lest, I didn’t think so. She sneered at me, “Please, every time I call him Andy your always correcting me!” I crossed my arms, “Cause his name is Andrew, not Andy!” She laughed, “Oh Cait, Cait, Cait…” I glared at her, “Caitlyn!” She looked at me, “Whatever. Just Remember this. Jealousy is a sickness…” I glared at her, “Oh don’t be preaching to me little girl. I’m not Jealous, because I know Andrew can do better than you!”


“Oh really now?” She said and crossed her arms, “Can you name someone?” I was silent, I want to shout at her me! But I couldn’t… I just couldn’t… No, No, I do not like him… She sneered, “I knew it… I knew it all along. Your no longer a tough girl… you have a soft spot for that boy… well let me tell you something.” She leaned over and whispered to me, “He’s mine!” I fumed and shouted at her, not as loudly as I probably could’ve, “I can’t believe that you use to be Desiree Smith’s best friend! Your such a f*****g b***h!!” She looked at me confused, “You know Dessy?” I glared at her again, “Her Name is either Desiree, or Des.” I crossed my arms and groaned in annoyance, “You think your so freaking innocent and cute when you give people annoying nicknames!” I sat up tall, “Your such a two-faced b***h.” She glared at me, not saying anything. “Oh, and since you are two-faced, why don’t you make at least one face pretty?” She gasped and looked offended again. I sneered and Andrew came back, “Hey guys! What did I miss?” Silence. More Tension. Oh yes, this is how I pictured my first Saturday of summer to be.


I tried to see if I could try and ditch them. So I pulled out my phone and pretended to get a text message. I looked up at Andrew, “Hey Andrew, I’m gonna have to leave y’all.” I stood and he looked up at me, “Okay… why?” I looked at him and pulled off a happy looking smile, “Jon just told me that he was at Hot Topic and I told him I would go over and meet him there.” Andrew looked confused, “I though y’all two weren’t going to the mall until Monday?” I shrugged. Then Haylee looked at us both, “Jon who?” We looked at her and I answered, “Jon Rodriguez… He’s a punk skater boy, y‘know, my type of boy… why?” Haylee’s blue eyes widened in fear. She gasped, “Oh my God! He-He’s here?! Right now? In this mall??” I nodded, “Yeah…” I answered slowly. Haylee gasped and almost seemed to hyper-ventilate, “Oh God! I-I have to get out of this place!” She stood. Andrew stood wit her, “Haylee?” She looked at him, “No, please! I have to hide!” and she ran for Sears. Andrew yelled after her and we both ran into the store behind her. I was so confused, why did she react like that?


We ran around the store trying to find her, so we decided to split up. I took upstairs and Andrew took downstairs. I looked around for what seemed like an hour, it very well could’ve been only ten minutes, when I found her hiding in a circular clothes thing. She was crying. I looked at her, “Haylee?” She looked up, still wide eyed and teary. I looked at her, “How do you know him? How do you know my boyfriend?” She looked down and sniffled, “I… I’m his ex… W-We went out in middle school.” A sob escaped her lips. I blinked in confusion. She looked back up and whispered, “He’s not what he seems…” I blinked again, what the hell? She held her arms and sobbed again. I tilted my head, “What?” I whispered. Haylee looked up, and said in a regretful and warning tone, “What ever you do, don’t let him play… The Game.” I scrunched up my face in confusion, “What’s The Game?” this only made her cry more. I jumped and tried to shush her, “Hey, hey, calm down!” I heard a voice not to far off, “Caitlyn? Have you found her yet?” I looked over to my left and Andrew is running over. I nodded, “She’s in here.” and I pointed. He ran over and began to calm her down. She came out eventually, and stopped sobbing.


After all this, I hugged Andrew good-bye and left the store and headed towards the exit around the corner. I texted my brother, “Okay, Come and get me now.” When he arrived I got into the car and sighed in a mad manner. He looked at me and drove off, “I take it you didn’t like his girlfriend, eh?” I rolled my eyes, “She doesn’t deserve him.” was all I said, causing the ride back home to be in silence.




