Chapter 16- You don't see

Chapter 16- You don't see

A Chapter by Esther Night

"You don't see that I think about you in the dark.

"You don't see that I would let you do anything to me.

Kiss me

Touch me

Even hurt me

You don't see that you have so much control over my body."

I put down the pencil and looked over at little Matt. "cheesy huh?"


Little Mac and I were eating in the lurch room.

Matt walked in and sat next to us, "I know we need to talk"

I quickly closed the notebook and gave him the cold shoulder.

"I know this is my fault. I'm sorry" He said "but it's only a pig"

"It's only a pig to you, but not to me." I roared "he was abandoned Mac.

His owners just drove off without him…"

His mouth opened a little. He stared at me nodding, "I see"

Then he smiled at me. He smiled at me. Damn it if he knew what his smile dose to me. Why am I so weak to his smile?

"You know I can't be mad at you." I said. "You took your girlfriend's side, I'd have would have done the same" I lied.


Matt spent day nagging me about talking to Alfreda.

"I invited her over" I went on as we walked into the apartment.

"Why?" I smirked as I was feeding my pig.

"So she could see how much the pig means to you"

"No" I rode it off. I didn't want any more of her judgment.

"Come on I'm your friend" He pleaded.

"Well she’s not" I know that sounds harsh. I knew that Alfreda was my

closest female friend, but I wasn't exactly feeling that in that time.

He then looked at me with those brown eyes, "Please? For me?"

I nodded as we hear a knock. He opened the door for Alfreda.

"Okay Matt said you were going to prove why this would be a good home for the pig. I'm listening." She explained.

I went on the defense, "I don't I have to prove anything to you.”

Then I looked around to find the was gone.

I frantically started looking the apartment, "He's gone"

Matt pointed at the open door.

"Alfreda you left the door opened" I yelled.

"Well that's what happens" she hit back.

"I'm going out to look for him" I stated.

Then Donovan walked in carrying little Mac, "I found him outside" He handed him over to me, "Hunter, you gotta be more careful."

Alfreda nodded, "Now I know I did the right thing"

"What?" I yelled.

"I called animal control. I told them there was a homless pig." She commented.

"You did what?" Matt, yea that's right Matt yelled at her.

I held my pig close and moved into the doorway. "We are out of here. Are you coming Mac?"

He nodded, "Yea, let's go"

Alfreda grabbed his hand and begged "Matthew"

He pulled his hand away, “That just wasn't right."

He place a hand on little Matt "Come on Jamie, we got some pig hiding to do"


We went to Matt's house.

We hid the pig upstairs. Then sat down on the living room couch together nervous yet proud.

I couldn't help to laugh. "Thanks by the way"

He moved closer to me, "Oh Jamie you know I'll always be there for you."

"I know, I know" I chucked as my hand fell on Matt's thigh.

"Plus I don't think she really called animal control." He implied as he moved his hand up my leg.


"Jamie, she wouldn't do anything bad to you. She thinks of you as a good friend."

"Yea Sure"

Then we both noticed it. Our hands were rubbing up and down each other thighs.

We both saw it, but neither of us stopped. Instead our hands moved faster. The heat from friction was amazing. Matt threw his head back and took a deep breath mumbling something I couldn't hear.


He looked back at me. We just stared each other and continued sliding our hands.

I felt him leaning closer to me when…

"James, Mr. Donovan is on the phone" Mrs. Edwards chimed in as she walked into the room.

"So how about that football game?" Matt chuckled as he quickly removed his hand from my thigh and getting up. I did the same.

I turned to Matt's mom, "Thanks" I got up and walked to the kitchen phone.

"What's up Tony?"

"Hunter, I called animal control."

"You did?"

"Yea, I told them that I owned the pig, and everything is fine."


"Yea, so get the pig and come home for dinner."

"Okay" I said before hanging up.

I walked back into living room and called for my pig.

"So?" Matt asked.

I didn't turn to face him.

"Donovan called animal control. He fixed everything."

"That's great Jamie"

Little Matt crawled down the stairs and into my arms.

Matt walked up behind me, "Do you and Little Mac want to stay for dinner?"

"No, Tony made food."


Donovan and I sat at the table eating our oven baked chicken.

"Okay Tony, I have to ask you something."

"Shoot" He said.

"Why did you let me keep little Matt?"

He took a sip of his coke and smiled, "You know Hunter you have a lot of hate in you. A lot of anger. A lot of sadness. And after what you've been though nobody can blame you."

I raised my eyebrows. What was he getting at?

He went on, "But at the same time, I see a lot of love in you."

I rolled my eyes and smirked, "Love? In me?"

He nodded, "Hunter you're a pain in the a*s sometimes. But you're also sensitive, caring, and loyal. I just see that you have all this love inside you yet nothing to put it on."

"You really think at?"

He nodded, "There is a lot good inside of you. So when I saw you taking care of that pig, when I saw how much you needed it. I couldn't take that away from you."

"Thanks Tony…for everything"

His smiled got wider, "By the way, I got something for you."

He walked over to his briefcase on the couch and took out a small tape.

Then he handed it to me.

"Sounds of the Projects" It read.

We both laughed.

"You said that you sleep better with all noise, so when I saw it at some joke shop, I had to get it."

I thanked him and went to my room. I played the tape and heard rusty pipes, trucks, and people yelling at each other. Yup, it was the real thing.

As I listened to a couple threatening each other I took out the shoe box from under the bed. I sat on my bed with it and picked up some of the letters…form my mom. She was sending me letters almost every day. But they just repeated the same things, same lies.

"I'm sorry"

"I couldn't do anymore"

"I hope you'll understand someday"

"This is better for us"

And the most hurtful…

"I love you"

Little Mac hopped into my lap.

"Hoink" he said before he started giving me "little kisses". It was fun, but I wished it was big Mac instead.

© 2014 Esther Night

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