Made of Glass (Jasper POV)

Made of Glass (Jasper POV)

A Chapter by Charlie

Switching point of view again . . . This is Jasper's take on the the meeting with Dolly.


“Weird” I thought while driving away from the bar. That girl was something else. I didn’t know of too many humans that could stare down a vampire. Actually I didn’t know any humans that could stare me down. They usually just cowered in fear. She certainly wasn’t afraid. I could tell that even though my powers were just as useless on her as both Eddie’s and Alice’s had been. Plus she invited me up to her room. Alone. That takes some guts.

We were totally right about the whole thing. Eddie was being too reckless with her if she thought this was okay behavior.

And yet she saved me from going out in the sun. After how awful I had been toward her she stepped right in and saved my butt. That was so stupid. How could I not have been paying the slightest attention to something so important. I was done going out in the daytime. It was too much worry.

And she knew. She must have known to step in like that. Or at least she knew it was a bad idea for us to go out in the daylight. But Eddie said she didn’t know. Of course she had to have some suspicions after the incident at the river but that couldn’t account for what she did today. She had to know what we really were. Yet she didn’t want Eddie to know that she knew.

She was so bizarre.

Edward was going to be pissed at me for all of this, but it was worth it. I had learned some very valuable things. It was worth it just to discover what kind of girl she was. And the type of girl she was was the strong and selfless type. I couldn’t believe it but I actually kind of liked her. She was different and she was confident and she was herself first and foremost. She didn’t like other people telling her what to do and certainly didn’t like us telling Edward he couldn’t come here anymore.

I chuckled when I thought about her pet name for him. Eddie. I could say in the half a century I had known Edward I had never heard anyone call him that. Yes she was certainly different.

And she certainly smelled good. I shouldn’t have gone up into the room with her, but I had been able to control myself. Edward of course had it a lot worse around her than I would even though he was better at refraining than I was. The pull of her scent had to be a lot for him to handle. Yet he was handling it. And what had she said. She made him happy. He was having a good time with this strong woman who could stick up for herself and stare down vampires.

Why shouldn’t Edward have everything the rest of us had? Maybe he should just change her and get everyone off his back. That would really be the best solution. Well until then I would stop giving him a hard time about the whole thing. He was a big boy and he wouldn’t be in there if he didn’t think he could handle it and she could handle it. I had no doubts about that.

I pulled up to the garage and parked Edward’s car. I figured he wouldn’t be angry about me borrowing it without asking since he had so much other stuff to be angry about. I braced myself for his fury. I grimaced imagining his temper.

I was right. I hadn’t taken two steps away from the car when his stormy face appeared in the doorway.

“You could at least ask, Jaz! Where did you go?” He was clearly too far away from me to smell her on me. It was too much to hope that it would stay that way.

His eyes bulged when he caught a whiff of me and then I was being flung across the garage and smacked into the back wall. He pinned me there with his forearm seething. I stood absolutely still and calm. Although I frequently beat Edward during our friendly matches I wasn’t sure how well I’d do when he was truly angry and actually trying to hurt me. I didn’t want to find out.

“Relax, man,” I tried to sound bored.

“What did you do?” he said through clenched teeth.

“Nothing, your girl’s safe,” I tried to wiggled out of his grasp.

He growled at me and pushed me firmly back to the wall.

“What did you do?” he asked again louder this time.

“I just wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about. I wanted to know if you were ruining our family. You’re dead wrong if you think this only concerns you.”

“So I’m not allowed to go to the bar but it’s alright for everyone else?!”

“You have to see the difference,” I said still unaffected.

“You had no right!”

“I had every right! I didn’t lay a finger on her okay. I may have been a little rude to her,” I said now thinking back. “I’ll apologize to her if you’d like me too but I don’t think she was too offended.”

“You’ll apologize?” Edward said relaxing his grip a little.

“Sure. I can admit when I was wrong,”

“You were wrong?” he said more puzzled his anger slipping away just as quickly as it had appeared.

“Would you like to hear my final opinion?”

He took a step away from me and the wall. I rubbed my shoulder gingerly. I wondered if he had been working out. Maybe he wanted to beef up for his special lady. I chuckled a little to myself.

Edward still stared at me suspiciously.

“She seems like a great gal. I wish you both the best of luck,” I gave him a friendly clap on the shoulder and tried to walk past him.


Poor Edward had been alone on this side of the issue for so long he probably forgot what it was like to have an ally.

“Really dude. She’s a tough girl. I think she can handle it and you say you can handle it,” I shrugged suggesting my words were self explanatory.

“I can handle it,” Edward insisted.

“Alright then. I’ll talk to Carlisle for you.”

“Thanks,” Edward said stunned.

“What are brothers for? But you’ll have to take me back sometime. I’d like to get to know her a little better,”

“Of course! If you like her now you’re going love her when you really get to know her!” Edward was completely excited by the prospect. He must really like her if he wanted to show her off so much.

“I’m sure I will.” I said and then tacked on the end, “Eddie”

His face got stormy and he lunged at me again but this time it dissolved into a friendly wrestling match.

© 2012 Charlie

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Loved when he tacked Eddie on at the end. Jasper was taunting him. In the actual book, Jasper was like he was there but not at the same time. You made this Jasper more interesting. (:

Posted 9 Years Ago

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