“So, she’s preppy?” Ellie asked me in shock. We were at her house; Desiree, Ellie and I had changed into basketball shorts, Ellie and I had long since clean the make-up off our faces (Desiree only wore make-up on a very, very rare occasion), and the three of us were pigging out on Lays chips and Julio’s Salsa. I nodded swallowing my piece of chip, “Oh yeah, she’s so preppy, it’s not even funny! You know what she said to Andrew about me to my face?” I questioned still mad about the ordeal, “She said, ‘she’s not Christian, isn’t she?’” I mimicked her voice (not really, I just talked like I had a stick up my butt and the stick had a stick up its’ butt, which is sad) Ellie and Desiree looked at me with ‘What the hell’ faces. I nodded, “Yeah, and you wanna know the worst thing?” I didn’t wait for a reply from either of them, “She called him Andy!!” I shuddered. God, I hated it when people called him that. They kinda chuckled, “I think somebody’s jealous!” I threw a pillow at Ellie, who made the remark, and laughed, “Shut up! He’s my best friend! No offense to y’all! ‘Cause your my best friends too ya know…”


“Yeah we know,” Desiree said, “but it’s still fun to make fun of you for it.” I rolled my eyes, “Don’t worry, Andrew makes fun of me about y’all too, my lesbian lovers…”I joked and we laughed. After I took another chip, I looked at Desiree, “I still can’t believed you were friends with that b***h.” Desiree shrugged, “I don’t know either… She almost sounds as bad as Alice now.” Ellie looked up at Desiree, “I know right? God, she was a b***h!!” She chewed on her food, “I’m glad she’s moving to San Antonio!” We all nodded and agreed. Alice had been all of our friends since the seventh grade (Desiree had known her longer though, sadly for her), and we all thought at first, she’s just a nerd-outcast like the rest of us. But then we learned she was a s**t. Or at least I did in the eighth grade when she told me she slept with this dude who was probably three or four years older. I was promised not to tell anyone. Though, to be frank, I have no idea who would want to f**k Alice… She was ugly and the vibe of SLUUUT just flowed off of her like a water fall. If you saw her yearbook picture, you‘d see what I mean. She tried to pull of the rocker look, like what the rest of us were actually doing well at… But she couldn’t even put eyeliner on right! She wore denim skirts all the time (which was very sluttish looking I might add) and I remember distinctly she would wear purple-color toned shirts that literally showed more than it needed. Yeah, she wasn’t a rocker, or a skater, or a punk. Alice Williams was a know-it-all w***e, plain and simple.


I sighed, getting back on subject with Haylee, “She pissed me off is all… I’m glad I was able to get out of there…” I decided not to mention the whole ordeal about Haylee being an ex of Jon’s. That was probably on a need to know basis, and they didn’t need to know… Though I wondered, what was the Game? It didn’t really sound too good… It was to be honest kinda worrying me. “Hey, Caitlyn, are you even listening?” I shook my head, “Huh? What happened?” I must’ve spaced out or something. Ellie repeated herself, “Don’t forget… We have Driver’s Ed on Monday.” I gasped, “Oh crap! I can’t believe I forgot!” Me and Ellie apparently somehow managed to get into the same Driver’s Ed class. It was weird, but cool at once. Desiree refused to take Driver’s Ed, because when she did drive with her mother, she ran into her house. It was traumatizing to say the lest. Ellie laughed, “Don’t worry Caitlyn, I did too.” I sighed, I still had to do that booklet… I sighed and checked my phone for the time. It was way past Midnight. “I think we should go to bed if we’re gonna go to Church tomorrow.” They nodded, suddenly feeling the sleepiness. Finally we all crawled into Ellie’s black queen sized bed… Washing the crappiness of the day away…

© 2011 Demka Ekaterina Belikov

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Okay im sorry to say this but WAY too dramatic. Too much yelling and bad-mouthing. I agree she acted like a b***h, and Caitlyn should be angry, but she shouldnt CALL her a b***h and yell at her until the end of their encounter. She should be thinking all that stuff, but not actually yelling it. In my opinion. It was just too...AHHHH. you know? I wanted to slap HER by the end of it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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