Chapter 15- My pig

Chapter 15- My pig

A Chapter by Esther Night


Underneath everything is dirt.

And everything becomes dirt.

The bed that gave me unwanted dreams is now dirt.

The couch that I would silently sit on is now dirt.

The table that I ate alone at is now dirt.

The dirt burns my hand as it slips though my fingers.

I don't know why I thought to hang out and write poetry at my old apartment building. It was even more of a mess, then it was. I guess just had some strange desire to stare at the wreckage where I once lived.

Then I heard a squeal.

I turned around to see my uncle Sal, passed out drunk.

"Hoink, hoink"

Then I noticed a small pink pig sniffing his body. The pig looked up and ran straight to me. I started petting him and he squeaked cheerfully.

"Hey pig, how you doin?"

"Hoink, hoink"

I looked around to see the land lord.

"Hey" I called out running to him.

He adjusted his glasses, "What are you doi…"

I cut him off, "Whose pig is that?" I asked pointing.

He stroked his gray beard, "He was the Wade's pig until they drove off."

"Without him?" I whispered, like the pig could actually hear and understand me.

The old man nodded, "Yup"

I turned back to the pig. I felt myself going back to the same pain I felt back to when my mom drove off without me. Then I thought of it. I dreamed up this sitcom about us abandon misfits living together. I felt the pig by my leg. I carefully picked him up.

"You wanta come home with me pig?"

"Hoink" the pig said. I guessed that was pig for Yes.


"Hunter, what is that?" Donovan asked me when I entered the apartment holding my new pink friend.

"It's a pig" I replied.

He got up from his chair and smirked, "I know what it's a pig, but was it doing in my home."

I grabbed the pig tighter, "Please?"

"We can't keep a pig." He ordered.

"But he was abandoned by his owners." I begged.

His eyes soften, "He was abandon?"

I sat down still holding on to the pig, "Yea, I found him at the apartment; his owners drove off without him. They left him.

They left him without anybody to take care of him. I can't cast him out. Please Tony?"

He paused then nodded, "Um…well okay. I see why this is important to you…plus I think a pet would be good for you."

I sat the pig down and got up to hug him.

"Thank you. Thank you." I cheered.

He hugged me back and smiled, "Okay. Okay. But he's your responsibly. You're going to be the one taking care of it."

"Yes. I know. Of course. I will. I will. Thank you."

The pig oinked.

Donovan looked over at him, "He seems he likes that plan too.

So why don't you call Edwards and tell him?"

"Yea" I nodded walking to the phone. "Matt will love this."

I dialed Matt's number, "Hey Mrs. Edwards, may I speak to Matt?"

"I'm sorry James. Matthew is out with Alfreda."

"Again" I mumbled.

Matt was spending pretty much every second with Alfreda. I was doing okay with Matt and Alfreda dating, but they were really starting to get under my skin. Though I tried to entertain myself with little dates, I missed hanging out with my best friend.

"I'm sorry" Mrs. Edwards tried to consult; "Can I take a message?"

"No" I slowly signed and hung up.

"You okay Hunter? You look kinda pale?" Donovan whispered.

"Matt is out with Al-fre-da" I bitterly smirked.

Donovan nodded.

I ran back over to my pig and held him close to my chest. "Of course he is. She’s is his gi-rl-fri-end." I looked down at the pig,

"You wouldn't do that to me. Would you pig?"

He snored in agreement.

"We should properly give you a name, shouldn't we pig?"

"Hoink" he agreed.

I laughed a little and turned to Donovan sitting on the couch,

"Got any ideas Tony?"

"Mm…" He pushed his hair back, "I don't know? Porky?"

On the outside I laughed, but my mind was still on Matt. "Mac” I whispered.

"What did you say Hunter?"

"I like the name Mac, how about little Mac?"

Donovan looked at me worried, "Hunter, are you sure?"

"I wanta name him little Mac" I said defensively "and he's my pig so I should be able to name him whatever I want."

He did that thing again. He pointed at me. He opened his mouth. Then sat there like he was he wanted to ask me something. His mouth was open for a few minutes before he finally closed it.

"Okay" he nodded.

I turned back to the pig, "What do you think about the name little Mac?"

"Hoink" he cheered.

"That settles it." I agreed. "Come on little Mac let’s check out our new room."


I turned back to Donovan, "Yea?"

"Why were you at the apartment building?"

I stood and gathered my thoughts, "Well...I guess I was home sick. I mean I like living here but...that's my first home I guess.

Plus I kind of miss the sound of know there's something about those noises help me sleep. That properly sounds freaky to you?"

Donovan shook his head, "No, I can see that"


Little Mac and I went to school the next morning. There wasn't any rule that I couldn't bring a pig to school . And even if I got in trouble, so what?

I got even more excited when I saw that black curly hair, "Matt I got something to show you.”

Matt clutched on to his books, “What? Is it bad or good? Are you in trouble?”

I couldn’t blame him for being worried. The last time I said that it involved a dead rat.  

"Well…here boy" I called out to the pig.

'Hoink" Little Mac oinked coming up to us.

I looked up at Matt, "What do you think? It's a pig!"

He nodded, "You know what it is a pig"

"I found him at my old building."

He bend down to look at the pig then into my eyes, "…Jamie I

see what's going on. You think I'm spending too much time with Alfreda and this is your way of saying I could be replaced."

I didn't want to give the honor of being so right so I rolled my eyes and lied. "This pig has nothing to do with you"

The bell rang.

"Come on little Mac" I said picking him up.

Matt shot a strange look, "Jamie?"

I faked a laugh.

Then Alfreda appeared.

"He's so cute" I awed when she saw little Matt. She smiled as

she started petting him. "What's your name cutie?"

"His name is little Matt"

Alfreda looked over at her boyfriend and smirked.

She turned back to me, "Where did you get him form?"

"I found him" I replied quickly.

"Well we'll have to find a nice home for him" She said sweetly.

Yea, her voice was sweet, but tasted bitter.

I managed to hold back my anger, and smirked "He already has a home. With me"

"Do you really think you can take of a pig?"

The anger started to appear in my voice a little, "It sounds like your trying to tell me what to do"

Her voice started to get a little angry too, "Well maybe somebody should"


I was bottle feeding little Matt that afternoon at Donovan apartment. After school I shopped by the pet store and got food, books, and everything I needed to raise a pig.

The door opened and Matt walked in, "Hey Jamie, how's it going?"

Despite what happened seeing Matt still made me feel…well warm and tingling. I couldn't say why, but I defiantly knew it wasn't normal. Leave it to Matt to always make me laugh. "…oh hey I think I'll be able to hang out with you and Alfreda later."

"About tonight…um Alfreda is still a little upset about you keeping the pig in the apartment"

Why did he have to bring it that up?

"Well this is not of her business" I smirked.

Matt nodded, "That's what I told her"

"Thank you" I smiled feeling like he was on my side.

Then he went on, "Then I said that you would find him a home in a few days"

My smile dropped. I had to take a deep breath, "Why would you do that?"

"Come on face it, who keeps a pig an apartment"

"I do" I snapped, "And you seemed to be okay with that until you talked to gi-rl-fri-end."

He put his hand on his forehead, "I don't wanta take anyone's side"

"It sure sounds like you are"


I laid down on my bed talking to my pig.

"Don't be mad at Matt. He's my best friend…it's just has this girlfriend thing."


"I know right, this is exactly the reason I don't want a girlfriend."


"You're right. Alfreda is acting like a real b***h"


"Yea, I know that he ‘loves’ her. But I didn't think he would choose her over me."


"Yea you're right. He is…is growing up…and dating girls."

© 2014 Esther Night

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