Chapter 20- Matt's film project gets me a date

Chapter 20- Matt's film project gets me a date

A Chapter by Esther Night

I hate my body.

I spend the night tossing in my bed biting my lip trying to stop the movement in my hips. In my mind this guy was on top of me.

Rubbing against each others bare skin. My lips on his. His hands all over me, I mean all over me.

I was breathing heavily. I was boiling hot. I was whispering "oh my god". Don't matter how much I tried to change it, I still woke up drooling in my pillow.


"You going to think I'm crazy" he said popping up at my locker.

I laughed, "I already know that you're crazy"

"Tell him about your idea Matthew" Alfreda cheered proudly standing beside him. 

"Well for my film class we have to make a mini  documentary, and my teacher said he wants us to try to do something interesting involving a social issues....and I think I've thought of the perfect idea."

"What?" I wondered.

"Wouldn't it be interesting if we could see the world though a girl's eyes by becoming a girl. It came to me when Alfreda and I were talking about how women are socially mistreated and used as sex objects."

I raised my eyebrows. He had to be joking, "That's crazy…but I guess  that would be kinda interesting."

"That's right" Alfreda said staring at Matt like she was Dr.

Frankenstein building her creation.

"So my idea is that I interview one the school's playboys about his 'intensions' for a date. Then we dress him up as a girl and watch him go a know to see what's like form a girl point of view."

I nodded, "I get that...but what guy would go though that?"    

They nodded and smiled to me. I could tell what they were thinking.

"No, no, no" I demanded.

"Come on, you're the ideal womanizing dougebag" Alfreda coaxed.

I leaned up against the lockers, "Thanks for the complement, but no, no, no"

"Please Jamie, I would do it, but can image me in a dress?" he chuckled motioning to his body.

Um…Matt in a dress...wasn't going to work. He was cute as a guy, but he would ugly as girl. Matt's face…just wasn't pretty like that (and make-up could only do so much). And his body…would look too manly in tight dress. His build was too big to be a believable girl.

And then he gave me...that smile.

Damn him!

I rolled my eyes, "Okay fine"

"Thanks" Matt said wrapping his arms around me. I couldn't help to return the embrace. He always gave the tightest and warmest hugs.


The next day I went to Alfreda's house to pick out an outfit. I know it's scary, but back then she and I were somehow the same size.

Probably because I was always a bit skinny for a guy.   

"So what did Mr. Donovan say about this?" She asked as we looked though her closet.

"Tony understood the whole social experimentation thing. He said he's proud that I would help Matt's career….and he even thinks it will help me." I replied holding a red skirt to my waist.

"Well we know he's open-minded. That's why you two work." She looked over at me with the skirt and nodded, "Oh that would be cute on you."

"Really?" I asked holding up the skirt. "With a black top?"

"Totally" She picked up a few items, "with this top, these boots, oh and I know just what do to with your wig and make-up."

"Cool" I approved, "Um…Alfreda"

She handed the clothes, "Yea?"

"Thank you"


As I walked through the halls every guy at school was staring at me while Matt followed me with his camera.

"Why is everybody staring at me?" I whispered to him.

"Well look kinda hot."

I laughed at first then I looked around. They were smiling, winking, waving at me.

And…I couldn't help it. I giggled and flirty waved back. I put a little more in hip in my walk to Alfreda by the lockers.

"So how does it feel James?" she laughed.

"I'm not James right now" I reminded her.

She nodded, "Oh yea that's right, he needs a girl's name."

Matt agreed, "Okay how about Jane?"

I shook my head, "No"

He raised his eyebrow, "Does it matter?"

"Have you thought about this before?" Alfreda consulted.

"A little" I whispered.

"Okay what name would you like?"

There was one name that I desired. A name that sexy, bold, and showed a person totally in control of their life.

"Maria" I said.

They both stared at with a mixture of shock and confusion. Neither of them knew about the make-up stuff…as kids I always thought it was too strange to mention.

"Anyway...Maria, this is a mini camera, so that we can get your point of view...I think I'll clip it here." He clipped it to my blouse then rearranged my long black wig to semi cover it.     

Then Mr. tall, dark, and handsome came up to us.

"Hey guys" He waved carelessly to Alfreda and Matt until his light brown eyes saw me. Then he crooked his head and cracked his smile, "Hi, I'm Shane"

"Shane, this is Maria" Alfreda connected.

"Hi" I bubbled.

"Are you new?" Shane inquired.

"Yea…you could say that." I chuckled.

He moved closer to me, "Hey if you want I'll be happy to take you out and show you around."

A guy was actually asking me turned out to be exciting.  

"That would be great." I nodded trying to keep my cool.

"About Saturday?" he asked.

"Okay Saturday" I playfully battered my eyes.

He winked at me, "I'll see you then."

"Jamie way ago" Matt awed.

"You got a hot date." Alfreda cheered, then she whispered in my ear, "And you're having a little too much fun with this."


"How about a pants suit?" I asked shuffling though Alfreda's closet.

"No" she smirked, "Pants suits are way too old looking, even I know that." She looked around the closet, "Oh what about this?"

She held up a red long-sleeved mini dress.

"Really? It's kind of short?"

"Well, you have the legs for it? And red is your color?"

"Okay" I agreed pulling off my clothes. I didn't even think it would strange taking my clothes off in front of her, I mean it's only Alfeda. I slipped on the dress and stood up to let her helped me zip it. I sat down in front of the make-up on her desk. She sat in the chair next to me and pick up one of her lipsticks.

"Wait" I quickly got up to walk to my jeans on the floor. I took it out. I took out my mom's lipstick.

"What is that?"

I sat back down, "It's called Maria red…my mom gave to me."

"Your mom gave you lipstick?"

"Yea" I opened it and held it up, "Isn't it pretty." I started spreading on my lips.


I looked back up at her.

"You got some on your teeth." She chuckled.

© 2014 Esther Night

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